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OSCA Board Meeting Minutes Tuesday April 17th, 2018

Tuesday April 17th, 2018
7:30pm The Firehall

In Attendance:Lise Beutel, Lizane Castonguay,Caroline Clark, Kelly Campbell, Ilia Fabbri,Connie Gunn,Linda Hancock, Michael Jenkin,Janet Jull, Steve Mennill, Evan Pilkington, Richard Slowikowski, Michaela Tokarski,Erik Van der Torre.

Regrets: Christine Franklin, Andy McCarthy, Brian Ure.

Guests/Staff: Brendan McCoy –OSCAR Editor.

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Linda Hancock, seconded by Michael 


All in favour.Motion passed with the following changes.

Additions – Planning and Zoning – amendment to ToR. 

                -ED Perf Review

  1. Approval of Minutes of February and March 2018

Motion to approve the minutes of February 2018. Proposed by Connie Wren-Gunn seconded by Steve Mennill. 

           All in favour. Motion passed with the following changes:

Erik Van Der Torre wasn’t present. 

Motion to approve the minutes of March 2018. Proposed by Linda Hancock seconded by Michael Jenkin

           All in favour.Motion passed with the following changes:

  1. Sue Ellen Gahagan- name correction
  2. Councilor’s Report

The Councillor will be attending the AGM 

-Discussion on- Colonel By crossing – challenge b/c it’s NCC property – must be a joint project – NCC wants it to be electrified but they don’t have the money for it. The City will move forward once an agreement has been reached with the NCC on both they type and funding of the PXO”.

- 860 Colonel By – application is taller and deeper than zoning permits – the goal is to put in a semi-detached – there is a heritage overlay on that property. Will have to go to the Committee of Adjustment.

- Old Homes Earth Day – residents of Glebe, Ecology Ottawa – target people w/ older homes – to make them more energy efficient – schedule is online – full AM and aft of this Saturday – Earth Day – available at capitalward.ca

  1. Finance

March f/s

On par w/ last year – adult programs a little lower but children’s revenue is higher – camps are being paid at 100% compared to 50%. Adult fitness/cardio programs are reduced, instructor fees are higher, admin & CPP/EI for the way the calendar falls w/ 3 pay runs in Jan, higher maintenance fees 

Effect of min wage increase on payroll? Might be too early to know.

Point of discussion – monthly vs. quarterly finance reports to receive the reports quarterly instead – finance committee is reviewing monthly to ensure we have good oversight. 

Suggestion: to compare vs. last year and quarterly based on budget 

2017 Audit

Overall everything looks fine from auditor’s perspective 

Auditor noted $1,500 cheque amount policy – creates additional work

Refer to audit report provided by the Auditor 

Motion to approve the 2017 Audit 

Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Steve Mennill

All in favour.Motion passed with no changes


OSCAR 2018 Budget approval

2016 spend was bigger because of digitization initiative – expecting to do well for 2018. 

Motion to approve the OSCAR 2018 Budget 

Proposed by Connie Gunn, seconded by Lizane Castonguay

All in favour.Motion passed with no changes

  1. Report from Executive

i. AGM planning 

Agenda proposed and circulated 

  • New agenda item is interactive item to get feedback from attendees 
  • Change the agenda item vi. To reflect Election “2018/2019” Board of Directors
  • Question on why no volunteer recognition this year – somehow got missed with the President stepping down 
  • Action item: post the Agenda on the website & flag the interactive item/describe it a bit (Michael will write a blurb). 

Motion to approve the AGM Agenda

Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Ilia Fabbri

All in favour.Motion passed with no changes

Revised proposal for an agenda item – interactive item – Michael gave an overview of the objective of this item and how it will work (refer to Revised Proposal For an Agenda Item at the May 2018 Annual General Meeting). 

