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Board Minutes 4-18-2017

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In Attendance: Lise Beutel, Kate Charland, Christine Franklin, Nick Galletti, Matt Hart, Linda Hancock, Michael Jenkin, Janet Jull, Jacqueline Littlewood, Steve Mennill, Michaela Tokarski, Brian Ure, Erik Van der Torre.

Regrets: Kelly Campbell, Lizane Castonguay, Pam Dakers, Ahmed Elsayed, Dana Levac, Evan Pilkington.

Guests: Ian Grabina (Councillor Chernushenko’s Assistant), Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director).

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Agenda

    Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Kate Charland, seconded by Michael Jenkin

    All in favour. Motion passed with no changes:

  3. Approval of Minutes of February 2017

    Motion to approve the minutes of February 2017. Proposed by Lise Beutel, seconded by Kate Charland.
    All in favour. Motion passed with no changes

    Motion to approve the notes of March 2017
    Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Lise Beutel
    All in favour. Motion passed with no changes.

  4. Ottawa Police Force visit to discuss community safety.
    The Ottawa Police were not able to attend and hope to in the Fall.
  5. Councillor’s report- Ian Grabina

    Brewer park open house- Great turnout- information is still being analyzed and should be ready in the next few months. Although still early, to date, people have continued to express the desire to keep the large facilities that are there- park, pool, arena. The Councillor’s office is also partnering with engineering students at Carleton for design.

    Discussion- the Farmer’s market was not raised at the open house and will not be moving to the park.

    Southminster Church- The Councillor’s office has spoken to the planners regarding what the lot will allow; and supports a design within those limits as well as one that preserves the church. The developers also agreed to hold a public meeting sooner rather than later, a positive sign.

    Sunnyside library- will be closed from May 8-18 to update to radio frequency identification technology.

    Abandoned building on Bank St- Hopefully some of the work the City is undertaking regarding vacant commercial properties may have a positive impact.

    No further information on Roy Barber.

  6. Finance report
    1. Dashboard report 2016
    2. Draft unedited fs 2016
      Loss is what was projected.
    3. Draft 2017 Budget
      Motion to approve theOSCA Budget for 2017. Proposed by Nick Galleti, seconded by Brian Ure.
      All in favour. Motion passed with no changes:
      Christy presented the 2017 budget with the proposed changes to bring OSCA to a loss of $-30K as requested. The main points: reduced revenue and expenses (less rental at Southminster Church) with cancelled JKSK after 4; increased revenue in youth programs and birthday parties; reduced hours in the FFC; the addition of episodic programs; and the addition of annual audits to expenses.
      A loss of $30K is projected.
      There was no discussion on the Budget
    4. OSCAR Budget
      Motion to approve the 2017 OSCAR Budget. – Christy will circulate via email for approval.
      Brendan spoke to ad revenue being strong. If Ad revenue were to decline, expenses would, and could, be reduced.
    5. Executive Committee report
      1. HR Working Group- Michael Jenkin summarized the final document and process that went into its production.

        Motion to approve the HR policy “That the OSCA Board approve Human Resources Policies for OSCA Employees and its Annexes and that this document become the core set of Human Resources Policies for the Association.”

        Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Matt Hart
        All in favour. Motion passed with the following changes:
        RRSP’s and OSCA’s new health policy will be added to the document.

      2. Volunteer engagement proposal- Tabled until May.
      3. OSCA Branding proposal- Lise Beutel, Lisane Castonguay and Kelly Campbell have met and reviewed feedback from the Board retreat. A survey was also circulated to Board and committees. They will report back to the Board next month with the results from the survey and a proposal for next steps. They also hope to engage with students at Carleton in Marketing, and the Comms Committee and Communications Coordinator- Becca Wallace.
      4. AGM preparation-May 2nd. Christy will send last year’s slides to Committee Chairs to fill in for this year. Other items to prepare for the AGM were discussed.
    6. Committee reports and decision items
    7. Nominations Committee
      We have a full slate of 7. Positions to fill are: President, Treasurer, branding, volunteer engagement and Executive.
    8. Communications Committee
      New Website- Chris Lawson, OSCA Web Admin presented the new website and explained the design and functionality.
    9. Planning and Zoning
      Southminster renovation-Windmill held a meeting with residents last week and at least 100 attended.

      The various concerns voiced in the community and potential concerns (height and parking) were discussed. Nothing has yet been confirmed by the planner regarding these areas. A meeting was held between the P&Z Committee and the developer- Windmill. The P&Z Committee have not taken a position on the development but will continue to keep up to date on progress. There will be an article published in the next Oscar.

      An application for small apt bldg on Riverdale was declined.

      The P&Z Committee continue to be involved with 177 Hopewell, a legal non-conforming 6 unit redevelopment of the existing site. The City applied site plan control divisions to this property, and OSCA facilitated that. The designers did allow for some input by neighbours.

      These issues highlight why Old Ottawa South needs a secondary plan.

    10. Program Committee Motion to approve the Program Committee’s proposal not to pursue licensing for children under the age of 6 for After 4 programs. Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Linda Hancock All in favour. Motion passed with no changes:
    11. Traffic and Safety Decision item: Green Dreamers as a sub-committee of the Traffic and Safety Committee. Motion to approve the Green Dreamers as a sub-committee of the Traffic and Safety Committee. Proposed by Brian Ure, seconded by Michaela Tokarski. All in favour. Motion passed with no changes: The Green Dreamers is a group of Old Ottawa South (OOS) residents with a plan to revitalize and maintain the public gardens and planters) hereafter referred to as “the beds” (in the Bank Street and Sunnyside Avenue corridors). Supported by the Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA), our objective is to create a greener, lovelier community, which will contribute to a more sustainable, livable environment, calmer road traffic, and more pedestrian-friendly main streets.

    Discussion: Volunteers are covered.

  7. Other
  8. Adjournment- thanked the board
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