Old Ottawa South Community Association

Board Minutes 2016-03-19

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday March 29th, 2016 7:30pm
The Firehall

In Attendance: Colin Beattie, Lise Beutel, Kate Charland, Ahmed Elsayed, Nick Galletti, Linda Hancock, Michael Jenkin, Tim leah, Brenda Lee, Jacqueline Littlewood, Steve Mennill.

Regrets: Allen Leblanc, Matt Hart, Dana Levac, Kelly Campbell, Emilie Taman, Winnie Pietrykowski.

Guests: Councillor David Chernushenko, Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director).

1. Welcome

2. Approval of Agenda

Motion: proposed by Jacqueline Littlewood seconded by Kate Charland that the agenda be approved.
With the following changes: Add Nominations Committee update under #6. Add AGM update and Volunteer event under #9. Remove 20 minute report from Agenda.

Motion passed: All in favour.

3. Approval of Minutes of January 2016

Motion: proposed by Lise Beutel seconded by Michael Jenkin that the agenda be approved.
No changes: Chiristy will remove names from the minutes from now on and note discussion only. The January minutes will be edited with this in mind.
Action: If a board member wishes their name to be attached to comments they must state so when commenting/asking questions during discussion periods.
Motion passed: All in favour.

4. Councilor's Report

Tonight's report includes a number of items regarding traffic calming and road projects.
-Echo drive- pedestrians and traffic- there have been many comments regarding guard rail being in a poor state. An update on design and timing will be submitted at a later date.
-Riverdale/Sunnyside- There was a traffic calming exercise held 2 years ago. Various proposed changes from the exercise will be put into place this summer. The Councilor will send his plans to the OSCAR (Brendan McCoy) for publishing as well as the Board.
-Pedestrian and cycling conflicts. Cyclists continue to ride on the sidewalks even though it is illegal. They will be putting up etiquette signs on various pathways such as in Windsor and Brantwood Parks and other areas in Capital Ward. There will also be public education events around multi use pathways.
On that note the Bank St Bridge continues to present a dilemma for cyclists who do not feel safe and sometimes use the sidewalk. Walking bikes on the sidewalk is ok, riding them is not. Public feedback may be sought to determine the best type of signage for the bridge.
-26 Aylmer- Despite the fact that he does not generally write the Committee of Adjustment on individual applications this seems to be an oversized addition to a house and the Councilor will weigh in on this.
-Some have asked whether a similar project to the Sandy Hill Town and Gown Committee will be created in Capital Ward with Carleton University. Since we have not historically had community wide problems with students at the university this is not deemed necessary. Individual issues are dealt with as they arise and this seems to be the best approach at present. Carleton is also very open.
-Water sewer and waste water rate changes. The City wants to create a rate that is fixed for delivery and with a fluctuating rate for use. There will be an open house at City Hall tomorrow evening.
It was noted that the City's background document on this didn't clearly indicate what the rate change would be relative to each proposed model. The Councilor will review; it is challenging to understand each proposed model.

There was clarification on bikes on the sidewalk on the Bank St Bridge- bicycles are permitted as long as they are walked. This is legal.
Discussion was held on the speed of automobiles on the bridge. Permanent speed-boards will be put on the bridge and will also record data. To re-cap previous discussion: the only way we can get a bike lane is to remove a car lane. Because of the curvature of the bridge we cannot put a third lane on the bridge to be used in different directions at different times of the day.
There are signs on the roads indicating bike lanes however, with many other signs, it was noted that drivers don't usually see them.
The bridge is a constant work in progress. Short of rebuilding it or declaring two lanes superfluous it's challenging.

5. Finance
Surplus policy approval
Michael outlined the document attached.
Changes need to be made to the document. The definitions should be moved to their relative sections and put in order.
Linda Hancock, OSCA President, will follow up with Dana and come back to the Board in April.

Discussion was held on OSCA's give back and that it should be separate from Special Events which should be part of the SEC budget. It was greed that not all events would fall under Special Events and may be part of programming, the Open House is a case in point. It was noted that the original intent on the part of the Finance Committee with this proposal was to consider ways to give back to the community with surpluses. Free programs were one idea of many. While it was noted that we do generally operate this way when we subsidize programs that have low enrollment or some special events, this is a way to formalize this practice with a separate fund to account for it.