  • Concern raised about what we “promise” at this meeting – will be a contribution to be considered by the new Board 
  • Action Item:For Committee Chairs – 1 slide for priorities/activities and one for future plans – committee material in by the beginning of next week – slides in on Monday April 23th
  • Flip chart note takers will be Lizane/Michaela and Connie 

Motion to approve the Interactive OSCA Priorities Item for the AGM

Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Caroline Clark

All in favour.Motion passed with no changes


ii. All Candidates Meeting – Connie Wren-Gunn 

  • Organized Thurs May 17th– spearheaded by Jack Hanna/Centretown 7-9pm. David Rievely will moderate – each association is being asked to pay $100 

Format: participation is limited to parties with > 2% of the vote – opening remarks, questions, debate, closing remarks – Community Association are asked to submit 2 Qs of a local nature – by April 26/18 

Action Item: people should send questions to Connie Wren-Gunn by Sunday April 22nd

Action Item: Connie to send info to Brendan and will connect with Christy on social media/comms opportunity.

iii. Community Planning Reserve – topped up to max 

  • Maintain the community planning reserve at $50k

iv. Exec Director Performance Appraisal (added agenda item) 

Linda did the review in June 2016 – 360 review from Committee Chairs, Exec, those who report to ED from the staff 

  • Feedback for 2017 has been collated and action plan for next year will be set out and will make sure that the next Exec knows that June 2019 will be the next review cycle. 
  • Job description review for ED: General discussion on program mgmt. vs. community outreach, etc. 

Structural issues of the Board – how we work with the ED – this is being worked on with the Carleton U – volunteer engagement and Michaela Tokarski has some ideas and will circulate them to the existing Board. 

  1. Committee Reports/Updates
  2. Communications Committee 

Committee is staff only at this point. Connie will join the Committee from the Board – meets every 2 months. 

Concern raised that the committee needs to have direction around messaging, direction, key issues, etc. Additional Board members could help

  1. Planning and Zoning Committee

Suggested decision item – amendments to the Terms of Reference for the Planning Committee – lack of clarity around what OSCA’s role is/was

  • Revised Terms of Reference provided - including mark-ups on the electronic version. 
  • OSCA will intervene when certain conditions are met 
  • Provides clear guidelines for when OSCA intervenes 
  • Could be published on the website 
  • Several T&S committee members feel that it should not be voted on until the new Board is in place – it was discussed during the Feb/18 Board meeting including the criteria that are now presented in the revised Terms of Reference 
  • ToR puts us closer to intervening in some cases whereas prior ToR was to not intervene.
  • Steve putting forward motion for approval (with one amendment under Meetings section – change to Sept- June and re-worded to ensure if community members raise an issue, they first go to the Committee) – Richard seconding it – motion passed 
  • There was some branding work that can be carried forward into the next Board – we shouldn’t forget about that work – strategic 

Motion to approve the updated Terms of Reference for the Traffic and Safety Committee. 

Proposed by Steve Mennill, seconded by Richard Slowikowski

All in favour.Motion passed with the following changes: one amendment under Meeting’s section- change to September-June. And, re-word to ensure that, should community members raise an issue, they first go to the Committee. 

  1. Program Committee

No questions/discussion

Lizane Castonguay is leaving the Board/Program Committee

Call for a Program Chair/Committee member

  1. Traffic and Safety 

Safe crossing at Colonel By – not part of the 2018 Seneca major road work bidding package b/c city (Level crossing w/ button) and NCC (wants raised kind/intersection) are in disagreement about this. Committee met last week & wrote David’s office to get him involved (Not just Ian –his asst). Also emailed Catherine Mckenna and the NCC and City engineer to exert some pressure but no response yet. One of their top priorities for 2017/2018. 

Motion to write a letter to proceed as soon as possible with construction of a safe crossing at Colonel By. 

A letter should be written to the Chair of the NCC, David Chernushenko, city Committee and Catherine McKenna to proceed as soon as possible w/ the construction of this crossing noting that if it is delayed it will cost more money and miss another busy season 

Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Steve Mennill, 

All in favour. Motion passed with no changes. 

Michael Jenkin will write the letter. 

  1. Nominations Committee update

- Six new nominees and 4 more people over the weekend but back to 9 because one dropped out (Paddy)

- Key roles that are missing (at minimum): President, Programs Committee Chair, Treasurer. 

- Succession planning, key characteristics of Board members – ensuring we have the right people at the table

- Draft Terms of Reference for the Nominations Committee – Policy as-is ok. Purpose of committee should be revised/expanded. Have the Committee be more active for succession planning – recommending members for key roles. Review governance structure – incoming, outgoing members. This will lead to bylaw changes – Board gets elected for three years rather than one – this will be tabled to the new Board and work on in the next year. 

