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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Notes - Tuesday September 4, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Notes
Tuesday September 4, 2018 at 12:30 pm
Location – Firehall 

Present: Winnie Pietrykowski, Erik van der Torre, Kathy Krywicki, Sue Neill

Regrets: Janet Jull, Brian Ure

  1. Introduction and Welcome

Welcome back after a month break!

2.Minutes of the TS Meeting of July 10, 2018

Previously circulated and posted. No comments

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a)Letter re planters at north end of Bank Street Bridge 

Still to be prepared by Sue and Winnie. Also for discussion with Glebe.

b)Contact with Glebe Traffic Committee

Sue will meet with Matt Meagher on September 13 at 11:45 am.

Suggested topics: planters at Lansdowne, sign directing northbound Bank traffic to Monk, 

Negotiation process for achieving reprogramming of beg buttons on Bank street between 7 am and 7pm, safety on the Bank Street Bridge and adjoining intersections. Committee members to forward any other topics for discussion.

  1. Report from the OSCA Board Meetingof August 21, 2018 
  • See note of August 22, 2018. No further comments.

5.Priority Business

a)Intersections Report, Recommendations and Next Steps 

Erik has drafted an article for the next OSCAR. Comments on the article to be forwarded to Erik by September 11. The article will put forward the T and S Committee recommendations and ask for comments.  Erik will provide timelines for carrying the recommendations forward taking into consideration the upcoming municipal elections.

The Committee, subject to community input, agreed to lobby for and recommend to the City: 

That all EW intersections on Bank Street between and including Aylmer and Riverdale have an advanced green signal for pedestrians

That all EW traffic signals be put on an automatic cycle between 7 am and 7 pm on weekdays and 9am – 6 pm on weekends

That the crossing time of Bank at Aylmer be extended to allow for safe crossing for the elderly, for people with a disability, for children and for others needing extra time.

It was agreed that Vision Zero could be adapted for OOS use and that an umbrella concept such as this could provide a framework for all of the work done by the Traffic and Safety Committee.

b)Extended Pedestrian Crossing at Aylmer and Bank

Kathy put forward a request through the City of Ottawa 3-1-1 for the crossing time at Bank and Aylmer to be extended.  She has a ticket number indicating that a response would be forthcoming by August 11, 2018. Since that date has passed, she will send a reminder request for an answer. 

c)Installation of “Slow Down for Us” signs

As part of the “back to school blitz”, Kathy and Winnie installed slow down for us signs on all streets around Hopewell school.  Winnie has also installed signs on the area to the east of Bank Street.  Winnie will contact Safer Roads Ottawa to request Stop for Us Signs and Leave the Phone Alone signs.

d)Back to School OSCAR Article 

Kathy and Sue are working on an article for the OSCAR to include – additional crossing guard at Bank and Sunnyside, signs posted, note from the Hopewell principal and the increased fines for drivers failing to obey crosswalk rules. Deadline for the article is October 15.

  1. Question for All Candidates Meeting September 27, 2018

No news yet on whether we have the opportunity or are requested to submit a question for the all candidates meeting.  Sue to ask Christy.

f)Decision and next steps re the Fall Bike Rally 

No news yet concerning the possibility of a Bike Rally this fall.  It was agreed that there should be some sort of a sustainable organizational structure established if the Bike Rally is to be held on an ongoing basis.  A possibility may be to have it accepted as a formal event within the OSCA program of events.

Winnie will discuss the possibilities of a Bike Rally this fall with Sarah including the possibility of Sarah taking the lead.  Winnie emphasized that she, herself, does not have the time to be the lead.

6.TS Committee Ongoing and Future Business

a)Colonel By Crossing 

In response to an update request, Sue received a note from Patrick Sammon, engineer for the project, indicating that the design of the approved PXO at Seneca would be almost identical to the one portrayed in the consultation board.  Since this is a down-grading of the design announced by the Councillor to the OSCA Board, Sue wrote to David pointing out the discrepancy and asking for his help is restoring the crossing to the higher safety standard including a raised platform at the crossing.  He indicated that he would check into the project and do his best to restore the project.  Sue will write to him before the end of the week for an update.

b)Work with Seniors Watch on Snow Mole Initiative in OOS 

Although the Snow Mole initiative has merit, it may be more valuable to make reports to the City and the Police so the issue is on the public record and can be followed up.  Sue to discuss with Anna.

c)Vision Zero – OOS Role? 

Discussed in the context of the Intersection Project.  Since Janet brought this to our attention, we will discuss further at the next meeting when she is present.

d)Pedestrian Intersection Safety Countermeasure Handbook 2010 – implications for OOS 

A very useful handbook produced by the City of Ottawa containing anything you may want to know about intersections.  Brought to our attention by Janet so will be discussed when she is present.

e)Review of T & S Committee Terms of Reference

Committees have been asked to bring forward proposals for change if necessary. Members to read T&S Terms of Reference and bring forward any changes to the next meeting.


  1. Ongoing – “Did You Know” columns – covered for this edition of the OSCAR
  2. Future OSCAR Articles – for October, article on the intersection data and on back to school. Next month, possibly on the Colonel By crossing at Seneca.

