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    Summer 2018 Program Guide

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    Old Ottawa South Resident? Join OSCA - it's free!

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    OSCA Celebrates 40 years!

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Capital Spokes Bike Rally & Rodeo 2018

Capital Spokes Bike Rally & Rodeo 2018

We’re looking for cycling enthusiasts to help organize the 2018 Capital Spokes Bike Rally & Rodeo. If you’re interested contact OSCA’s Traffic & Safety Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A Collaborative Approach to Traffic Issues

As Old Ottawa South (OOS) grows and changes, traffic patterns also change. This is certainly true in the southwest section of OOS, home of the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (OTLBC). The Club has been a fixture of OOS since 1923 and has had to adapt with the times. Many regretted the demise of the lawn bowling component of the Club’s activities but no one can deny the success of the beach volleyball program which has replaced the lawn bowls.

Seneca Proposed for Safe Crossing of Colonel By Drive

Seneca Proposed for Safe Crossing of Colonel By Drive

Through the course of 2016 and 2017, the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee has been advocating for a safe crossing of Colonel By Drive at a location somewhere between Avenue Road and Bronson Avenue. At the request of the Traffic and Safety Committee, the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission entered into discussions to determine if such a pedestrian and bicycle crossing could be possible.  It was agreed that it is indeed possible and Seneca Street has been proposed as the potential site.

Concept view looking northwest.

Name the new Rideau Canal crossing

The Canal Footbridge, the Fifth Avenue Bridge, Clegg Footbridge, Rideau Crossing — whatever you’ve been calling it, it’s time to agree on a permanent name for new bridge connecting the Glebe and Old Ottawa East/Old Ottawa South. What name do you suggest?


Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway Closure

Canal Pathway ClosureThe multi-use pathway along the eastern edge of the Rideau Canal will be closed between Herridge Street and Clegg Street from November 29, 2017 to Fall 2018. Pedestrians and cyclists should use the new signalized crossing at Herridge to cross Colonel By Drive north of the construction area and the new signalized intersection at Clegg Street south of the construction.


Traffic and Safety Committee Report November 2017

Traffic and Safety Membership and Meeting Time

Sarah Fraser can no longer be part of the T&S Committee. She is willing to help out with future events, like the Bike Rodeo. The committee has thanked her for her contributions.

Given current members’ availability, the T&S committee has decided to start meeting during the day rather than in the evening. A fixed time and day has not been set, but will be communicated in next month’s report.

Survey – Colonel By Safe Crossing

The Committee continues to work on a survey that will assess the need and preferred site for a safe crossing at Colonel By Drive. A draft has been completed and will be sent to the councilor’s office for feedback.

Meeting with OSCA President

The T&S committee is setting up a meeting with Emilie to discuss our role, the role of the board and executive, our Terms of Reference, etc.

Grey Cup

The T&S committee has communicated with Ian from the councilor’s office regarding the Grey Cup festivities and will continue to work with them leading up to the event.

All Way Stops

The inconsistency of 2- vs. 4-way stops throughout OOS was discussed again, and was also discussed with Ian. The councilor’s office is not convinced 4-way stops are safer than 2-way stops.

However, it was noted that the City Transportation committee has approved additional 4- way stop intersections at its last meeting contrary to recommendations of City staff.

The T&S committee will request the relevant data for 2- vs. 4-way stops in general, as well as more specific accident data for OOS intersections.

City Transportation Committee Meeting – Nov. 1, 2017

This meeting included a discussion of all way stops and a local parking assessment study to be undertaken in 2017 for OOS.

Green Dreamers & Rain Gardens

The Green Dreamers are in fall clean-up mode. Things will ramp back up in the spring.
The Sunnyside Rain Gardens have been revamped by contractors for the city. The T&S Committee will follow up to see how community members can best contribute to their maintenance. Plus, see if the city has collected any data on their effectiveness with respect to storm-water management and/or traffic calming.

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