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OSCA Document Archive

This section contains various categories of documents generated by the OSCA board and subcommittees.

  • Meeting Minutes ( 187 )

    Minutes of meetings for the OSCA Board.

  • Meeting Agendas ( 98 )

    Agendas for meetings of the OSCA Board and subcommittees.

  • Policies & Bylaws ( 29 )

    Policies and Bylaws of the OSCA Board and subcommittees.

  • Reports ( 139 )

    Reports submitted to the OSCA Board, typically at monthly Board meetings or at the Annual General Meeting.

  • President's Reports ( 58 )

    Monthly reports from the OSCA President, as published in the OSCAR.

  • Position Papers and Presentations ( 6 )

    Articles describing OSCA's official position on events of the day, including presentations given by OSCA to bodies such as the City of Ottawa.

  • Legacy Documents ( 9 )

    Documents archived from the pre-2010 OSCA website. In 2010 the Web/IT team put a new content management system into place with a general overhaul of the online information and updates related to the OSCA website.

  • ED Reports ( 20 )

    Information Updates from the OSCA Executive Director.

  • Articles ( 0 )

    Articles written by OSCA committees, past and present.