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Human Resources Working Group


Terms of Reference

The OSCA Human Resources Working Group has been established by the OSCA Board to:

  1. Develop, for the Board’s approval, a comprehensive package of human resource policies and procedures for OSCA full time and part time staff that will form an appropriate basis for the effective management and development of OSCA’s staff.
  2. Develop, from time-to-time, other such human resource policies and procedures as directed by the Board for the Board’s approval.
  3. Engage, from time to time, such experts as it deems necessary, to assist the Working Group in its work in accordance with its approved budget.


The Human Resources Group shall comprise of a Chair and up to five individuals, all of whom must be members in good standing of the OSCA Board.  The Chair and members of the Group are appointed by the Board on an annual basis.

The Group shall be assisted in its work by the Executive Director who shall also be the Group’s recording secretary.

Date approved by the Board: October 2016.