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OSCA Board Meeting Minutes - October 2017

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday October 17th, 2017

7:30pm The Firehall

In Attendance: Lise Beutel, Kelly Campbell, Caroline Clark, Ilia Fabbri, Christine Franklin, Connie Gunn, Janet Jull, Richard Slowikowski, Emilie Taman, Michaela Tokarski, Brian Ure, Erik Van der Torre.

Guests- Brendan McCoy- OSCAR Editor, Christy Savage- OSCA Executive Director

Regrets:  Lizane Castonguay, Ahmed Elsayed, Linda Hancock, Michael Jenkin, Andy McCarthy, Steve Mennill, Evan Pilkington

  1. Welcom
  2. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Caroline Clarke.

               All in favour. Motion passed with no changes.

  1. Approval of Minutes of September 2017

Motion to approve the minutes of September 2017. Proposed by Connie Gunn, seconded by Lise.Beutel.

               All in favour. Motion passed with the following changes:

Guests- were from “Development Watch Southminster”.

  1. Councilor’s Report- Ian Grabina, Assistant to Councillor Chernushenko.
  1. Southminster United Church- The Councillor’s office will hold a meeting on November 28th. The Councillor’s office is waiting for the City staff report on the development but the Councillor’s position has not, to date, changed. An arborist conducted a report and noted that only one tree will need to be removed. There have been many donations and the development will have a natural screening effect sooner rather than later.
  2. Windsor park repaving the pathway- A 100 yr old pipe was uncovered directly under the existing pathway. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has concerns with changing the topography in a flood zone and have been consulted to review excavation options to ensure water from the annual spring thaw is able to drain. This should be finalized in a few weeks.
  3. Hopewell public school- Brian Ure and Sue Neill- Co-Chairs of OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee met with Ian Grabina with the Councillor’s office to discuss issues with the Bank st and Sunnyside ave crossing. Illegal manoeuvres often occur at this intersection. A notice will be distributed within the community (including Hopewell school) noting that illegal driving activities are best reported online with Ottawa Police. Reports must come from community members instead of the Councillor’s office. Police are diligent about following up.

Action item- Ian Grabina will send the notice to Christy to share.

  1. Parking on Hopewell ave in front of the school is not safe and will be changed. In the coming weeks options will be reviewed.
  2. Hopewell avenue near Brewer park experiences many traffic violations. The Councillor’s office will be reviewing options.
  3. Bank St Bridge- A traffic survey was conducted for 3 days in August (Thursday noon to Sunday noon). No special events or games were taking place. Data (over 100K data points on the number of cars and their speed etc) was collected on both the northbound and southbound lanes. Of note those driving at 52K occurred within the 85th percentile. The bridge is zoned at 40/km/h.

Additionally, driving is faster at night and the centre lane is slower than the cycling lane.

The data will be reviewed for patterns.

Discussion- was had on concerns with the overall safety of the bridge and the lack of change/progress with two surveys conducted in the past year. It was suggested furthermore that a systems engineer review the data. The Councillor’s office noted that there is a long wait list to access engineers which is why the data will be reviewed for initial patterns. Discussion was also had on the level police engagement and lack of enforcement of speed limits. Police need the data first.

It was noted that members of the community can contact their local politicians or police department, even the chief of police, to note their concerns. Discussion was had on the fact that Bank st is a main throughway between the south and north of the City and will unlikely be changed by Council in such a way as to negatively impact traffic flow.

Brian Ure thanked Ian Grabina for his collaboration and help on many traffic issues.

  1. 177 Hopewell- Concerns with ongoing changes to approved development were discussed. There are three departments at the City that developers deal with. All work very well and diligently, but within silos. The Councillor’s office will work with them in future to ensure better communication among them and review their blind spots.

As it stands 177 Hopewell is ongoing and approved.

  1. Speed testing will be conducted on Bronson ave to see if traffic calming has had a positive impact.
  2. Traffic calming on Sunnyside has had a positive impact.
  3. Brewer Park consultation (held in March) – a report will be published in the next couple of weeks from the results of the consultation.
  4. Clegg st footbridge- during construction there will be a minor detour along Echo drive.
  5. The Councillor’s office is working to install a flashing ‘no left turn’ sign on Bank st facing the Echo drive on-ramp from Colonel By to Bank st  in order to add visibility.

Questions- Has the Councillor’s office been reviewing the increase in gun crimes in the community? Each crime has been reviewed and the Councillor’s office has been assured by Ottawa Police that there is no connection between the crimes. The Ottawa Police ‘Guns and Gangs’ unit have been involved in this analysis and are highly respected.

  1. Finance

i-Audit final- The final Audit was submitted by the auditor and circulated.

Since the Board approved the draft audit conditional on no changes, and since there have been no further changes, the original approval stands.

ii-Variance August- Christy presented the attached.

There were no questions/comments or discussion on the audit or variance.

  1. Report from Executive- Emilie Taman- OSCA President
  2. Southminster Development debrief- The Executive Committee agreed that OSCA is well positioned to become more engaged in the Community. There will be more initiatives reviewed for example Emilie will meet with the Glebe Community Association (GCA), Councillor’s office and Yasir Naqvi’s office to discuss the potential of a Community Design Plan (CDP); as well, Emilie will be representing OSCA on the Federatioun of Community Associations (FCA) from now on.  
  3. Emilie was approached by the Councillor’s office, in partnership with Yasir Naqvi’s office, to meet with the GCA and discuss the possibility of working toward a Community Design Plan (CDP) together. The invitation has also been extended to the Planning and Zoning Committee. Emilie will provide follow up at the next Board meeting. No decisions will be made at this meeting it is to gather information and share ideas only.
  4. City of Ottawa and CSR concerns- follow up- Emilie sent a letter to Janet Conley-Paterson (Centre Director of Ottawa South Community Centre) and Natalie Ollson (Program Manager). Christy met with the City and CSR’s. We will continue to maintain open lines of communication although the response was not as concrete as we had hoped for.
  5. Special Events- Christy will be creating several benchmarks to use in future to determine if this is something we want to turn into a more permanent position.
  6. Oscar – President’s report- Emilie noted that we expect the increase in minimum wage to have a strong impact on our overall expenses. Important that the community not be taken by surprise.

