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News and updates related to traffic, parking, safety, and transportation.

Cyclists Can Take the Lane - Stop Honking!

Summer weather means there is an increase in road construction, as well as different types of road users like cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians out on our local streets.

Safer Roads Ottawa partners want to remind drivers that, by law, cyclists can take the full lane when a vehicle is unable to pass without leaving at least one (1) metre of space between the car and the cyclist.


Hospital Link Project Update July 2016

The construction of the link between Riverside Drive and the Transitway to the Hospital Ring Road is well underway. Here's the latest update about this project.

Main Street Construction Reminder

Northbound Main Street Closed from Riverdale Avenue to Lees Avenue

Beginning Monday, May 2, 2016, northbound traffic lanes on Main Street will be closed from Riverdale Avenue to Lees Avenue. From Clegg Street to Lees Avenue will reopen in September, while from Riverdale Avenue to Clegg Street will reopen in November. One lane will remain open to southbound traffic. A signed detour will be in place.


Traffic Calming Measures on Aylmer Avenue

After some feedback from both the OSCA Traffic & Safety Committee and the community regarding speeds, the City of Ottawa will be implemented flex-staked traffic calming on Aylmer Avenue from Barton Street west to Bronson Place. For specifics of the plan, please see this map of the street.


Traffic Update: The Riverdale & Area Traffic Study 2014-2016

riverdale at cameron wpThis summer major sidewalk modifications are coming to the intersection of Cameron and Riverdale Avenue. New corner bulb-outs to improve pedestrian safety and to emphasize stop signs at this busy crossing are part of the Riverdale & Area Traffic Study initiated in 2013.

The Riverdale Study (approved in two stages in 2014 & 2015) also recommended three speed humps: two on Riverdale (one between Windsor & Belmont and the other between Cameron & Bank) and one on Sunnyside Avenue, east of Bank near St. Margaret Mary’s Church. These three speed humps are also expected in the next few months.


Photo Radar Under Consideration

On May 4th 2016, the City of Ottawa Transportation Committee will consider a motion about photo radar by Councillor Brockington (seconded by Councillor El-Chantiry, chair of the Ottawa Police Board).

The motion calls for the city ask the provincial government for the ability to deploy photo radar, or other technologies, as an additional tool for enforcing speed limits.


Lansdowne Transportation Monitoring and Operations Committee Community Report 2016


The OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee has been representing Old Ottawa South at the Lansdowne Transportation Monitoring and Operations Committee (LTMOC) for a little over two years.  Each spring LTMOC presents its Annual Report to the Transportation Committee at City Hall.  The community groups and associations participating at LTMOC meetings also develop community reports and these are included with LTMOC’s Annual Report.

When LTMOC’s Annual Report is presented to the City’s Transportation Committee, the communities also have an opportunity to present in person their summations of the year’s activities and to respond to questions from the Transportation Committee.

Early in March, OSCA’s 2016 Community Report was submitted to LTMOC and can be read in its entirety here at