- Vice President – interest from Richard – in this role 

- Michaela will consider secretary

- Steve is considering the Treasurer role in the interim or if anyone else is not interested 

- The Exec will be appointed at the first Board 

- Ilia expressed interest in the Program Committee Chair role but wants to learn more about the commitment and what is required

  1. Information Items/Other Business

Auditor recommendation that we should increase the max amount cheques can be made out to from $1,500 to $15,000 will be a discussion point for the next Board. 

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the meeting proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Ilia Fabbri. 

The Board meeting was adjourned at ?? pm. 

All in favour. Motion passed. 

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes - Tuesday May 15th, 2018

Tuesday May 15th, 2018

7:30pm The Firehall

In Attendance: Susan Brousseau, Kelly Campbell, Anna Cuylits, Christine Franklin, Connie Gunn, Janet Jull, Brad Lafortune, Steve Mennill, Joy Morrow, Sue Neill, Luc Pellerin, Winnie Pietrykowski, Evan Pilkington, Richard Slowikowski, Laura Urrechaga. 

Regrets: Ilia Fabbri, Michael Jenkin, Travis Lindgren, Michaela Tokarski, Brian Ure. 

Guests/Staff: Brendan McCoy –OSCAR Editor, Christy Savage- OSCA Executive Director.

  1. Welcome to the new Board

The meeting was chaired by Christy Savage who welcomed the board.

  1. Approval of agenda

Motion to approve the agenda which was circulated at the meeting and updated. Proposed by Kelly Campbell, seconded by Brad   


               All in favour. Motion passed with no changes

  1. Approval of April 2018 Minutes

Motion to approve the April 2018 minutes. Proposed by Steve Mennill, seconded by Kelly Campbell.

All in favour.Motion passed with the following changes:

#8 other business- needs to be clarified. 

Councillor’s report requires clarification. Action item-Sue Neill will follow up. 

  1. Councillor’sReport.

No report

  1. New Board- assignment of Executive roles; assignment of Committee roles. 

Discussion was had on new board structure and process, roles, Governance, staff roles. 

Essentially it was agreed that change needs to happen. 

This will be a discussion over the coming months with freedom to creatively move forward.

Issue based agendas (Brewer, Bank St, Infill); the report from T&S; and the note from Michael Jenkin regarding lessons learned as President were deemed to be important considerations. 

Communication will be vital in increasing engagement, understanding of the Community and OSCA.  

The agenda should have serious discussions about serious matters and Board time should be utilized for conscious decisions and discussions. 

New Committees/working groups may be necessary- Governance, Seniors for example. 

Issues that are not covered by the Board can be assigned to committee members to champion.

Discussion was had on the Programming aspect of OSCA. OSCA is solely responsible for all programming and negotiated a service level agreement with the City to this effect. While staff are dedicated to programming, the Board will need to continue to make this an important focus, especially with an appx $1Million/annual budget. Programming is a fundamental aspect of OSCA.

We will need to decide (beyond governance and strategy) what current activities need to continue in order to achieve our mandate- if there is an appropriate balance and how OSCA’s activities fit toward our mission and vision.

  1. Motion to elect the OSCA 2018-2019 Executive positions. 

Motion to elect Richard Slowikoswki as the OSCA President- 

Moved by Brad Lafortune, seconded by Steve Mennill

Motion passed-all in favour. 

Motion to elect Travis Lindgren as the OSCA Treasurer

Moved by Steve Mennill, seconded by Brad Lafortune.

Motion passed-all in favour. 

Motion to elect Michael Jenkin as the OSCA Past President.

Moved by Kelly Campbell, seconded by Laura Urrechaga

Motion passed- all in favour.

      Motion to delay filling the roles of Secretary and Vice President 

      Moved by Brad Lafortune, seconded by Sue Neill

      Motion passed-all in favour.

      There will be further discussion on the roles and potential changes in June.

  1. Motion to elect Committee Chairperson positions

Motion to elect Steve Mennill and Brad Lafortune as Co-Chair’s of the Program Committee

Moved by Connie Wren-Gunn, seconded by Laura Urrechaga

Motion passed- all in favour. 

