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Stunning High-Res Aerial Views of Old Ottawa South

Old Ottawa South from the air (2010)

Editor's Note: Tom has taken to the skies again; Click here to see some of his 2011 views.

In 2010, Old Ottawa South resident and photographer Tom Alfoldi climbed into a plane to capture some spectacular views of Old Ottawa South in grand autumn garb and has offered these high resolution images for all to enjoy. Can you see your house?

Click to enlarge, then click again to really enlarge! Then use the scroll bars at the bottom and on the right to move around.

The view on the left shows central Old Ottawa South from Billings Bridge and the Rideau River, and up the Bank Street spine to the Bank Street Bridge over the Rideau Canal.

Old Ottawa South west of Bank Street (2010)This view shows the west end of Old Ottawa South, framed by the Rideau River on the south and Bronson Avenue on the west. Dow's Lake shines like a sapphire in the north-west.







Old Ottawa South east of Bank Street (2009)The west side of Old Ottawa South into Old Ottawa East: bounded on the east by the Rideau River, on the west by the Rideau Canal. The great expanse of the Lansdowne parking lot and the Aberdeen Pavilion can be seen to the north.







Panoramic view of Old Ottawa South (2010)This view provides a panorama of most of Old Ottawa South with the exception of the far west side. The Rideau River and Riverside Drive run along the south with Bank Street stretching north to the Bank Street Bridge and Lansdowne Park.