It was also noted that it would be important to separate the subsidy amounts granted to families and individuals in need. In other words, the subsidy for events and individuals should be separated.

Action items- i-add definitions to their corresponding reserve section. Ii- have two sections under 'give back' essentially separating out subsidy and include an amount annually used for subsidies. iii- Charity/Community fund will be separate so it should be removed from the surplus document. iv-To ensure the reserve is 9 months in all references in the document.

Of note:
It was determined that an amount for Subsidies can be assessed and set aside.

The Give Back to the community would be discretionary on the part of the Board and only if the funds exist at the end of a year.

Discussion was held on whether or not the $50,000 set aside in the Capital Asset Reserve would be enough. This amount is set aside if costs cannot be covered from regular operating funds.

While the Community Reserve fund is for items not relating to OSCA, the Board is establishing a Charity in addition to the fund for these kinds of costs.

It was suggested that we change the title of the "Community Planning Reserve".
There was discussion held on how the reserve would be used, mainly to hire consultants or specialists.
What would be the policy on replenishment? It would appear that this is left to the discretion of the Finance Committee.
How was the $50,000 determined for the reserve? The amount was determined based on experience, also this represents 5% of operations and what the City would want in our agreement. 5% would be acceptable but it is important to note that this amount would be enough to fight a small OMB challenge but not enough to do a Community Design Plan.

6. Task Group Reports/Updates
Nominations Committee update- The committee is currently interviewing and meeting with four
potential candidates. This is the number of spaces available on the Board.

7. Report from Executive
Charitable status update and (decision item).
Linda Hancock presented the updated Charity document. There was discussion held on the changes proposed by the Public Guardian and Trustee to allow for the fund to become a community fund with preference given to the Firehall as opposed to the proposal to change the trust entirely to a Community Fund.
There are some final edits to make, a name change and to review the final version without any tracked changes to ensure nothing is missing.

Motion: to approve the new trust document and submit to the Public Guardian and Trustees.
Proposed by Colin Beattie, seconded by Steve Mennill.
Motion passed. All in favour.

8. Committee Reports/Updates

a. Special Events Committee-
Decision item- To approve the attached Windsor Park Art Show budget.
Moved by Brenda Lee, seconded by Tim Leah.
Motion passed: All in favour.

The proposed budget differs by approximately $100 for last year.
Brenda Lee invited the Board to submit any ideas and proposals to her before the Special Events AGM/Planning meeting to be held on April 7th.

Announcement: Brenda Lee announced that she will be stepping down as the Chari of the Special Events Committee, she will remain in her role until January 2017.

The 150th anniversary of Ottawa was discussed. This is not something that can be taken on by the Special Events Committee but there has been discussion on how to become involved. The SEC may come back to the board to suggest a subcommittee be formed
It was suggested that there may be a way of doing a 150th banner over our programs and events in general, as well as promotional material. This may be simpler than planning a huge event.

b. Communications Committee
There is nothing much to report. Mike Schnier put together a list of case studies for the Board to review. The largest project is replacing the Web Administrator as Chris Solar is stepping down in his role. A quote will be presented to the Board at the next meeting.
At present the committee does not meet regularly, with a full time staff member this is not deemed necessary.

Brendan McCoy gave an update on the digitization of the OSCAR. He is hoping to have this ready for the AGM in early May.

c. Planning and Zoning Committee
1- The Councilor noted the infill at 36 Aylmer. The owners wanted to keep the house to make it a minor variance application instead of an infill application. The application was on the Committee of Adjustment's agenda a few weeks ago and OSCA's Planning and Zoning Committee submitted comments.
The application was deferred by the Committee of Adjustment and sent back to the applicants who were told to consult with the community. It has been submitted again. There is not much more the Planning and Zoning Committee can do other than re-iterate our previous position on it.