Motion to elect Sue Neill as Chair of Traffic and Safety

Moved by Kelly Campbell, seconded by Winnie Pietrykowski

Motion passed-all in favour

Brian Ure will remain on T&S but will not chair. He is interested in topic areas such as the Environment. 

Evan Pilkington and Laura Urrechaga volunteered to Co-Chair Planning Committee

After brief discussion regarding others on the committee who may also be interested in the role, it was decided that this would be brought to the committee to discuss first. 

Action item- Christy will confirm membership in committees, as well as current meeting’s and circulate to the Board. 

  1. Report from Executive

Motion to remove Linda Hancock, Lise Beutel and Caroline Clark as signing officers on all OSCA Accounts. 


               Add Richard Slowikowski, Steve Mennil and Brad Lafortune as signingofficers

               Michael Jenkin will continue as a signing officer

               Moved by Laura Urrechage, seconded by Joy Morrow. 

               Motion passed- All in favour.  

  1. Finance

No report 

  1. CommitteeReports/Updates

a.   Communications Committee 

b.   Planning and Zoning Committee

c.   Program Committee

  1. Traffic and Safety – The report will be circulated later. A decision item to fund the Green Dreamers will be brought to the next meeting.


  1. Information Items/OtherBusiness

Discussion was had on 2 items- Letter of support and request for funding. 

The letter of support was approved by the Board in November 2017 but was not signed and submitted. 

This was already approved; therefore, the Board did not need to review. 

Richard Slowikowski agreed to sign the letter on behalf of OSCA. 

There was discussion on the Mural.

It was unanimously agreed that OSCA should be involved and engaged in the project on Truth and Reconciliation. OSCA can also promote the mural on social media. OSCA has, it was agreed, an important role in reaching out, engaging the community, and being informative on this important work.

Christy read the conditions for OSCA donations to outside projects. 

It was agreed that further information was needed with regard to: amount needed, amount of donations received to date, total ask of OSCA, and timeline for grants and completion. 

Action item- Winnie Pietrykowski will represent OSCA and contact Trinity United Church to clarify further. 

  1. Adjournment

               Motion to adjourn the meeting

               Moved by Kelly Campbell, second by Brad- Lafortune

               Motion approved-all in favour. 

               Meeting adjourned at 9:29pm. 

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes, June 5, 2018

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
Tuesday June 5 , 2018 – 5:30 pm
Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club
176 Cameron Avenue
Youth Room

  1. Introduction and Welcome

Present: Sue Neill (Chair), Brian Ure, Winnie Pietrykowski, Kathy Krywicki, Luc Pellerin (OSCA Board Member, Observer)

Regrets: Erik van der Torre, Caroline Clark

This was the first time the TS Committee had met at the OTLBC and at a new time – to be discussed at the end of the meeting.

Luc was welcomed as an observer and encouraged to participate. He will attend meetings of various groups in order to learn more about OSCA and determine where he would like to contribute.

  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of May 8, 2018

Circulated, approved and posted on the OSCA web site.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes
  2. Submission of Budget Items to the Board 

There was not time at the May 15 Board meeting for consideration of the funding request for the Green Dreamers.  This request will be brought forward again to the next Board meeting on June 19.

  1. Report from the OSCA Board Meeting of May 15, 2018 

There was generally a positive impression of the Board meeting and the possibilities of bringing about change seem high.  

Two officer positions remain vacant – Vice President and Secretary. These are to be filled at the next meeting.  It is not clear yet if there will be an Executive Committee as such. 

The Board approved the TS Committee membership as Sue (Chair), Brian, Winnie, Kathy, Erik and Caroline.

  1. TS Committee Business


  1. Colonel By Crossing 
  • Sue is awaiting an update from Zach in Catherine McKenna’s office. The Ontario election is probably occupying his time right now. Sue to follow up next week.
  • Reference was made to the letter from Mark Kristmanson, CEO of the NCC in response to the letter sent by Michael Jenkin on behalf of the OSCA Board.  Although a bit obscure, two phrases were found to be somewhat encouraging.  “The type of crossing the NCC would like to see and fund is an enhanced pedestrian crossing” and “the NCC is now looking at alternatives to carry the project forward”. 
  • Sue will suggest that OSCA respond to the letter picking up on these two points.
  1. Intersection Data 

Left until Erik returns.

