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Bank Street Mural.
Bank Street Mural. Photo by Tom Alföldi.

"Space" Mural Painted on the Mud Oven

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There is a new mural on the side of the Mud Oven building at 1065 Bank Street.

The old ugly commercial billboard is gone, replaced by a beautiful new mural. The mural is a “space/galaxy” theme, one of the artists, Jordan, said idea was provided to the artists and they “went with it.” He said: “It was very fun to paint, as you know space is endless and you can let the imagination fly.” Jordan said he and another friend are on “a bit of a mission to find more walls and beautify Ottawa more with different themes.” He finished by saying that: “Come spring you will hopefully see several more new ones pop up.”

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Originally published in the January 2018 OSCAR.

The “Space” Mural on the Mud Oven building at 1065 Bank on November 30, 2017.
Photo by Tom Alfoldi.

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