Old Ottawa South Community Association

OSCA Board 2011-2012

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Editor's note: this page is currently being updated after the 2011 AGM. Some of the links are to older profiles for returning members.

Michael Jenkin President
David Law Vice President
Greg Strahl Secretary
Steve Mennill Treasurer, Finance (chair)
Anna Sundin Program (chair), FCA (rep)
Graham Deline OSWatch (co-chair)
Lisa Drouillard Special Events (co-chair)
Gwendolyn Gall Web/IT (chair)
Isla Jordan FCA (rep)
Michael Lascelles ECOS (chair)
Valerie MacIntosh Business (rep)
Brendan McCoy OSWatch (co-chair)
Kendall McQueen Special Events (co-chair)
Milica Naumann
Michaela Tokarski
Greg Zador
Other Non-Board
Deirdre McQuillan Executive Director, OSCA
Mary Anne Thompson OSCAR Editor
Christopher Solar Web Master, Designer, and Administrator
Gwendolyn Gall Web Editor
Marianne Keyes Carleton University (rep)
vacant CCC (rep)
vacant CUSA (rep)
vacant HAPS/HAPSC (rep)
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