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OSCA Windsor Park Art Show

On Sunday, June 9, 2013, we held our second annual OSCA Windsor Park Art Show from 10am-4pm. The weather had been very rainy all week and we were all feeling a bit scared of what Sunday might bring. We heard tales of rosaries being hung on clotheslines, seven suns being hung in windows, fingers being crossed, wishes and prayers being made…and in the end all of our collective energies and methods paid off and we had a beautiful sunny day!


Old Ottawa South Survey Results

We have begun a process of developing a vision, mission, goals, and priorities to guide our future—our Strategic Framework. The benefit of a Strategic Framework is that it will guide us towards our desired future. It will help us to review what we are currently doing to be sure that we are doing all we can in those areas that are identified as key goals and/or priorities.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any path will do”


OSCA Windsor Park Art Show: Sun. June 9, 2013

windsor-park-show-2013-posterOSCA is proud to present the second annual OSCA Windsor Park Art Show on June 9th, from 10 am to 4 pm at Windsor Park. Come and enjoy live music, visit and shop with area artists and artisans and enjoy a lovely day in Windsor Park. We plan to be in the soccer field area again this year unless the heat is as unbearable as it was last year, in which case we will shelter in the shade of the trees.


Back to the '80s Dance Party: Funky Times!

80sParty 0232  On Saturday, April 27, 2013 the 1980s were alive and well in Old Ottawa South as OSCA’s Back to the '80s Party was in full swing. This party was the kick-off to a year of celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Firehall.

The Firehall was filled with an assortment of people sporting teased hair, mullets, green and blue eyeshadow, shoulder pads, acid wash jeans, Madonna gloves, leggings etc. It was wonderful how much people really committed to the costumes, to the point that Michael Jackson’s clone arrived wearing a full red leather suit and Afro!


Reminder: Set Up Your OSCA Registration Family Profile

All registrants must create a password-protected profile for themselves and their family members before they can register for the program(s) of their choice. You can do this now and set up your Family Profile in advance of the opening of registration. Just click the red "Register Online" button to get started.


Snow Go and Snow Go Assist

Ottawa Snow 150Helping those in need with snow clearing.

The Snow Go Program helps seniors and people with disabiiities find reliable snow removal services. The Program is coordinated by the Senior Citizens Council in co-operation with community support agencies. Residents make payments directly to the screened contractors or individuals.

The Snow Go Assist Program supports approved, low-income seniors and people with disabiities who may be reimbursed by up to 50% of snow removal costs to a seasonal maximum of $250. For more information on the programs, visit www.ottawa.ca/snowgo or ca1l 3-1-1. In partnership with the Seniors Ottawa Council.


Celebrate Heritage: Tues. Feb. 19 at City Hall

63AylmerAvenueThe City of Ottawa, in partnership with the Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa, hosts a special Heritage Day celebration on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 from 11:30am to 2pm in Jean Pigott Hall at Ottawa City Hall. Each year local historical and genealogical societies, heritage organizations, museums, and other groups take part in this annual heritage showcase. This year’s theme invites you to learn more and celebrate the importance of “Good Neighbours: Heritage Homes and Neighbourhoods”. Explore the history and development of our local neighbourhoods, find out how to research the history of your house, come out to share and celebrate our local heritage together. Everyone most welcome to attend!


Workshop for Parents: Speaking Up for the Quiet Ones - Shy and Anxious Children at School

For many young children, it is a common experience to feel somewhat wary or nervous when meeting unfamiliar people or encountering new situations. However, about 15% of young children are considered extremely shy, routinely experiencing fear and anxiety in social contexts to a degree that hinders their abilities to interact with other children. The school environment represents a particular challenge for shy children. This workshop will consider the development of shyness and social anxiety in childhood – with a particular focus on how parents and teachers can help shy children at school.


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