8.Liaison Updates

a)Southminster Development  - nothing new to report

b)Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club- Winnie and Sue to meet with Maria and Lael to review summer traffic-related initiatives

c)Hopewell Parents Council 

The Principal in a letter to parents has reminded them that there should be no drop offs in front of the school. Could be possible tickets. Erik will likely miss the next meeting of the Council.

d)Seniors’ Initiative - nothing to report

9.Resident’s Concerns

No specific concerns at the moment.

10.Other Business

On September 11, 2018, the City will present its audit of the Main Street initiatives to the OOE Board. Kathy will try to attend or at least to get the information.

11.Next Meeting– October 2, 2018 at 12:30 pm.  Re the January 2019 meeting – it will be held on January 8 at 12:30. Sue to notify the Firehall.

Carleton Working Group Report to the board

  1. Volunteer Engagement

The phase 1 board volunteer engagement survey was sent out on Friday, July 6th. If you’ve submitted a survey, THANK YOU. If you have not received the survey, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.before Friday, July 21st and I’ll ensure that it gets re-sent to you.

  1. Sponsorship

The sponsorship survey was also sent on Friday, July 6th. This was not sent to board members, but rather to potential and existing sponsors.

  1. In General

We have scheduled meetings every 2 weeks in order to try to keep these projects progressing throughout the summer as best we can.

We will keep you posted on the number of responses we’ve received, and any preliminary data once we know more from Carleton.

Seniors Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) Steering Committee - Initial Meeting June 4, 2018

Participants Barbara Brown Anna Cuylits Christine Franklin Helen Lynn

Fran Mowbray Catherine Read

The Committee met to identify those issues facing seniors on which it wishes to focus. They are:

  1. Isolation: Seniors, especially those without family locally, are vulnerable to isolation, depression, and to being taken advantage of. To combat this, communities need to promote more personal relationships among neighbours. Consider social situations (ex. block party) to introduce neighbours. Volunteers to visit elderly must undergo police checks, which is a slow process and requires a police office visit in an inconvenient location in the city’s west end.

Follow up by: Fran Mowbray, Barbara Brown and Catherine Read

  1. Programming: Make community programs more senior inclusive. OSCA Program Committee is seeking input on program development. It has made efforts in recent years different senior programming options. Some were successful; others didn’t attract sufficient interest. There are Vitality for Life programs, and seniors receive a 10 % discount on fitness centre memberships and fitness programs. Four programs are funded in the Glebe. Some free exercise classes exist, but info is hard to find. Need better advertising, targeted for seniors. Not much take up of current classes. Classes could help combat isolation. Steve Mennill indicated that the Program Committee would look into this. Eric Partington, Director, Central Ottawa Champlain Local Health Network(LHIN), responded positively to our needs for preventative/curative health programs. He is aware that program info is scarce and difficult to find for seniors, many of whom may not be computer literate, unable to take advantage of services, and/or in denial about their needs. Global conference of International Federation on Aging (IFA) to be held in Toronto this August.

Follow up by: Christine Franklin and Helen Lynn

  1. Walkability and Safety Committee: Overall goal is to promote safe, well-lit, user friendly streets and parks. Installation of benches along sidewalks and in parks where seniors could rest would support this goal. Timing of traffic lights, curb problems, and lack of ramps are key issues. In winter, poor snow clearing is a major concern. Sidewalks are hazardous, forcing seniors to remain inside. Snow buildup on some narrow one-way streets is so great that it could slow emergency service vehicles. Anna and Barb met with the Traffic and Safety Committee to establish a link. Abbotsford audit could provide useful ideas. Note: most audits are done in summer and may not address winter issue. Follow up by: to be determined.
  2. Housing: more needs to be done to enable seniors to remain in their community, either in their own homes or in another type of housing, such as co-ops or cohousing. Examples, Drummond St. facility and Convivium proposal. The Council on Aging (COA) has a Housing Committee. The Federal Housing Strategy will be launched next month. Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) of Ottawa did not take note of seniors. Complex issue; potential developers need clear zoning and bylaws. A Senior Housing forum, organized by Pat Steenberg, Abbotsford House, is planned for October 1st.

Follow up by: Ana Cuylits



  1. Column by SWOOS: Good response to column’s launch, both in terms of website hits and received comments. Column to continue on monthly basis and to be included in newsletters of Council on Aging and LHIN. Committee discussed idea of organizing a focus group session this fall to hear seniors’ view on a range of issues. Could use column to invite people to such a meeting. June 15 is next OSCA deadline.

Follow up by: Anna Cuylits

  1. OSCA Board: Potential formal subcommittee status unnecessary at this stage as SWOOS is still identifying its identity and mandate. Important to familiarize Board and our community with our endeavours through monthly progress reports. Advantages to being separate from OSCA, which doesn’t always support every effort by a sub-committee. If separate, could register at City Hall.

Pamphlets distributed:

Council on Aging, Membership Information

Ottawa Community Support Coalition (OCSC), Community Support Services in Ottawa

Reach Isolated Seniors Everywhere (RISE) “Is someone you know becoming invisible?”

Noted: Christine’s creation of “Impact Hours”, a website to connect non-profits and charities with people over 55 who seek meaningful, flexible, clearly defined, volunteer work on an hourly, rather than a long-term, basis.

Next meeting: 7:15, Wednesday, July 25.

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