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Selected articles from the community newspaper the OSCAR.

Hidden Business: Services for OOS Residents by OOS Residents

Originally published in the April 2017 OSCAR.

Although the commercial area in our neighbourhood is relatively small and well defined, there are a large number of businesses that operate in Old Ottawa South without many of us knowing about their existence. Many of these – often one-person – businesses rely on word-of-mouth advertising or are only discovered when one is explicitly looking for a particular service.

Over the years we have discovered a few of these hidden businesses, either directly as clients or through friends and neighbours. In this month’s Business Beat I want to highlight four such businesses.


Celebrating Diversity Through Indigenous Voices

Albert Dumont jpOriginally published in the March 2017 OSCAR.

Our nation's 150th birthday provides us with an excellent opportunity to shine a light on Indigenous singer-songwriters, musicians, storytellers and artists. Their music and songs recount the history of Canada's Indigenous Peoples in the hope of unifying with all Canadians. This spring, the 6th annual Ottawa Grassroots Festival has scheduled several Indigenous artists who will take listeners on a journey of hope, loss, fear and determination through songs, storytelling and poetry.


Business Beat: Cedars & Co. Food Market

Originally published in the March 2017 OSCAR.

When we moved to Ottawa in 2009, the Fresh Fruit Company had already closed. But having lived in a walkable neighbourhood in Vancouver, we knew how great it is to have a neighbourhood grocery store. So when Cedars & Co. Food Market opened its doors in 2010, we were more than delighted.

Since its opening, Cedars has gone through a few minor and major transformations, and I was very excited to learn about the next evolution that’s about to take place in the restaurant section.


Reimagining Brewer Park: It’s Time

Originally published in the March 2017 OSCAR.

Back in the mid-1920s, Thomas H. Brewer, a former Capital Ward councillor, devoted a great deal of effort to having a large area of vacant land in the south-west section of Old Ottawa South levelled and cleaned up to be used as a city playground. Today this area bears his name and is known as Brewer Park.

Consisting of a six-lane pool, a skating arena, a children’s playground, a number of sports fields for soccer and baseball, a basketball court, and (in winter time) an outdoor ice oval and two hockey rinks, as well as a building currently occupied by the Westboro Academy. The park since those early days has proven to be very popular with Old Ottawa South residents and the community at large.


Music at Trinity: Sat. Mar. 11, 2017

Franz Schubert’s Die Schöne Müllerin as Part of Music at Trinity Concert Series

Originally published in the March 2017 OSCAR.

As part of their monthly concert series, Music at Trinity presents one of Franz Schubert’s song cycle, Die Schöne Müllerin (The Lovely Maid in the Mill). This particular cycle contains a total of twenty songs inspired by the poems of Wilhelm Müller. The poems were published in 1820 and a few years later were set to music by Franz Schubert. Each song tells a portion of a story that features typical romantic themes such as love, hope, sadness, despair, death and nature to name just a few.