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Special Events Committee: Terms of Reference


The role of the Special Events Committee (SEC) is to foster community and culture between the bridges.


The SEC will, consistent with the purpose outlined above, undertake the following:

  • Identify and organize events to foster community and culture in the Old Ottawa South Community which maximize the involvement of all members of that community;
  • Assist community groups in Old Ottawa South with the organization and implementation of events in keeping with the purpose of the Events Committee;
  • Foster liaisons, linkages and networks to assist community activities and clubs; and,
  • Foster public awareness, recognition and support for local talent.


The Committee has the authority to: (example)

  • Approve all Special Events that OSCA is responsible.
  • Draft policy and procedures for events.
  • Set meetings and agendas.
  • Set annual budgets and approve specific budgets for all events.
  • Make recommendations to the board in relation to Articles, Bylaws, member consultation and communication issues.
  • Regularly assess its progress and adjust the work plan.
  • Advise the board of major issues related to its mandate.
  • Document its work and progress, and share this information with  the Board.
  • Regularly review its Terms of Reference and make recommenda-­‐ tions for changes to the board of Directors. 

Membership and Voting  

A minimum of 5 members with one member always being the lead on every OSCA event. The chair will be chosen in accordance with OSCA policy. It is recom-­‐mended that the chair be a Board member.

Members of the committee are asked to attend a minimum of 5  meetings per calendar year. There is no maximum membership. Employees are not permitted to vote on decision items in the SEC.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet monthly or as required to organize special events within the community. The majority of events for the year will be determined at our strategic planning retreat in June. Meetings will focus on planning subsequent events only.


Quorum for decisions made by the committee is [50% +1].


The Special Events Committee will report to the OSCA Board.

OSCA Special Events


OSCA events must be either initiated and organized by the OSCA Special Events Committee or, the organizing committee for the event must include an OSCA Board Member or a Special Events Committee Member. 

Budgetary Approval

Any events organized by or with the assistance of the OSCA Special Events Committee will require budgetary approval by the Special Events Committee as long as they meet the annual budget presented to the Board each year in September. Additional events will be presented to the Board for approval in advance of any confirmations.

The Executive Director must have access to and oversight of the budget. All cash advances for the event must be approved by the Executive Director. All receipts to be handed into the OSCA office.


The OSCA Executive Director will assist committee members where possible with regards to over site of the budget, room bookings and liaising with the Board. However, members must be prepared to run the event dependently and not require additional support from staff and the Executive Director.

Date of last review: March 2014

Adapted from 20 Questions Directors ofNot-For-Profit Organizations Should Ask about Board Recruitment, Development and Assessment.