  1. Safety on the Bank Street Bridge
  • Lighting on the Bank Street Bridge

Brighter lights have been installed on the Bank Street Bridge on a trial basis to enhance safety for cars, bikes and pedestrians.  It was agreed that the new lights were effective.  Sue to send note of support to the Councillor’s office

  • Planters Outside TD Place on Bank Street

The planters have been adjusted slightly and planted with annuals but still remain a hazard for cyclists attempting to negotiate the hairpin turn from the northern end of the Bank Street bridge to the QE Drive.  Sue/Winnie to write to the Councillor.

  • Installation of Flex Stakes on Echo Ramp 

The flex stakes have been re-installed as promised and seem to be discouraging illegal left turns on to Bank Street. The TS Committee will monitor and if the flex stakes seem to be effective, remind Ian of the City’s commitment, through him,  to make the structural change at the intersection of the ramp and Bank, permanent

  • Left turns at Wilton Cres.

The number of illegal left turns seems to have been reduced. However several  cars wanting to go north on Bank were seen to turn right but then make a U turn in the middle of the bridge to go north, or to go to Aylmer to either make a U turn or turn into someone’s driveway.

There is still work to be done on increasing safety on the Bank Street Bridge.  TS Committee to consider next steps at a future meeting.

  1. Red Light Cameras

No action on this right now but agreement that we need someone to take this on as a project – legislation, City Council position, criteria, next steps.  For discussion at the next meeting.

  1. Bike Rally and Rodeo 

There are now two volunteers to help with the bike rally.  Winnie to contact Sarah Fraser and determine if the project should go ahead and if so identify a date in September or October.

  1. Safer Roads Ottawa – signs 

“Slow Down for Us” signs have been installed on Ossington.  Winnie to contact Sylvia Manning to see how the distribution has gone.  Kathy reported that she had installed signs on posts along Seneca by Brewer park.  Sue/Winnie to put some up outside the Firehall on Thursday.

  1. Green Dreamers Update 

Green Dreamers have been actively weeding and cleaning up the gardens on Bank Street and have participated in a walkabout with a Master Gardener to discuss appropriate plants and arrangements. Wednesday and Saturday work parties are continuing.

  1. Review of Priorities for 2017 and process for setting Priorities for 2018

The existing priorities were reviewed and felt to be sufficient in the short term.  We will wait to see if there is any overall priority setting session at the Board level before doing anything further.  It may be time to undertake another community survey of TS issues in order to set priorities in the longer term.  Should this be part of a broader community survey or restricted to a TS survey? To be further discussed. 

  1. Communications

  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns (PSAs)

Kathy has prepared a column for the next OSCAR on changes to parking regulations.  Others in the future could involve cycling.  Should be one in each OSCA

  1. Future OSCAR Articles

Agreed that we should try to have an article from TS in each Oscar.  Sue and Winnie are preparing an article on the Bank Street trees for the next edition

  1. Liaison


  1. Southminster Development  

Nothing official although it appears that there may have been some kind of agreement reached which would move up the start date of the renovation.

  1. Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club 

Sue and Winnie attended the official opening of the Club and Brian, Kathy and Sue attended the first Community Beer Garden.  Both in support of the Club’s intention to be more engaged in the community.  This TS meeting was also held at the club at the invitation of the General Manager.

  1. Hopewell Parents Council 

No report since Erik is away.

  1. Seniors’ Initiative 

No report but a reminder that we should liaise with the Senior’s group

  1. New Bridge Naming Committee 

Kathy and Brian attended the meeting at which a name for the new bridge was selected and will be recommended to the City Council.  To be announced in due course.

  1. Next Meeting with Ian Grabina

Updates could be done by email or face-to-face at Sue’s discretion.

  1. Resident’s Concerns 

None have been brought to our attention at this time.

  1.     10.Other Business 

  1. Underpass at Billings Bridge 

The TS Committee responded to the request from the City for comment on the proposed underpass.  This led to a discussion of the above ground hazards at the Bank/Riverside intersection, especially for cyclists waiting to cross north to south.  The platform space is not large enough for cyclists and pedestrians.  Possibly for future consideration but really under the jurisdiction of Heron Park.

  1.     11.Next Meeting – July 10, 2018 at 5:30.  Possibly at the OTLBC but location to be confirmed.
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