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Business Beat: The Drawing Room and a Couple of Updates

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Much has been written on these pages already about the potential development of Southminster United Church and I do not plan to wade into that debate here. But this month I do want to highlight a new business that will be using one of Southminster’s spaces.

The Drawing Room

The new Drawing Room art studio, downstairs at Southminster United. Photo by Sarah Marie Lacy.

As of October this year, new art studio The Drawing Room has set up shop in one of the community spaces inside Southminster. Sarah Marie Lacy studied classical contemporary painting and drawing in Europe and wanted to continue working in that tradition upon her return. In her own words:

“I knew I was going to miss having access to a model 30 hours a week. I knew in my bones that I wanted to start a figure drawing studio where for a reasonable price, people could come and work on long term life drawings in a welcoming, community setting.

I wanted to create a figure drawing studio that fostered community, discussion and diversity.

Since then, it’s been a journey with a lot of stops and starts. When I came to Ottawa, and I found a lively figure drawing community and thought…maybe here. Maybe this is the right place. [...] In October 2017, the studio moved to its own space in Old Ottawa South. We now have 1000 sq. ft. of beautiful space in Southminster United Church, with 12 ft. ceilings, north facing windows and enough space to hold 12 artists at a time. I am very excited about the things that will happen here.”

Sarah has already started offering weekly classes and workshops focussing on figure drawing, portraiture, and painting. She also creates portraits on commission, and some of her work can be found in her new studio, which is open to visitors by appointment.

To introduce herself to her new neighbourhood and show off her new space, Sarah hosted a grand opening on Monday, December 4, 2017.

Oat Couture Delays

Most will have noticed the inactivity at the Oat Couture Oatmeal Café on Bank. When the plywood went up to cover the front, I was excited to find out what might be happening behind it and how Oat Couture was going to change the façade of the building. Well, in changing the façade, workers discovered structural issues, allegedly dating back to a fire several decades ago. While this is definitely a setback, Oat Couture plans to open as soon as the issue has been fixed and the renovation and updates have been completed. Stay tuned.

Hada’s Beauty

Well, I guess the “for lease” sign suggesting that the space was ideally suited for a beauty salon worked, as signs have gone up at 1196 Bank Street that Hada’s Beauty Salon will soon be opening their doors. Judging from their sign and (currently somewhat minimal) website, Hada’s will be specializing, among other things, on hair extensions. No opening date has been set.  [Update: The salon is now open for business.]

Business Beat is a monthly feature that highlights new and existing businesses in Old Ottawa South. Reviews and opinions are those of the author alone. If you know of any new businesses opening up or want to share your thoughts about existing businesses, please feel free to share them: e [DOT] vandertorre [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Originally published in the December 2017 OSCAR.

Erik van der Torre has lived in Old Ottawa South for over 8 years. He is a member of the OSCA Board, the Traffic & Safety Committee, and Hopewell Avenue PS’ Parent Council.

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