2- New infill zoning. Ottawa East has appealed R3 provision of Infill 2 to the Ontario Municipal Board. We've tried to support that. To summarize: this basically brings us right back to where we started. Infill 2 will result in no changes to the existing zoning. We will have the same bylaw we have now with regards to R3 zoning. Old Ottawa South is mostly R3 so this affects us significantly.
The only way to resolve this is to have a Community Design Plan unfortunately they are divisive and difficult to defend They take approximately 5-7 years to achieve and cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

There was discussion on whether or not we need a CDP, since there needs to be agreement on the part of the City as well, not just the community, in order to create a CDP. The Councilor has said that CDP's are most appropriate for areas where they like to encourage significant new development. New and near LRT so there is little will to work toward one in OOS. While areas with new and significant development need CDP's it doesn't mean other communities, like OOS shouldn't have them as well. There is not budget or political will to do so. It was noted that Phase 2 of the LRT will be near Carleton which will impact our community.

d. Program Committee-
Christy discussed the attached report. There was discussion on the new Childcare act and how it will affect current programs. Many Ontario recreational programs are monitoring this, and Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) is working with various groups (including Dovercourt) to advocate to the Ministry. OSCA's staff have been alerted and are discussing with Dovercourt and GNAG. We will report back as soon as we hear anything.

e. Traffic and Safety
No report.

9. Information Items/Other Business
a. FCA Update- nothing to update.
b. AGM Preparation- Christy will send out the AGM slides from last year to Committee Chairs to submit by April 12th.
a. We are currently putting together the results of the survey. Christy will have a report for the Executive who will report to the Board in April.
b. Christy will be sending out a call for nominations for the OSCA Volunteer of the year award, and Lifetime Achievement award for volunteering. We will present the winners at the AGM.
c. Volunteer event- April 17th Does the Board have any feedback? If seems we won't get a lot of people should we cancel or not. It was noted that many people have been away for the March break and Easter. We will send out another call with deadline to respond. Chairs will also ask their committees to respond.

10. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:15pm. Proposed by Jacqueline Littlewood. seconded by Michael Jenkin.
Motion passed. All in favour.

Next Board meeting Tuesday April 19th, 2016.
Volunteer appreciation brunch Sunday April 17th 11:00 am-2:00 pm
AGM- Tuesday May 3rd, 2016.

Board Minutes 2016-01-19

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday January 19th, 2016
7:30pm at The Firehall

In Attendance: Colin Beattie, Lise Beutel, Kelly Campbell, Kate Charland, Ahmed Elsayed, Nick Galletti, Linda Hancock, Matt Hart, Michael Jenkin, Dana Levac, Jacqueline Littlewood, Steve Mennill, Winnie Pietrykowski, Emilie Taman.

Regrets: Tim Leah, Allen Leblanc, Brenda Lee,

Guests: Councillor David Chernushenko, Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), MP Yasir Naqvi, Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director).

1. Welcome

2. Approval of Agenda

Motion: proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Colin Beattie that the agenda be approved.
With the following changes: 7d-Add Nominations Committee. 9b- Add Bookmark The Core initiative endorsement.
Motion passed: All in favour.

3. Approval of Minutes of December 2015
Motion: proposed by Lise Beutel, seconded by Matt Hart that the agenda be approved.
No changes:
Motion passed: All in favour.

4. Councilor's Report
i-There are currently two projects being studied that involve environmental assessments: a- The expansion of the O-Train south possibly to the airport. b- The Airport parkway widening which will continue being evaluated despite being postponed until 2020. There are many infrastructure projects currently underway and a degree of prioritization was necessary.

ii- Active transportation and the Clegg footbridge. There will be a public information session on February 4th at the Glebe Community Centre at 6pm. Catherine McKenna discussed this initiative a lot during her campaign as well so it has received a lot of necessary attention and focus. On Feb 4 there will be a public information session at the Glebe community centre at 6pm. The updated design will also be displayed.

iii-Residents have raised concerns regarding conflict between pedestrians, dog walkers and cyclists in Windsor park. As a result, etiquette signs will be posted reminding people of the shared path. Dogs will need to be on leashes and cyclists will need to respect speeds.

iv- Concerns with the speed and volume of traffic on Ossington. A study was conducted and it was found to be rare. Signs reminding drivers of the speed limits will be put up.

