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The City of Ottawa Archives: Hidden in Plain Sight

If you're looking to research your house, your family, your neighbourhood, or just explore local history, the City of Ottawa Archives is a great place to start your journey. You'll find access to a wide range of resoures including newspapers, city directories, civic documents, maps, architectural drawings, and more than three million photographs.

The Archives Turns 40!

On Sunday, June 5, 2016 the City of Ottawa Archives celebrates a special occassion: a 40 year anniversary! As part of Doors Open Ottawa 2016, the Ottawa Archives offers free behind-the-scenes tours, including the climate-controlled vaults, the conservation lab, and the reference room. Visit 100 Tallwood Drive, near Woodroffe & Meadowlands, and take in some local history.

Go Virtual

The City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Museum Network have partnered to create the Ottawa Museums and Archives Collections, which is fully accessible, bilingual, and simple to use. This online database contains digitized records of archival records and artifacts, with full colour images where available. Many of the images from the City of Ottawa Archives are from the Andrews-Newton collection. The Andrews-Newton photographers worked as the official photographers for The Ottawa Citizen newspaper capturing and documenting many newsworthy events.

Visit the website at to browse the collection.

Some examples of finds from the Old Ottawa South neighbourhoood from the City of Ottawa Archives:

CA039146 W



CA033356 W



CA003990 W