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Helene Lacelle setting up a new show of ‘Marvelous Realism’ in Life of Pie.
Helene Lacelle setting up a new show of ‘Marvelous Realism’ in Life of Pie. Photo by Peter Evanchuk.

‘Art Never Sleeps’ A New Art Show at Life of Pie

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Like rust, real passionate art never sleeps. One lives it always in every moment of the artist’s existence.

Living with cancer and after four major operations I have slowed down. Everything now takes me much longer to accomplish than before the illness. Despite that, creative work allows my life to have exceptional meaning. That meaning has given Helene Lacelle and I a very special 32 years that we’ve been together, immersed in the beauty of creative art that represents our life, our country, our community.

Canada has a lot to offer those who see beauty in nature and in a meditative peacefulness that our fair minded democracy offers all new and old Canadians. We are a standard that the world can aspire to achieve this style of real living – it’s marvelous and real.

‘Marvelous Reality’ our new art model came about by natural means. We had collaborated on several feature movies with modest success before digital came along and made everything faster, easier and cheaper. The digital world has opened up amazing opportunities for the inspired and creative minds of many artists. Unfortunately it also has opened up selfies and faces that litter our landscape, like the plastic refuse the fills the oceans.

With major competition one has to be unique to stand out and be noticed in this vastness of image overload – we think that our style, humour, collaboration does just that – take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Using traditional art methods with brush, pen, ink and glazes Helene Lacelle takes my digital photos and makes them full of marvelous feeling.

We hope the viewer will experience the feel of our creative works. After all, real art touches the senses and gives the audience a feeling for the image from within themselves. It inspires goodness. 

Life of Pie (1134 Bank Street) is hosting three of our shows.

The first, now up in loo #1 uses the pig imagery in Old Ottawa South to expand the image from ordinary to unique.

The second, also up now in loo#2 illustrates scenes from our feature film ‘Pig Girl in Wonderland’. 

Then starting in September for a month Lacelle and Evanchuck will take over the entire walls of the Life of Pie gallery and line them with art.

Peter Evanchuck is an OOS artist and filmmaker. For more information go to marvelousrealismcanada.blogspot.ca.

Originally published in the September 2017 OSCAR.

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