Old Ottawa South Community Association

OSCA Board

OSCA is managed by a board of volunteers from the community, who form the OSCA Board of Directors and Executive. A variety of committees made up of interested OOS residents and Board members help run OSCA's activities. There is a committee that manages OSCA's program offerings, special events, and zoning, development and traffic issues.

In the early months of each year, the nominating committee seeks to identify members of the community who wish to be nominated for the following year's Board. All OOS residents are encouraged to express their interest to OSCA, either by phone at 613-247-4872 or by email.

The activities of OSCA and the Board are governed by the Association's Bylaws, policies approved by the board and standard operating procedures. The affairs of the association are subject to review each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held on the first Tuesday in May.

All the Board's meeting documents, its minutes and its agenda are made available here.

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