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Learning in Retirement: Spring 2018 Sessions

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Registration for the 2018 Early Spring, Late Spring, and May Evening Sessions of the Learning in Retirement series at Carleton University begins on Tuesday, January 30, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. Here are some of the courses offered:

Early Spring 2018 session (February 26 - April 13, 2018)

Lecture Series

1.       "Seven Wonders of the Muslim Civilization" with H. Masud Taj

2.       "Buddhism: Living a Buddhist Way" with Tan Ngo

3.       "Introduction to Hip Hop Culture" with Keith McCuaig

4.       "Famous Artists of the Italian Renaissance" with Adriane Aboud

5.       "Worlds in Points of Light" with Robert Dick

6.       "From Village to Empire: A Brief History of the Roman Empire" with Dr. Marcel Jesenský

7.       "Israel/Palestine: Can it Ever be Solved?" with Dr. Peter Larson

8.       "Russia after Communism: Great Power or Regime in Decline?" with Dr. Andrea Chandler

9.       "Great Ideas of Biology" with Dr. Alan Mortimer

10.     "Biological Warfare: Modern Medicine vs. Modern Disease" with Dr. Daniel Burnside

Language Workshops:

1.       "Spanish Conversation for Travellers I" with Dr. Ioana Dimitriu

2.       "Spanish Conversation for Travellers II" with Dr. Ioana Dimitriu

3.       "Essential Mandarin Chinese I" with Laura Luo


See the LinR website for more information, including details about the Late Spring 2018 session (April 9 – May 29, 2018) & the May 2018 evening lectures.

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