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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South November 2018 Progress Report

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South

November 2018 Progress Report

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South continues to actively pursue the following concerns:

1.Winter Walkability

•       Our December SWOOS column, by Pggy Edwards, will focus on “Snow Moles” audits. These audits are an initiative of the Council on Aging and have already for several years been used in a few neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

•       In Old Ottawa South the Snow Mole launch will take place in January. In order for this to be successful we’ll need as many volunteers as possible, including those of people with mobility aids and strollers

•       In the meantime, the City’s Public Works Area Manager, Bryden Denyes, has committed to support Old Ottawa South with the Grit Box service. A representative will attend the SWOOS November 21 meeting to dialogue about this

We are in the midst of developing ideas and programs to diminish social isolation in our community.

•       A subgroup formed to check out a Pot Luck initiative in another community.

•       We also met with local Jenni Tipper, who has several researched proposals that she will describe in the February

Senior Watch Column. E.g. one proposal is for creating “Buddy Benches” in our Community!

  1. Housing

On November 30, 8 – 4 pm, Ottawa’s Housing Forum “My place to age” takes place at City Hall.

Several SWOOS members will be attending

 4. Health

Catherine Read’s well researched November SWOOS column “Who You Gonna Call: Ten Numbers OOS Seniors Need” received a lot of positive feedback!

5.  Christine Franklin continues to educate our committee with information she obtains at national and international conferences on seniors. Also her website “Impact Hours” proves to be a good resource for residents seeking help.

OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee Report to the Board November 20, 2018

For Information

  1. PXO at Seneca and Colonel By

In the September report to the Board, we noted that we finally had written confirmation from the City that they had found funds and had City approval for the new crossing of Colonel By at Seneca to be raised – subject to final approval of the NCC. Given that the NCC had previously indicated its preference for a raised crossing, we were fairly confident that NCC approval would be given.

On November 9, we received an email form the City indicating that the NCC had asked that the Ottawa Police escort services be consulted before their final approval was given. The Police Escort Services indicated that a raised crossing posed a security risk since cars carrying dignitaries would have to slow down. We have challenged this on the grounds that a raised crossing already exists on Colonel By at U. of O. and this does not seem to pose a security risk. We await the final NCC decision.

  1. Meeting with the Glebe

An introductory meeting between the Chairs of the Glebe and OOS Traffic Committees took place on November 2, 2018. It was agreed that our efforts could be strengthened by working together on some projects – safety on the Bank Street Bridge and intersections and the bike rally in particular.

  1. Bank Street Intersection Project

The T&S committee published an article in the November OSCAR providing an overview of the current situation along Bank Street wrt East-West pedestrian signals and proposed to work with the City to a) get advanced East-West signals at all 5 signalized intersections, and b) have automated East West signals (i.e. no need to push the button) at all 5 intersections between 7am and 8pm (similar to the current situation in the Glebe).

We received some comments based on our article, but no opposition or proposed amendments. The T&S committee will therefore proceed to the next step of getting the proposed changes outlined above realized.

  1. 2019 Bike Rally and Rodeo

An initial planning meeting was held between the project leaders and the OSCA ED to get things underway for a spring Bike Rally – tentative date – June2, 2019.

  1. Vision Zero”Exploratory Meeting

A special meeting of the T&S Committee will be held on November 27 to explore the concept of Vision Zero and its suitability to provide a framework for the activities of the Committee.

  1. FCA Transportation Committee

We will establish closer ties with the FCA Transportation Committee as Brian will attend those meetings in the future.

  1. Carleton Transportation Strategic Plan Working Group Meeting – October 30

OSCA was invited to send a representative to this meeting designed to share information among City representative, NCC, OC Transpo, Carleton which could be useful in the development of a transportation strategic plan for Carleton. An interesting point for OSCA is that the University is interested in forging stronger ties with the community – OOS and the larger Ottawa community. For consideration of the OOS traffic and safety committee is the need to slow traffic down on Bronson so as to give OOS residents easier and safer access to Carleton.

  1. Next Regular Meeting of the T & S committee –December 4, 2018

9.    For minutes of the last Traffic and Safety Committee see http://oldottawasouth.ca/traffic-safety-committee/item/6545-traffic-and-safety-committee-meeting-minutes-tuesday-november-6-2018-at-12-30-pm

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