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The Kickstand Sessions: Dutch and Danish Bicycle Planning for Future Cities

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Two-Day Professional Training Session on Bicycle-Friendly and People-Friendly Cities

kickstandBicycle-friendly cities are people-friendly cities. Building a city that accommodates the bicycle means building an economically viable, sustainable and socially vibrant city.

This November and December, a team of internationally known experts from The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and the United States are traveling across North America with an innovative training program called "The Kickstand Sessions".

Customized training sessions take European expertise and an understanding of North American context to develop solutions that suit the unique characteristics of each city. Trainers coach participants to discover local solutions in planning, policy, culture and marketing which will permit people of all ages, abilities, genders and ethnicities to bicycle more often.


  • Focus on the local conditions that need to be in place for the bicycle to work as a catalyst for creating people-friendly cities
  • Learn how to create the cultural and political support that is necessary to incorporate bicycle infrastructure into your city's transport system
  • Understand the most strategic and cost-effective approaches for integrating bicycle routes and facilities with other forms of transport
  • See how to incorporate bicycle planning into pedestrian planning and why this creates safe street designs that work for all road users
  • Learn what it means to accommodate the needs of women, children, the elderly, low-income families, immigrants and people with disabilities (All of these groups use bicycles in The Netherlands and Denmark)
  • Uncover the leading-edge approaches used to market and promote urban cycling and why it works
  • Be motivated by international best practices and lessons that matter to your community
  • Dispel common barriers to cycling like weather, topography, funding, political will and car-oriented planning
  • Discover how cycling is central to building livable, modern, resilient and active cities
  • Find out the characteristics of bicycle culture and how this can be inherited and supported locally
  • Set a roadmap of key action items that are proven in cities around the world
  • And much more!


Is this a training session exclusively about applying European best practices in North America?

No. We know that European best practices cannot be directly applied in the North American context. We have heard the argument about how large and spread out North America is, and of course the winters! This training session is unique as it brings together experts from The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and the United States. Our training team will inspire and coach participants in devising local solutions that build on local conditions. The Kickstand Sessions provide a unique opportunity for professionals to work alongside international cycling experts. Spaces are limited to ensure a high quality learning environment with 4 trainers and a maximum of 36 participants.

Who should attend this professional training session?

  • Transportation engineers and planners
  • Professionals and business leaders in development, architecture, planning and design
  • Local economic development officials
  • Tourism professionals
  • Public health promoters and professionals
  • Residents' and Neighbourhood Associations, Community groups and business improvement associations
  • Walking and cycling advocates
  • Organizations that support women, children, the elderly, new Canadians and low-income families and other key groups
  • Champions of resilient and livable communities

Is this like the "Think Bike Workshops" recently put on through the Dutch Embassy?

No. The Kickstand Sessions goes beyond the content of the Think Bike Workshops. Some of our Dutch trainers have been active in the Think Bike Workshops which focus mostly on infrastructure design solutions. Kickstand is more broad since it focuses on the local conditions that need to be in place for the bicycle to work as a catalyst for creating people-friendly cities. As a result, the training session will integrate unique themes of policy, planning, culture and marketing.


Ottawa, Ontario: November 8-9 (University of Ottawa)


$800.00 (tax included)

Registration includes lunch and coffee breaks


DAY 1: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

DAY 2: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


To register, or for more information, go to the Kickstand website. All training fees are processed through PayPal. Spaces are limited to ensure a high quality learning environment.

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