Note- Michelle Nguyen has had to step down from the Board. As a new mother, she was finding it challenging to devote the time necessary to support the Board’s work. She thanked the Board for the opportunity and hopes to be able to become more involved in the future.

Discussion was held on Board engagement and the strategic priorities from the last Board retreat. It is important that all Board members be engaged, attend meetings, and actively participate in Committees or Board initiatives.

With regard to Board meetings- Board members cannot miss more than three meetings in a year. “Regrets” and “absences” are separated in the minutes.

  1. Committee Reports/Updates
  2. Communications Committee – no report Christy will forward last meeting minutes to the Board.

The Board discussed the need for a strong Communications Committee especially since Branding is a continued and recent strategic initiative. Although the committee is strong (made up of staff- OSCAR Editor -Brendan McCoy; Website Admin - Chris Lawson; Website Editor - Kathy Krywicki; Communications Coordinator - Natasha Tardiol; and Executive Director- Christy Savage) according to our Bylaws Board members must sit on/chair each Committee.

Action item- Emilie will send a note to the Board asking if anyone is available to Chair the Communications Committee.

  1. Planning and Zoning Committee

No report

Discussion was held on concerns with 177 Hopewell and the fact that applications south and north of Old Ottawa South may put pressure on our community to accept height increases. The fact the Board needs to become much more engaged was discussed.

The Board discussed the need to be less focused on programs and more engaged within the community. This was also discussed at length at the Executive meeting in addition to surveying the community on their priorities and needs.

c.   Program Committee

Action item- A4 parents will receive personalized email regarding the increase in fees.

  1. Traffic and Safety

Discussion was held on the need to increase communication. The increase in traffic because of the Grey Cup, in addition to drinking and people sleeping in cars, was discussed.

Action item- The T&S Committee will invite the Ottawa Police Department reps to de-brief the Board on plans for days when community events take place.

  1. Information Items/Other Business

With the lack of an Environmental Committee who oversees the recycling bins?

City staff, rentals, and OSCA Staff.

Action item- Christy will address this with the City and Programming staff and signs will be put up.

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the meeting proposed by Brian Ure, seconded by Kelly Campbell.

Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM. 

OSCA Board Meeting Agenda - Tuesday, November 21st

OSCA Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday November 21st, 2017 7:30pm The Firehall


  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval  of Minutes of October 2017
  4. Councilor’s Report
  5. Finance

i-Variance at September 30th, 2017 ii-budget changes for 2018

  1. Report from Executive

Decision item- Mural - Trinity United Church

  1. Committee Reports/Updates
    1. Communications Committee
    2. Planning and  Zoning Committee
    3. Program Committee
    4. Traffic  and Safety
  2. Information Items/Other Business
  3. Adjournment

OSCA Financial Report – September 2017 Presented to the Board in November 2017

OSCA Financial Report – September 2017 Presented to the Board in November 2017


Two columns have been added to the Budget for comparative purposes:

  • “Last month report”- notes the $ value difference between current month and what was reported in the previous month’s financial statements in order to more easily note significant changes where they may occur.
  • In the Budget Section for 2018, the y/e for 2016 is included. This is because the variance is a comparison to previous year, however, the 2017 Budget was significantly reduced from the previous year. This can be challenging when assessing current financial numbers. For example, the overall income from 2016 was just over $911K, however the 2017 Budget projected an overall income of $854K, a difference of almost $56K.
  • Note: budgeted 2017 revenue ($854.2K) is $58.5K lower than Audited y/e 2016 ($912.5K).
  • Note: budgeted expenses for 2017 ($888K) are $84.2K lower than Audited y/e 2016 ($972.2)


  • Lower children’s revenue is due to lower JKSK Summer Camp registration (EBTKS) as well as lower After 4 and slightly lower Adult Yoga and Fitness program revenue.

Specifically: EBTKS is lower by $30K. A4 Sept Grade 1-3 is $16K lower and gr4-6 is approximately $7.3K. Winter/Spring children’s programs were lower by $5,500. Christmas camps are also low because of the day that the holidays fall this year.

  • For adult programs we saw lower enrollment in all seasons compared to last year, especially in the Spring.
  • Current Fall income is $83.2K + $4800 drop in passes= $88K. The past two years we have had an overall Fall income of approximately $90K.
  • The 10 card drop in passes continue to be very popular and are helping to offset losses in Yoga and Fitness programs. Income from the passes was $2800 in September, $1300 October and

$700 as of Nov 9th  for November.

  • Changes implemented in Youth Programs continue to be successful.


  • Program expenses continue to be lower than losses in revenue.
  • We continue to monitor expenses against registrations and will make further adjustments if needed.

Cash in bank:

  • At September 30, 2017 OSCA had $235K in the bank. There are no cash concerns.

Reserve Fund Balances

  • Operating Reserve fund- $318,509- current unrestricted and future surpluses- restricted to 9 Months’ worth of operating expenses.
  • Community reserve fund-  $103,500- atlimit
  • Capital Asset Reserve fund- $50,000- atlimit.
  • Community Planning Reserve - $48,500- limit is $50,000
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