Discussion on construction on Riverside drive near Hurdman just past Smyth interchange. What is it?
Answer: This is part of the Alta Vista corridor a $66 million project to link the hospital to part of the Alta Vista transportation corridor.

Yassir Naqvi- Thanked the Board for the voluntary service to the community. He wanted to address the Board to ask if there are any items at the provincial level that need focus. He also wanted to update the Board on recent activities that affect the community.

Legislation was recently passed that affects the Planning Act which ensures a stronger voice for community associations when projects are coming forward. This legislation will guarantee involvement of Community associations throughout the entire process. That piece of legislation has passed but not been proclaimed yet.

Another important piece of legislation being debated in the legislature regards condos. There has been a tremendous increase in condo construction across the Province of Ontario and in our community in particular. The current legislation was somewhat outdated. The goal has been to provide for more training for Condo Boards in dealing with disputes and having more regulation around condo management. That legislation has finished its second reading and is expected to be passed in the spring.

The footbridge at Clegg has been a focus in terms of finding ways to bring all levels of government together to finalize the project and Catherine McKenna made this a focus during her campaign.

Discussion was held on the land use adjustment in the legislation. How will it affect land use in the neighborhood? There have been some changes to bylaws but how does this legislation make it smoother in terms of giving communities more power?
Answer- Ultimately time will tell, however the overall goal was to make the process smoother and create a level playing field between developers and the communities. The term often heard and captured in the legislation is 'Community Involvement'. The goal was to create a formal legislative process by which communities have to be involved and more certainty in the process of community consultation.

He will draft some key features and send to Linda Hancock, OSCA President, for circulation.

5. Finance
Dana Levac, OSCA Treasurer, outlined the reports (included).

OSCA- Projected revenue $930-$940 once After 4 is included this may reach $1Million. Expenses are consistent with revenue, although there may be a slight surplus. We began operating at full staffing and costs half way through the year so subsequent budgets will not have surpluses. Also the costs for setting up Legend have not yet been inputted.

There is nothing out of the ordinary to note.

OSCAR- Finances were reviewed. Again, there is nothing out of the ordinary to note.

Finance Committee Priorities update
We have a new member on the finance committee Christann Rose who was recruited by Kate Charland.
The Finance Committee has approved a new petty cash policy. The policy has one person, the Program Director Sarah Rosborough, in charge of issuing all funds to staff and overseeing collection of change and receipts. This not only secures the amount of funds being used but allows for oversite in spending.

A draft budget for OSCA and OSCAR for 2016 will be presented to the Board in February.

A draft policy on surpluses will also be created and presented to the Board in February.

Discussion was held on OSCA's surplus spending and whether there is a policy. One is currently being created that incorporates NP policy. The Finance Committee will be discussing and presenting something.
Discussion was held on decisions regarding expenditures and to what degree the board and various committees will be involved. The Executive have been discussing and reviewing thresholds for who has what authority to make decisions but we are not there yet. At present the board approves each committee budget. Any expenditures outside of what is approved come back to the Board.
In the budget it was also noted that program revenue and expenses are both up but by approximately the same amount. The Board should note when there is a difference.
Linda Hancock asked that the Finance committee review this from a policy standpoint.

6. Task Group Reports/Updates
Governance Task Group
Nothing to report.
Sponsorship/Fundraising Task Group
Allen Leblanc is absent tonight. He did receive some feedback from Board members. He will report back to the Board in February.

7. Report from Executive
a-Survey–final review before launch
An update was sent to Mike Schnier today. Committees have, for the most part, vetted their own questions.
The survey will go live on Feb 1. Various promotion has been planned including an ad in the OSCAR.

