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Local Apparel/Barbershop and New Pizza/Grill Joint

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After some long waits, two businesses opened their doors in the past few weeks: clothing store/barbershop Arkadía in part of the former Folklore Centre (1111 Bank Street), and Pizza/Grill take-out spot Roost and Grills in the former Papaz Pizza spot (1202 Bank Street).

Arkadía - Dimiourgikós Kefálaio

Well, I was partly right. A few months ago I wrote about what might go into the second half of the former Folklore Centre, and based on the window covering I speculated it might be a barbershop. And Arkadía is indeed a barbershop. Among other things.

Photo by Erik van der Torre.

Arkadía - Dimiourgikós Kefálaio means the Creative Capital in ancient Greek, which seems a very apt name for this new, funky business.

The front half of the store is reserved for apparel (mainly t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, hats, etc.). The twist is that 100% of all the products are by Ottawa designers. Brands and labels currently featured include Bricks & Birds, Over the Top (Ott) Lifestyle, Concrete Collective, and Zargara.

This focus on hyper local means the store is a bit spartan, but it’s nice to know that everything you purchase supports local people.

Another twist to the store comes in the back of the huge, gold spray paint decorated store. This is where the barbershop is. Given the look and feel of the rest of the store, one might be tempted to think this might be a bit of a hipster barber, and although some of the Facebook and Instagram pictures suggest there is a fair bit of beard care going on, I intend to check it out soon and see how they do with a boring, middle aged man’s hairdo.

When I spoke with the owner, he mentioned that they also have some further plans with the space. One thing they are looking into is to bring in a tattoo and piercing artist some days of the week. Another idea is to start hosting events, very much like Black Squirrel Books has been doing for a while now. All in all I think Arkadía is a super interesting addition to the neighbourhood, and like similar places such as House of TARG and Black Squirrel Books, I hope they do well.

Roost and Grills

Roost & Grills
Photo by Erik van der Torre.

Ever since Buttercream Bakery closed their doors a few years ago, 1202 Bank Street seems to have had a high level of turnover. I know that Dough Brothers was in there at some point and I remember Papaz Pizza, and it’s quite possible I am missing another tenant. And now, after a bit of a delayed reno, Roost and Grills opened their doors.

And although they still sell pizza, the focus seems to have shifted a bit. The current menu features items like Classic Grilled Chicken, the Emirati (an Arabian style grilled chicken), and Whole Pompano (a grilled fish). The descriptions of the grilled chicken looks really good (brined overnight, rubbed with a homemade spice mix, etc.) and I have a feeling we’ll be trying them out fairly soon. And while to my dismay I don’t see piripiri chicken on the menu (yet?), I’m especially intrigued by the piripiri paneer.

Business Beat is a monthly feature that highlights new and existing businesses in Old Ottawa South. Reviews and opinions are those of the author alone. If you know of any new businesses opening up or want to share your thoughts about existing businesses, please feel free to share them: e [DOT] vandertorre [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Erik van der Torre has lived in Old Ottawa South for over 8 years. He is a member of the OSCA Board, the Traffic & Safety Committee, and Hopewell Avenue PS’ parent council.

Originally published in the February 2018 OSCAR.

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