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Traffic and Safety Committee Report October 2017

Traffic & Safety Meeting Report – Information Items

Traffic and Safety Priorities for 2017-2018

It was agreed that the priorities for the Committee for 2017-18 would be:

  • Advocating for a Safe Crossing of Colonel By between Avenue Rd and Bronson;
  • Safety on the Bank St Bridge and intersections (including speed board data analysis;
  • Obtaining and analyzing intersection data; advocating for consistency on Bank St;
  • Parking issues;
  • Greening of Bank Street;
  • Possibilities of another Bike Rally hosted by another community;

Survey – Colonel By Safe Crossing

The Committee is working with Councilor Chernuchenko’s office and the NCC to develop a survey that will assess the need and preferred site for a safe crossing at Colonel By Drive

Illegal Left Turns onto Bank Street on both sides of the Bank Street Bridge

Flex sticks have been installed to deter illegal left-turns from the Echo ramp onto northbound Bank St. These sticks will come down in the winter and go back up in the spring. The City will monitor their effect on illegal left turns

A flashing “no-left-turns” sign will be installed at Bank & Wilton (north of the bridge).

Greening Update

The Green Dreamers are winding down for the season. For next season, the Green Dreamers would like to focus on the “Gateways” to OOS as well as on the park at the south end near Bank and Riverdale.

Sunnyside Rain Gardens are to be revamped by the City of Ottawa in the next few days.

South West OOS Group/Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

The TS committee attended a meeting with OSS, the OTLBC, and a group of concerned residents to discuss traffic and parking around especially the Beach Volleyball league nights. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for February.

Hopewell School Traffic

  • The City did a warrant assessment at Bank and Belmont, and determined there is no warrant for a crossing guard there,
  • A warrant assessment will be done the spring of 2018 at Bank and Sunnyside to see if a second crossing guard is warranted there.
  • The City told Hopewell that they cannot have a staff member with a sash and a stop sign directing traffic between the yards. For the time being staff will carry a DYI sign and only direct kids/pedestrians.
  • The East-West lights at Aylmer & Bank have been changed to give an automatic green pedestrian light around Hopewell bell times.

Program Committee Board Report – October 2017

  1. Minimum Wage Impacts:

    The financial impact of the increase in minimum wage is significant. We expect to have an approximate impact of 48,000 on salaries, 5,000 in CPP/EI/Vacation pay adjustments, and an additional 16,000 across our supply chain (from professional fees through to office supplies and snacks, our accountant advised us to expect our suppliers will be raising their prices by approximately 5% in response to the increases in their costs. In some cases we estimated 3% where we think the impact is likely to be more minimal).

    We have explored a flat pricing increase across every program to cover this cost. We have explored varied increases to different areas to try to more accurately reflect the costs (for example a higher increase to After 4 where most of the salary impact will be felt).

    Old Ottawa East plans on increasing prices significantly to offset the increases in costs. GNAG does not plan on increasing their after school costs, but will be increasing other programs.

    AFTER 4: We plan a balanced approach where we cover the additional costs for 3 months and ask parents to cover the additional costs for 3 months. Thus the increase to After 4 pricing as follows:

    • Jan - $180 (current) Feb - $180 (current) Mar - $200
    • Apr - $200 May - $200
    • June - $180 – note this is because this has already been pre-paid and the administrative costs associated with collecting an additional $15 per person are prohibitive.

    We will communicate with After 4 parents asap on this so they know what to expect.


    We plan an increase of 8% on other programming in order to cover the increase in overall operating expenses expected from the increase in minimum wage. Our reasoning in implementing consistent increases across all programs is that we would prefer not to add new stressors on working families who need care.

  2. Fall Programming:

    We are at $81k in programming as compared to $90k last year. The 10-class cards are working well. Afternoon antics is working well for children, but not well for adults. Winter session will include expanded offering in this afternoon antics for children.

  3. Survey date:

    The survey will go out Oct 23rd which is far earlier than in prior years.

  4. Winter Programs:

    Workshops have not been working and have taken up a lot of staff time to organize. We are going to move away from workshops for winter.

  5. Summer Camps:

    Summer camps went well and had a surplus this year. Summer camps survey results were largely positive.

  6. Youth Night/Sports Night:

    Grade 5/6 youth nights are being very well attended at roughly 50 children for youth night and 30 children for sports nights. This is fantastic progress over last year.

    The grade 7/8 youth nights are still an issue with 2-3 people showing up each week regardless of whether it’s youth night or sports night.

  7. CSR Update:

    Issues with CSRs are ongoing. Emilie Taman has sent a letter to Janet to try to address this issue. Janet is holding a meeting with her team this coming weekend.

OSCA Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday October 17th, 2017 7:30pm The Firehall

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval  of Minutes of September 2017
  4. Councilor’s Report
  5. Finance
    1. Final audit approval
    2. Variance August
  6. Report from Executive
  7. Committee Reports/Updates
    1. Communications Committee
    2. Planning and  Zoning Committee
    3. Program Committee
    4. Traffic  and Safety
  8. Information Items/Other Business
  9. Adjournment
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