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Program Committee Minutes 2015-06-08

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OSCA Program Committee Minutes
Monday June 8, 2015
Firehall 6:00pm-7:45pm


  1. Subsidy policy
    Current subsidy policy allows for $500 annually per family.

    “Subsidies are generally limited to a maximum of 1/3 of the program cost of one program/family member/session. Up to a maximum of $200.00/person/year and $500 per family. The Program Committee does have the right to waive this policy due to extenuating circumstances, and reserves the right to apply discretionary approval where appropriate. “

    Relevance to After 4 was discussed at length. Essentially families use their subsidy, ezspecially if they have more than one child, within only a few months. This leaves nothing for Summer Camps, which are also necessary for working families.

    Currently OSCA has allotted $2,000 annually to the subsidy program (February 19, 2013).

    The Program committee would like to consider subsidies for After 4 separate from the overall subsidy program.
    After 4 subsidies would be eligible for 40%.
    Additional program subsidies (including camps, fitness and special interest) would be eligible for 40% off up to $800 per family, $500 per individual.

    See decision item attached.

  2. Use of community space- rental at Southminster and other locations?

    Southminster has two classrooms available for rent at $1,000 monthly. The space would be available both during the day and in the evening. Use would be exclusive. Additionally there is an office available for $500 monthly.
    It was agreed that the use of this space would help with JKSK After 4 programming, office space for staff and storage for After 4, relieving space at the Firehall front desk.

    See decision item attached.


  1. After 4 budget
    Budget is projecting a loss. Traditionally when different department budgets were presented they were in the form of a ‘project summary’ from the Simply Accounting files. These summaries did not include OSCA fixed and admin costs and therefore the budgets projected strong profits. This has not been an accurate picture.
    While the budget proposal does project high losses, with the proposed Southminster rental, there are considerations to make. For example, the admin fees may be fully collected within a shorter time period.

  2. Hopewell yard use of space
    OSCA Executive Director and Coordinators have met with the principal at Hopewell on a few occasions to secure regular use of the yard. At present After 4 is permitted use of the yard until 4:15pm. Alternate arrangements will be made in future in partnership with the daycare at the school and this arrangement will be confirmed in writing.

  3. Closure plan review
    The Firehall is closing for one week from June 18-24th inclusive. During that time the building will be painted, floor replaced in the Dance studio, protective coating placed in high traffic areas etc.
    All clients have been informed, closure notices are on the website and will continue to be posted on Facebook, and signs are at the front of the building. Firehall Fitness Studio memberships will be extended by one week, as will Pottery studio. All classes have make up dates already confirmed.

  4. Corporate/group rates for FFC (college of physicians request)
    We have been approached by some staff at the College with this request. Christy will reach out and note she has been given permission to offer a 25% discount on the FFC, but not on classes. The offer to have instructors teach at the College during lunch hours will be made.

  5. Sandbanks- due to a number of safety concerns the camping camps will not be going to Sandbanks this year. The remote location, need for Bear Barrels or a closed hut for storage, and inability to find a ‘waterfront’ lifeguard were prohibitive factors. The camping camps will instead go to Lac Phillipe. The camp Coordinator will look at alternatives for next year.


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