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How the Weekly Between-the-Bridges Newsletter Reflects the OSCA Website

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Readers have asked where an article they saw in the News Between the Bridges newsletter can be found later on the Old Ottawa South website. Here's a brief description of how the newsletter relates to the website, which can help you find articles later.

The newsletter is essentially a "snapshot" of recent articles from the website at the time the newsletter is created, excluding older items and events that have already occurred. It is simply organized and presented in a different way, and doesn't always include the whole content of an article but rather a link to the full text of the article. Plus a list of upcoming events in the next two weeks.

The newsletter displays any new articles or updated from the last week, wherever they may be on the website.  Each article is then displayed in the left hand column of the newsletter.

On the website, information is organized according to its type, both for access and archive purposes.

News (as opposed to events) can be found in several places on the front page or Home page:

  • as an article on the Front Page
  • from  the "News" category link on the Front Page

Other article types, such as board agendas and minutes, can be found using links found in the footer of each page.  

Events: The right hand column in the newsletter displays all the events from the Events Calendar occurring in the next two weeks.

On the website, events can be found by selecting "Events" from the top menu or choosing a specific date on the Events Calendar itself on the Front Page.

To view past issues of the weekly newsletter, there is also an archive of recent newsletters.

To sign up for the newsletter, create a website contributor account and select the subscribe to News Between the Bridges option. Or sign up for the e-newsletter directly here.

Use the Search Button!

You can always use the Search button, which is displayed in the upper right corner of any page (with the magnifying glass icon), and can be used to find any article if you use the right combination of words. You can specify "exact phrase" once you are on the search page. It functions much like a search engine, such as Google. Or, you can always use your favourite search engine directly.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to email the web editor, Kathy Krywicki, at webeditor [AT] oldottawasouth [DOT] ca.

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