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Windmill Developments proposes to build a 19.2(+) metre 6-storey condominium on property currently owned by the Southminster United Church.

Residents have been consistently asking that our neighbourhood’s maximum height limits be protected by lowering the height of the proposed condominium to 15 metres. The proposed 6-storey 19.2(+) metre condo would be taller than the Church and taller than anything currently allowed in our neighbourhood.

Please send your comments by September 30, 2017 to Allison Hamlin, Lead Planner: Allison [DOT] Hamilin [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca.

You may also write to the Mayor and Councillors listed below prior to the decision by City of Ottawa Planning Committee. It is very important to write at this stage of the application process. Height concerns, as related to heritage, are the crucial issues.

SUBJECT LINE:  Application No. D02-02-17-044 Southminster

Councillor Jan [DOT] Harder [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Councillor Stephen [DOT] Blais [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Councillor Riley [DOT] Brockington [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Councillor Rick [DOT] Chiarelli [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Councillor Jean [DOT] Cloutier [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Councillor Allan [DOT] Hubley [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Councillor Tobi [DOT] Nussbaum [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Councillor Shad [DOT] Qadri [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca

Mayor Jim [DOT] Watson [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca
Ward Councillor David [DOT] Chernushenko [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca

Heritage issues relate to the Rideau Canal UNESCO World Heritage site, the Church, Bank Street Bridge, and the heritage overlay along the canal that was meant expressly to protect the visual heritage along both sides of the canal between the Bronson and Bank Street bridges.

From the Development Watch Southminster Team — developmentwatchsouthminster [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Join the team.

Full details of the development application are found here on the City of Ottawa website.

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