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Rideau Canal Crossing Public Art Project

Rideau Canal Crossing Public Art Project

Public Art Online Consultation

Four artists have been shortlisted to participate in a mentorship opportunity to design, fabricate and install an artist-designed public bench. Two artists will be selected to design benches that will be installed on the western side of the Rideau Canal, between the Rideau Canal and the re-landscaped wetland area.  One bench will be commissioned specifically to an Algonquin artist. 

ART! At Brewer Park: Our Annual Art Show Revamped!

ART! At Brewer Park: Our Annual Art Show Revamped!

The energy, the atmosphere, the live music – Oh My! In continuation to celebrate our big 4-0 at OSCA we wanted to up the ante with our annual art show. To make it a little bit bigger and concentrate on artists across our lovely city of Ottawa. If you joined us on June 17th, you would have seen 16 artist/creator vendors selling all different types of creations from hand-made jewelry to sand timers to glass creations to beautiful alcoholic base canvas art, to so much more! We even had a few Canterbury High School visual arts students selling their creations next to our food vendors: Yummy Cookies, Bombay Gardens Indian Food, and The Hot Potato Company.

ART @ Brewer Park, June 17 2018

ART @ Brewer Park, June 17 2018

The Summer weather is finally here! We are so excited to bring to you another free family friendly event for you to soak up the sun, enjoy some live music, eat some delicious food while you shop around buying local art and creations from Ottawa vendors.

Helene Lacelle with new works.

Spring Has Sprung: A New Life of Pie Art Show

Ottawa winter’s can be much too long and this one is no exception, so Helene Lacelle and Peter Evanchuck made images from summer’s languid, colourful days as a reminded to all that this beauty will return sooner than later – “Spring has Sprung.”


Upcoming CUAG exhibition: Fierce Passengers

Participate in the exhibition Fierce Passengers by artist Linda Sormin at Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG)

A call to the Carleton community: You are invited to lend an object to the exhibition that conveys your experiences of change, transition, migration, or immigration: it could be something you’ve held onto throughout these experiences, or something that reminds you of your experiences of home or transition.


Summer Camp Guide Cover Competition details

We want campers to design the cover of our 2018 Summer Camp Guide!

Contest Rules and Information:

1. Contestants must be under 14 years of age

2. Designs must be original

3. Submissions can be a photo, drawing, painting, or a computer-designed picture

4. Parents/guardians must submit the entries

4. If the submission is a drawing or painting, please either send it to the Firehall or drop it off at 260 Sunnyside Ave.

5. If the submission can be sent electronically please email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6. Don't forget to include the following with your submission:

  • Contestant's name
  • Age
  • Phone number
  • Parent/guardian name

7. Artwork will be featured in the camp guide, which is both printed and published online in early January.


*For parents and guardians, please note that by submitting artwork, you agree to let OSCA publish your children's artwork in the 2018 Summer Camp Guide.

*The winner's artwork will be featured on the front cover of our 2018 Summer Camp Guide and will receive 25% off a camp of their choice and a $25 gift card to Cineplex Theatres!

Helene Lacelle setting up a new show of ‘Marvelous Realism’ in Life of Pie.

‘Art Never Sleeps’ A New Art Show at Life of Pie

Like rust, real passionate art never sleeps. One lives it always in every moment of the artist’s existence.

Living with cancer and after four major operations I have slowed down. Everything now takes me much longer to accomplish than before the illness. Despite that, creative work allows my life to have exceptional meaning. That meaning has given Helene Lacelle and I a very special 32 years that we’ve been together, immersed in the beauty of creative art that represents our life, our country, our community.

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