ld Ottawa South is now online on the Internet. Anyone with internet access can now point their browser to the address above and find out about what's going on with OSCA (Ottawa South Community Association) and, of course, The OSCAR.

After many long hours of hard work building on the pioneering work of Peter Wells who created the first prototype, OOS resident David Kennedy who operates sitesUnseen, a web design firm, has constructed a good looking and well working website. David created a template and a test site which he modified based on comments from board members and the editor of The OSCAR.

David arranged with Ottawa's premier internet service provider, Magma Communications, to carry our Old Ottawa South site. As a community service, Magma is donating the space and service. David has been appointed official webmaster for our site.

When you visit the site, you'll be able to find out about events, issues, activities which OSCA is working on and you'll find out about what's happening with the Firehall rehabilitation. Of course, you'll want to visit The OSCAR pages and read selected articles from each issue. We hope to build up our archives so you'll be able look up back issues.

For those of you who are Internetless at home (maybe just as smart), The OSCAR will continue to publish the paper version first. It will also be the full version with all the facts and ads. The South Branch Library has internet access where you can look us up.

We hope you'll let all your friends and acquaintances at home and around the world know our address, so they can keep up to date on what our community is doing. And if you have suggestions, feel free to drop us an e-line.