Discussion was held regarding general changes to the survey for logic and flow, spelling, salary options etc.

b-Charity Status
We have received feedback from the Office of the Public Guardian. The Executive will review and report back to the Board. In essence they have suggested that the purpose of the Charity needs to be similar to the original. We were hoping to broaden that. They have suggested changes in wording 'with preference given to redeveloping the Firehall so we need to review the definition of preference. We will report back in February.

c-Update on SLA
The City's legal department currently has the agreement. We hope to have a response early this year.

d- Nominations Committee- The Board appoints Matt Hart, Kate Charland and Emilie Taman to the Nominations Committee. The Nominations committee will be tasked with recruiting new Board members to run and be appointed at the AGM in May 2016. The Committee is also tasked with recruiting a new OSCA President.
Linda Hancock announced that, as long as the Board wants her to continue, she will run as President for 2016-2017 but will step down at the AGM in 2017. This will allow for some succession planning. If anyone on the Board is interested, please let her know. Also when the Nominations Committee is recruiting Board members they will keep this in mind. Ideally the new President should sit on the Executive first.

8. Committee Reports/Updates

a. Communications Committee

-There has not been a meeting for two months. A report will be submitted in February.

Of Note: Chris Solar, the Web Administrator has decided to step down from his role. The Committee will be discussing his roles and responsibilities and transition to a new person. While a volunteer will be sought, it may become necessary to hire a replacement. The work of maintaining the website is very technical and vital. If anyone knows of a volunteer who may be interested, please contact Nick.

b. Planning and Zoning Committee (updates only)
Verbal report
i-Infill two passed by City. The Old Ottawa East Community Association is appealing one aspect of the legislation at the Municipal Board. There was a preliminary meeting with the City to mediate. Representatives of OSCA's Planning and Zoning Committee attended. We have a formal standing in that process. We are not the appellant but do have the right to make comments as that process is undertaken.
They are objecting to rear yard height when you have a three storey building in the R3 zone we've argued that ten metres would be adequate but 11 metres has been approved. The City thinks it is important to allow three storey stacked apartments in our zone. We disagreed.

ii-The Planning and Zoning Committee makes it a point to refrain from commenting on individual development applications. 35 Avenue Road has requested minor variance to front yard setback to 1.6 metres. This was the third application in our neighbourhood made under infill 1 bylaw. Because of the way the City processes setbacks this would result in the building sticking out quite considerably in comparison to its neighbors. We didn't want to specifically object to this minor variance however we felt strongly that there is not much point to the bylaw, which is quite creative and novel, if an exception is made every time it is invoked. The Planning and Zoning committee wrote a letter to the Committee of Adjustment. Which was noted as important since it could affect the entire neighbourhood.

iii- CDP- The Planning and Zoning Committee met with Councilor Chernushenko and his staff person Ian Grabina. They did not feel OOs is in need of a CDP. This was expected. The Committee will discuss whether this is necessary or whether to explore other options. The Glebe conducted a CDP restricted to development on Bank St for example. Any decision will involve developers and community input.

iv- Southminster Church- There is not much of an updated on the redevelopment of the Church. One aspect that remains a big question is the possible development of a retail corner and whether this is economically feasible. The other issue is whether there would be objection because it would obscure the view of the building and traffic.

Discussion was held on the potential length of renovations and how it will affect OSCA programs. It is estimated that this will take several years. Part of the proposal is to make the space more usable so this would be good for After 4 and OSCA's use of the space for programs. We would have to vacate the church for some time however during the renovation. All other details are too early to know

c. Program Committee (updates only)
Christy gave update on legend. The Gap list will be negotiated with the company before signing the contract. The initial bill has been received. She will be meeting with Legend this week to review the Gap list, next steps and timelines.

d. Special Events Committee (updates only)

Motion to approve the attached budget for the March 6th Women's Day Networking Event. Proposed by Dana Levac, seconded by Steve Mennill.
Motion approved. All in favour.

Traffic and Safety (updates only)
No updates Sue Neil is co-Charing the committee and may address the Board in future. Sue will be co-chairing until the AGM.

9. Information Items/Other Business
a- FCA Update
Colin Beattie notes only one minor update: John Smit is now the Director for secondary plans and CDP's. He was director of planning.

b- Bookmark the Core. Emilie Taman, who is a member of the BtC committee outlined their mandate and mission statement (below). A brief history of current work and projects was also outlined. The organization is requesting support for their mission from a number of community associations.

