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Green Dreamers: Putting Rumours to Rest

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One of the more rewarding features to being a Green Dreamer is the compliments we receive from friends, neighbours, passersby, and other gardeners. Recently, we received some praise that caught us by surprise:

Nice job at Jiffy's, are you now mowing lawns, and where did all the weeds go? These comments surprised us because, other than our usual spring cleanup, we had not spent a lot of time at the corner of Riverdale and Bank. So, this last week the Green Dreamers visited Jiffy Lube to ask who was "sprucing" up the grounds?  "Why, we are," replied Moe as he ate his lunch in the open car port.  It seems fitting somehow that we pass on gardening credit to where credit is due.

Thank you Colin and Moe for stepping up to the plate. Your grounds are definitely bringing some delight to Old Ottawa South residents and passersby.

Winnie, Colin, and Moe in corner garden at Jiffy Lube.
Green Dreamer Winnie Pietrykowski, Jiffy Lube Manager Colin Bell, and Ram Lall Mohan (Moe) stand on the recently clipped, trimmed, and mowed grounds surrounding Jiffy Lube on the corner of Riverdale & Bank. Photo by Kathy Krywicki.
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