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Sidewalk Patio Review

In 2016, the City of Ottawa is creating a new Right of Way (ROW) Patio By-law to improve service to the restaurant industry and the public by rethinking how we regulate use of this public domain.

What is a Right of Way (ROW) Patio?

A ROW patio operates on City streets and boulevards using pedestrian space (corridors, city sidewalks) to provide services such as a restaurant, tavern or coffee shop. ROW patios can extend from the building face across a sidewalk, or between a curb and the sidewalk, or in a single row along the building face.

Patios operating on private property are not ROW patios and are regulated by the provisions of the Zoning By-law.

What is being proposed?

The City will conduct a review of existing regulations to identify improvements and develop recommendations for a new ROW patio by-law. The review will ensure that regulations are consistent with the City's current standards and objectives for street use and design. Some existing regulations from Encroachment By-law 2003-446 may be removed.

A report and recommendations, along with the proposed new by-law, will be presented to the Transportation Committee by Feburary 2017.

What's not included in the review?

Patio fees will not be included in this review. Annual fees for patio permits were the subject of a comprehensive review and report to Committee and Council in 2015. Annual fees were reduced at that time. Also, during 2016 budget discussions, patio fees were frozen at 2015 rates.

Tell us what you think!

Read the Right of Way Patio Review – Draft Recommendations paper [PDF 270 KB ] which will provide an overview of what the City is recommending for ROW patios and transition strategies. To see what feedback was generated in May 2016, read the Right of Way Patio Review – Public Consultation Feedback appendix [ PDF 197 KB ]. Please provide your feedback to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mailbox by December 16, 2016.

As a reminder, below are the discussion papers from May 2016:

Read the RETHINK!

Right of Way Patio Review backgrounder [ PDF 873 KB ] which will:

  • Provide an overview of how the City currently regulates right of way patios
  • Highlight the objectives of the patio by-law review.

Safe and Accessible Public Sidewalks [ PDF 666 KB ]

  • Public sidewalks and the proposed standard width for the pedestrian clearway

Dynamic ROW Patios [ PDF 725 KB ]

  • The use of audio speakers, perimeter railings, patio design options and platforms

By providing your feedback, we will send you notice of when the Transportation Committee meeting will take place, and a copy of the staff report.

Questions? Want more information?


Linda Uhryniuk, Right of Way (ROW) Patio Review Project Lead
Senior By-law Administrator
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development
100 Constellation Drive
Ottawa ON K2G 6J8
613-580-2424 ext. 16049
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.