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These are glimpses of Old Ottawa South's history: reproduced snippets of news items and notices describing the old, as if it were new.

Heritage Trees

Credit: Canada. Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys / Library and Archives Canada / PA-023249 Can a tree be designated heritage? Evidently, yes: Newswire article September 2009. Read about Ontario's program for recognition of trees —are there significant specimens in our neighbourhood? If a tree falls at Brighton beach, will anybody hear? (apologies to Bruce Cockburn)

Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club: 112 years

The Ottawa Tennis Club is almost as old as the modern game of tennis itself. Court Tennis, known in France as jeu de paume, was first played in the tenth century in the cloistered courtyards of French monasteries and later in the chateaux and castles of the French and English aristocracy. But its descendant, lawn tennis was invented in 1873, when Walter C. Wingfield, a British army officer, adapted the rules and techniques of court tennis to a game that could be played on grass. This new form of tennis was brought to Canada a few years later and grew rapidly in popularity. In 1894, an article in the Ottawa Evening Journal noted that "although golf is the truly swell game of the present day, the old favourite, lawn tennis, is more popular than ever this year. In the fall of 1881, members of the Ottawa Cricket Club who had…

What is a Craftsman-style Home?

Also known as the Arts and Crafts style of house architecture. And it seems we may have a few of them in Ottawa South. For a definition, we may defer to the experts: www.fine-woodworking-for-your-home.com/artsandcraftsstyle.html

Rideauville Residence

The photographer Henry Joseph Woodside lived in the part of Ottawa previously known as Rideauville. His extensive photo collection can be found at the Library and Archives Canada and includes many taken around the neighbourhood such as his house at 63 Aylmer Avenue. Credit: Henry Joseph Woodside/Library and Archives Canada/PA-016628

Charles Hopewell

Did you know that Hopewell Avenue was named after Ottawa's mayor from 1909 to 1912 Charles Hopewell? After the suburb of Old Ottawa South was annexed into the city of Ottawa in 1907, Hopewell was instrumental in getting the streetcar line extended over the Bank Street bridge into the rapidly expanding neighbourhood. The streetcar ran along a route roughly the equivalent as today's #7 bus route. The school was built in 1910 but there had been a school on the site since the 1830s. Here's a bit more about his life and death and role in the nation's captial.

Mayfair Marquee

Bed Bunnies & The Dirty Dolls on screen at the Mayfair Theatre circa 1975. Photo credit: City of Ottawa Archives CA-18896
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