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A Collaborative Approach to Traffic Issues

As Old Ottawa South (OOS) grows and changes, traffic patterns also change. This is certainly true in the southwest section of OOS, home of the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (OTLBC). The Club has been a fixture of OOS since 1923 and has had to adapt with the times. Many regretted the demise of the lawn bowling component of the Club’s activities but no one can deny the success of the beach volleyball program which has replaced the lawn bowls.

Seneca Proposed for Safe Crossing of Colonel By Drive

Seneca Proposed for Safe Crossing of Colonel By Drive

Through the course of 2016 and 2017, the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee has been advocating for a safe crossing of Colonel By Drive at a location somewhere between Avenue Road and Bronson Avenue. At the request of the Traffic and Safety Committee, the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission entered into discussions to determine if such a pedestrian and bicycle crossing could be possible.  It was agreed that it is indeed possible and Seneca Street has been proposed as the potential site.

Concept view looking northwest.

Name the new Rideau Canal crossing

The Canal Footbridge, the Fifth Avenue Bridge, Clegg Footbridge, Rideau Crossing — whatever you’ve been calling it, it’s time to agree on a permanent name for new bridge connecting the Glebe and Old Ottawa East/Old Ottawa South. What name do you suggest?


OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee Sets Priorities for 2017-18

The Traffic and Safety Committee is a committee of the Old Ottawa South Community Association. To carry out its work, the committee collaborates with a number of different entities including the Councillor’s Office, City of Ottawa traffic officials, the National Capital Commission, the Hopewell School Parents’ Council, our neighbouring communities, and various informal residents’ groups in Old Ottawa South.

Traffic and safety matters are very near and dear to everyone’s heart and there is no lack of work for this committee to undertake. Each year, priorities must be set in order to direct our efforts.

At its meeting of October 3, 2017, the T&S Committee agreed on the following as its priorities for the upcoming 6-8 months:


Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes: 6:30pm Tuesday October 3, 2017

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
6:30pm Tuesday October 3, 2017
Old Firehall

Present:  Brian Ure, Sue Neill: Co- Chairs
Kathy Krywicki, Winnie Pietrykowski, Erik van der Torre

Absent:    Sarah Fraser

1. Introduction

Sue chaired the meeting and took the minutes.

2. Agenda and Minutes of the meeting of July 4, 2017 Approved

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

3.1  Regular Meeting with Ian Grabina

            There has been no meeting recently.  Sue will contact Ian to set up.

4.  Update from the OSCA Board Meeting

Brian and Erik reported that there had been a lively discussion at the Board meeting on the proposed development of Southminster Church with divided opinions among Board members.  Concerns were expressed about the process through which this item was brought before the Board.  Brian circulated a draft letter from the OSCA President to the City Planner.

Reports from Committees to the Board are to be provided on a monthly basis. The report should take the form of a note indicating information, discussion and decisions required.  TS members felt that a template would be helpful.

An informal sub-group of the Board has been set up to look at volunteer engagement in OOS. TS members would like to have more information about this group.

A new system has been developed for archiving materials after 2014.  This is not clear and requires further information.

5. Committee Business

5.1  Traffic and Safety Priorities for 2017-18

It was agreed that the priorities for the Committee for 2017-18 would be:

  • Advocating for a Safe Crossing of Colonel By between Avenue Rd and Bronson;
  • Safety on the Bank St Bridge and intersections (including speed board data analysis;
  • Obtaining and analyzing intersection data; advocating for consistency on Bank St
  • Parking issues
  • Greening of Bank Street
  • Possibilities of another Bike Rally hosted by another community (Winnie to contact Sarah to discuss.).
  • Sue will write an article for the Oscar and/or NbtB on the Committee priorities and indicate that new members for the committee would be welcome.

5.2  Survey – Colonel By Safe Crossing

The Committee discussed and provided feedback on a draft of the survey which had been prepared by Erik.  In particular, it was felt that the introduction could be expanded to more clearly explain the purpose of the study and the methodology used.

The plan calls for the survey to be circulated in the community in November however the committee felt that it is important to get it right even if it is delayed until later.  Erik will prepare a revised draft and circulate to committee members for comment.

Sue will contact the NCC and the City officials for an update on data which had been collected over the summer.

5.3 Echo Ramp

The flex sticks in place to discourage illegal left turns have been moved out farther into the line of traffic.  They seem to be working although the occasional left turn has still been spotted.

5.4  Greening Update

The Green Dreamers are beginning to shut down the gardens for the fall. Next year the GDs would like to broaden their agenda to include a project such as the development of a Gateway to Old Ottawa South in the park at the south end near Bank and Riverdale.  This is a big project that would require a full and visible commitment from the OSCA Board.  A written proposal would have to be prepared for the Board to discuss. Winnie to think about this further and discuss at the next meeting.

Brian reported that the Sunnyside Rain Gardens would be revamped by the City of Ottawa in the next few days.

6.  Community Liaison

6.1  Meeting with the OSCA President

Sue and Brian are to send a letter to the OSCA President inviting her for a discussion on how the Board and the Committees might work more effectively together. Sue will draft the overdue letter and circulate to the Committee for review before sending.

          6.2  South West OOS Group/Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

Winnie and Sue had attended a meeting with this group in September (note previously circulated).  Winnie is to develop a profile article on the Club Manager and the activities of the Club.  She will also meet with the group again in February to update on communications agreed at the meeting.

An article in the OSCAR written by one of the meeting attendees outlining how to report traffic and parking bylaw infringements has led to greater bylaw enforcement particularly relating to illegal parking near driveways and intersections.  This has led to some complaints that too many tickets are being issued and that the number of parking spots has been reduced.

6.3 Southminster Development

The deadline for submissions to the City Planner has passed and she is now preparing a report for discussion by the City Planning Committee sometime in November.

Comments can be submitted at any time Councilors and could be especially helpful to Councilors who are members of the Planning Committee.

6.4 Hopewell Parents’ Council

Erik reported that new Principal at Hopewell has gone to a new position and the former Principal has returned in an interim role until January.  The changes to the traffic around Hopewell will therefore not be implemented until a new Principal is in place.

Re crossing guards, there was a study undertaken counts at Bank and Belmont but the numbers did not meet the required levels to warrant a crossing guard. The City will do a count at Bank and Sunnyside in the spring of 2018 to see if a second crossing guard is warranted there.  There is an issue with the supervision of the crosswalk between the school and the yard on Hopewell Avenue. This needs to be resolved in order that the children can cross safely.

The lights at the corner of Bank and Aylmer will soon be changed so that there will be an automatic walk signal for pedestrians at the school bell times. The button will not have to be pushed. This is to be monitored since it could lead to even greater confusion.

7. Articles for the OSCAR and NBtB

In keeping with our objective of keeping traffic and safety/greening issues at the forefront by regular articles, Kathy will post information about the Be Safe Be Seen initiative of the Fire Department and Safer Roads Ottawa.

8.  Other Business

Kathy mentioned that the ground-breaking ceremony for the Clegg Street bridge will take place this upcoming Friday October 6, 2017.

9. Next Meeting

            Tuesday November 7, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Firehall

10. Adjournment – 8:20 pm

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