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Ramp from Colonel By Drive onto Bank Street.
Ramp from Colonel By Drive onto Bank Street. Photo by Sue Neill.

No Left Turns!

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Left turns are not permitted at the top of the Echo Drive ramp coming up from Colonel By Drive to go north on Bank Street.  However, we know that this illegal and dangerous practice happens all the time.  Not only is this practice dangerous to cyclists moving in both directions on Bank Street but also to pedestrians walking south across the west side of the intersection.  Traffic is also often disrupted as left-turning cars get stuck in the middle of the intersection.

As one of its efforts to help make the Bank Street Bridge and its adjoining intersections safer, the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee has been working with the Councillor’s office and City officials to try to prevent cars from turning left at Bank and Echo.  As of June 7, 2017, a series of flex-stakes have been temporarily inserted on the Echo ramp to create a temporary “bulb out” on the left hand side to push traffic to the right thereby making left hand turns more difficult.  If this structural change does indeed work, it is possible that a more expensive permanent bulb out will be installed.  

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