Mission Bookmark the Core
-To advocate for Ottawa's new central library to be located in downtown Ottawa, the heart of the city, for optimal use and enjoyment by patrons, visitors and tourists alike
-To encourage a transparent public process of sustained engagement with citizens to achieve the best design, size and location choice, and
-To advocate for an international design process. ​

Discussion was held on whether or not Lebreton Flats was part of the original proposal. It was noted that the core issue is one of transparency not appropriate location. There is currently a partnership being formed between the Library and The Archives and we're very pleased about this.

There was further discussion held on transparency and decision making processes.
Linda Hancock, OSCA President asked the Board if we endorse the mission of Bookmark the Core.
Motion: For the OSCA Board to endorse the mission of Bookmark the Core proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Colin Beattie.
Motion approved. One abstention: Nick Galletti

10. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn at 9:00pm. Proposed by Matt Hart, seconded by Dana Levac.
Motion approved. All in favour.

Board Minutes 2015-12-15

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday December 15th

2015 7:30pm at the Firehall 

In Attendance: Colin Beattie, Kelly Campbell, Nick Galletti , Linda Hancock, Matt Hart, Michael Jenkin, Tim Leah, Allen Leblanc, Brenda Lee, Dana Levac, Winnie Pietrykowski. 

Regrets: Lise Beutel, Kate Charland Ahmed Elsayed, Jacqueline Littlewood, Steve Mennill, Emilie Taman. 

Guests: Sarah Cybulski (OSCA Children’s Program Coordinator), Councillor David Chernushenko, Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor) Sarah Rosborough (OSCA Program Director), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director), Mike Schnier (OSCA Communications Coordinator). 

1. Welcome
Bruce Greg addressed the Board briefly. A resident of OOS he writes for the OSCAR and hopes to write many stories of interest to the reading audience in OOS. If we have ideas for a story please send him information. Linda Hancock has his email coordinates.

2. Approval of Agenda
Motion: proposed by Michael Jenkin seconded by Allen Leblanc that the agenda be approved. No changes:
Motion passed: all in favour.

3. Approval of Minutes of November 2015
Motion: proposed by Colin Beattie seconded by Matt Hart that the minutes of November 2015 be accepted.
Changes/Discussion: Winnie suggested changes to the discussion under Traffic and Safety. Christy will follow up with her.

Motion passed: all in favour with the changes to be implemented after consultation with Winnie. 

4. Councilor’s Report
- Bronson now has a signalized light crossing on the South side of the bridge at the Rideau Canal. The light is turning red every minute whether or not someone is crossing. There has been initial inspection with City staff and project managers and some adjustments will be made. 

-  Year-end- some funds remain in the budget. The Traffic Study in OOS identified Seneca and
Glenn as a place where a ‘bulb out’, stop sign and proper crossing were merited. A stop sign
has been approved.

-  Fifth and Clegg-Canal Bridge –The Citizen did an extensive article noting its importance.
When the Adawe crossing opened recently it helped with building momentum for the Clegg
crossing. With our green infrastructure in place this should also help.

-  Brewer Park will be evaluated for its potential as a ‘working park’. Public consultation and
brainstorming will be put in place. How can the park work completely differently? What is needed?
Brenda Lee-Will there be any money for Windsor Park. Shed and play structures are at least 15 years old. Answer- there is no money in parks we are using cash in lieu. The key is to determine what is needed as well as repairs. There are ways to raise funds they will discuss.

5. Finance
Nothing to report.

6. Task Group Reports/Updates 

a. Governance Task Group- nothing to report.

b. Sponsorship/Fundraising Task Group

Allen Leblanc gave an overview of the ‘Sponsorship Report’. The overall intention is to provide OSCA, staff and the Board the opportunity to raise monies for OSCA through corporate sponsorship. This is a very rough first draft with the intention to present OSCA as a community organization and present Old Ottawa South. We cannot assume that potential sponsors know who we are since we’re looking beyond the community for sponsorship. One of the first steps would be to draw up a list of potential sponsors.
Allen reviewed the attached document and the three levels of sponsors.
A really good sponsorship program is one that asks a sponsor for assistance once a year in a very strategic manner. They would then know what kind of exposure they are going to get. He noted that concrete sponsorship works like a contract. Sponsorship is a business not charity.

