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City of Ottawa Older Adult Plan 2019-2022

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We want to hear from you!  Tell us what you think is important for older adults living in Ottawa. You have until May 20, 2018 to respond to the survey.

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Older Adult Plan 2015 - 2018


In 2016, there were 144,140 seniors living in Ottawa, making up over 15 per cent of the population. The number of seniors living in Ottawa is expected to more than double between 2011 and 2031, when seniors will make up 22 per cent of our population.

Like many other large cities in Canada and around the world, we are taking action to make Ottawa a more age-friendly city. Our Older Adult Plan 2015-2018 PDF supports a long-term vision for our community that values, empowers, and supports older persons and their quality of life. The plan has 51 actions to address the needs of Ottawa's older residents and is organized under eight areas:

  • Outdoor spaces and City buildings
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Housing
  • Communication and information
  • Social, recreational, and cultural participation
  • Civic participation and volunteering
  • Community supports and health services
  • Respect and social inclusion 

The plan builds on our 2012-2014 plan and is based on much research and consultations with Ottawa older adults.


Some of the achievements realized through the Older Adult plan in 2015 to 2017 include:

  • 2,637 sidewalk curbs graded from the top of the sidewalk to the street to eliminate tripping hazards
  • 13 City facilities had accessibility upgrades such a automatic door openers, ramps and grab bars
  • 39 benches were added where many older adults travel
  • 152 benches were installed at 22 Transitway Stations
  • Crossing and signal times were adjusted at 53 busy intersections to allow more time to cross the street
  • 48 new intersections have accessible pedestrian signals and countdown timers
  • 130 on-street bus stops were improved for accessibility
  • 81 new grit boxes for public use to keep sidewalks safe for walking during the winter
  • Over 3,000 Older Adult Emergency Preparedness kits were distributed in 6 languages
  • 450 smart burners, 1,525 carbon monoxide alarms, and 229 smoke alarms were installed for low-income seniors
  • 1,365 free dental screenings were provided for low-income seniors
  • 17 recreation locations were equipped with older adult appropriate fitness equipment
  • A Techno Buddies program was created to offer older adults one-on-one computer and technology assistance by teen volunteers
  • Thousands of older adults participated in recreational and art activities and workshops
  • About 2,400 older adults participated in the Better Strength Better Balance program every year
  • 131 affordable housing units for seniors are in development
  • 104 seniors were approved for the Ontario Renovates Program
  • 1,212 Programs and Services for Older Adults Guides were distributed in 5 languages
  • 83,000 Older Adult Recreation Guides were distributed in French and English
  • 795 Mental Health Caregiver Guides were distributed in French and English
  • Every year a Flag raising ceremony celebrates the International Day of Older Persons
  • The Senior of the Year Award is presented annually to an outstanding senior citizen

For more information about the Older Adult Plan or questions about the survey, please email olderadults [AT] ottawa [DOT] ca.

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