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Green Dreamers: Planning for Spring

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Spring is indeed here and we've been giving some thought to our first meeting of the year for the Green Dreamers. Let us know your availability so that we can meet with as many volunteers as possible. We would like to meet at the Firehall so if you can give us an idea of preferred dates we'll reserve a room. We would like to suggest weeks of April 16, April 23 or April 30 (which brings us into early May). There's a lot to talk about and once we learn from you what weeks work best, we'll draft an agenda.

There is a sense from our corner of the world that we need to "shake" things up a little, devise some new approaches that are creative and less labour intensive. We also need to make room for the Sunnyside Rain Gardens. Our adoption lists need to be updated. Some other suggestions for discussion include: repetitive planting (for example, a peony garden), moving from two working days a week to one, keeping two days a week in early spring and then moving to one, emphasizing garden adoption and organizing a call-up once a month as needed or requested, creating gardens that focus on native plants, creating vegetable gardens on private/commercial lots, etc. We invite you to share what will work for you. We want volunteer gardening to be fun and creative and we need to generate more volunteers. Otherwise, the Old Ottawa South public garden beds will drift back into looking like abandoned lots. We would like to hear from you: adoptgarden [AT] oldottawasouth [DOT] ca

P.S. The April monthly meeting of the Old Ottawa South Garden Club has an interesting presentation coming up Monday, April 9, 2018 at the Firehall: Tyler Ring, horticultural specialist from Ritchie's Feed and Seed, will be making a presentation on easy care, hardy perennials and tried-and-true garden maintenance methods. 

P.P.S. A reminder that "Garden Days" (sponsored by the Canadian Garden Council) is June 16-24, 2018 and there is a new resource online www.gardeningCalendar.ca for gardeners in the Ottawa area.

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