There was discussion on: membership; comfort level for the Board with regard to what will be offered (charts); specific Special Events and overall sponsorship as well as visibility; the OSCAR as a potential source of recognition and exposure.
The Board discussed what OSCA can legitimately commit to with a sponsor especially with regard to the OSCAR.
The Board was asked to consider different opportunities for additional exposure for sponsors.
Allen Leblanc noted that once the sponsorship proposal is finalized the next step would be to look at developing a list of potential sponsors as a starting point. At that point we could determine comfort level with sponsors and what sponsorships are appropriate for what programs/activities etc.

Linda Hancock suggested that the Sponsorship Committee could draft some ethical guidelines and present to the Board. Kelly Campbell suggested adding decision criteria as well. 

Michael Jenkin suggested that we evaluate what we want sponsorship for exactly. When we talk of corporate sponsorship of OSCA as an entity we may want to define goals for revenue. Largely programming revenue pays for itself and that’s appropriate. If we want to have a marketing relationship with members what is a- appropriate for that market and b- to what purpose will the money be put. Capital asset would be a great idea for example. 

Dana Levac agrees. We haven’t been struggling for money in the past few years. We could in the future. She likes the idea of sponsorship that is specific (subsidizing places in programs, snacks etc) with a tangible outcome for the future. We need to consider how we can give back to the community. What’s applicable as a community association and what ae our end goals. 

c. *New- HR Task Group- decision item
Executive have chosen two priorities next year. One is Policies and Procedures, another is a more solid set of criteria and policies on Human Resources. We now have 5 staff members and while there are good HR policies, contracts and procedures in place more formalization is in order. Spring-Summer last year the board approved the formation of an HR working group to assess OSCA’s needs. Matt Hart and Kate Martin Charland worked with Christy on this. Their recommendation, after discussion with the Board, was to form a formal HR task group. 

Motion: to approve the formation of a new HR Task Group. Proposed by Matt Hart, second Dana Levac,
Motion passed: All in favour. 

Kelley Campbell will also join the Task Group.
Christy will call the first meeting sometime in the New Year. 

7. Report from Executive
a-Survey –review of questions 

The Board discussed the current proposed layout and questions. The general consensus was that it needed to be more cohesive. Objectives and intentions should be obvious for the Board as well.
Additional discussion was held on what the Board will do with the results of the survey. Both long term and short term. 

Linda Hancock explained how the last community wide survey helped the Board to determine its committees, and short and long term goals and what changes were initiated as a result. 

There was also discussion on the demographic questions. It was explained that demographic questions are typical and assist with determining need and next steps. They were optional on the last survey and will be on this one. 

Linda Hancock asked Committee Chairs to do a final review and follow up with Lise Beutel. The Board also reviewed some of the questions and the motivation behind them. 

b- Meeting with City- update provided by Michael Jenkin.
The draft proposal is in good shape. The City had a few minor changes.
Some minor technical issues were addressed in some of the appendices and also on one or two items relating to matters of insurance. The contract has been reviewed by Parks and Recreation and will now be reviewed by law and finance. 

We hope to have a presentation for the New Year and are hoping to sign off with the City at the end of next month. 

8. Committee Reports/Updates 

a. Communications Committee Nothing to report

b. Planning and Zoning Committee Nothing to report

c. Program Committee Nothing to report

d. Special Events Committee Nothing further to report

e. Traffic and Safety Nothing to report

9. Information Items/Other Business a. FCA Update
Small update that the FCA is currently looking at Refugee support

10. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn: proposed by Brenda Lee, seconded by Nick Galletti. Motion passed. All in favour. Board meeting adjourned at 9:00pm. 

The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday January 19th, 2016 


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