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Planning Committee: Terms of Reference

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The Planning Committee advises the OSCA board on issues related to planning and development in Old Ottawa South, and acts as the primary liaison between public bodies and the board.


The Planning Committee is responsible for:

  • Encouraging community dialogue on planning and development issues affecting Old Ottawa South;
  • Recommending policy positions to the OSCA board on planning issues, following community consultation, analysis, and discussions with public bodies, developers and other stakeholders;
  • Articulating OSCA’s views and positions through such documents as policy statements, principles, and making representations to the City and other public bodies;
  • Promoting the creation and adoption of formal, neighbourhood- specific planning policies e.g. secondary plan.
  • Monitoring development proposals for conformity with principles and policies adopted by the OSCA board.


The Planning committee is accountable to the board and will supply copies of its minutes, reports and other documents f for monthly Board meetings and for posting on the OSCA Web site as appropriate.


The Committee has the authority to:

  • Review materials related to planning and development and other documents relevant to its purpose;
  • Draft a work plan for approval by the board of directors;
  • Meet regularly to implement the work plan, determine best practices relative to its work and report regularly to the board;
  • Solicit the views and opinions of OSCA members and other community members on planning and development issues through public meetings, surveys, discussions and correspondence;
  • Meet with City officials, developers and other stakeholders and represent OSCA’s positions;
  • Make recommendations to the board in relation to planning and development policies in Old Ottawa South;
  • Make representations and presentations that articulate board- adopted policies to the City of Ottawa and other public bodies as applicable.

Membership and Voting

The committee will be comprised of members of the Old Ottawa South Community Association. The committee will have no more than 10 members, and ideally no fewer than four (excluding the chair).


The chair will be an OSCA board member, appointed by the board.

Frequency of Meetings and Manner of Call

Monthly from September. Meetings will be called via e-mail from the chair.


51% of the members entitled to vote. 


Monthly, to the board.

Date of last review: January 27, 2014

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