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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes: 6:30pm Tuesday May 9, 2017

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Location: Old Firehall

Present:  Brian Ure, Sue Neill: Co- Chairs

                Kathy Krywicki, Sarah Fraser, Winnie Pietrykowski,

Apologies:  Erik van der Torre

1. Introduction

            Erik is attending a Hopewell School Parents Association Meeting.

Brian chaired the meeting.  Sue took the minutes for the meeting.

The agenda was adjusted to enable Kathy to participate in the meeting.

It was felt that we should be looking for additional members.

2. Minutes of the meeting of April 4, 2017 Approved

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

- Brian reported that the OSCA Board had approved the proposal to include the Green Dreamers under the umbrella of the Traffic and Safety Committee

4. Committee Business

  1. Bike Rally – Capital Spokes – June 11

Sarah reported on the logistical arrangements for the rally including training for leaders, insurance and a meeting with Safer Roads Ottawa, the Glebe organizers and Ian Grabina from the Councillor’s office.  It is not clear yet whether the Councillor will be present at the rally or not.

Volunteers are needed. TS Committee members are asked to recruit two volunteers.  Help is also needed to put up posters.  TS members will help with this.  Winnie to co-ordinate.

Erik has been involved with a group called “Love Our Local”. He may be able to have a tent for local businesses to advertise, assist, provide goods etc. Winnie to follow up with Erik.

The focus will now change to communications about the event.  It was noted that the OSCA website is currently being revised and is in transition – this has created difficulties with respect to advertising the rally.  Kathy indicated that from her operation, nothing has changed and she can post anything given to her immediately as usual.  It is important that information about the rally be on the opening page of the website so 2-3 clicks are not required to find it.

The next Board meeting is Tuesday May 16, 2017.  Brian will mention the challenges that the transition has created for the rally organizers and the need to have a clear process for organizing event related communications.

An edition of the OSCAR will be released before the bike rally.  Winnie will contact Brendan to try to get front page exposure for the rally.

  1. Traffic and Safety

The following are ongoing topics on the TS agenda for update whenever possible.  Brian and Sue will meet with Ian Grabina on Friday May 12, 2017 at 9:00 am to discuss how to get action on these and other items.

  1. Safe Crossing of Colonel By - data
  2. Data from Speed Boards on the bridge
  3. Illegal Left turns at Wilton and Echo
  4. Consistent traffic signals on Bank Street
  5. Photo radar on Bank
  6. Parking
  7. Need to repair ruts on the Bank Street bridge in the bike lanes
  8. Greasy roadway from water dumped by the Chip Wagon

Re g) Sarah will fill in a report and submit online to the City for repairs.

  1. Greening of OOS
  2. Green Dreamers Update – continuing to work on the clean-up of gardens on Bank Street
  3. Sunnyside Rain Gardens Update Brian will contact the City for an update on plans for the gardens for the spring.  The City contact person has changed.
  4. Communications
  5. Articles for OSCAR and News Between the Bridges (NBtB)

It was agreed that we should try to have something in every issue of the OSCAR and also each week in NBtB.  Topics/themes were suggested. For NBtB, a schedule will be set up whereby each TS member could produce a short piece on a traffic related issue of his/her choosing.  Perhaps some sort of contest or challenge could be organized – for further discussion at the next meeting.

  1. Minutes on the Website

The committee supported the idea of putting the TS minutes on the OSCA website.  Brian will raise this at the Board to be sure that the Board doesn’t have any issues and will also suggest that all committees submit their minutes to the website.   

  1. Liaison
  2. Councillor’s Office

Planned meeting May 12, 2017

  1. City of Ottawa Traffic Department/NCC

Will be called as needed – now to be set up relating to Colonel By safe crossing

  1. Southminster Development

Kathy reported that she had attended a pre-consultation community meeting on Monday May 8 at Southminster called by the developer.  The developer is now ready to make a submission to the City to change the required zoning.  The submission will contain a traffic study and parking plan.

  1. Integrated Road, Sewer and Watermain Reconstruction Project (Seneca)

Nothing to report.

5.  Other Business

            5.1       Community Design Plan (CDP)

Committee members felt that it would be beneficial to the community and our work to have a CDP.  Brian will indicate this support at the next Board meeting.  It may not have to be a full blown CDP but could at least establish some principles which would provide guidance to decision-making.

It was felt that there would be some benefit to having a joint meeting of the Traffic and Safety Committee and the Planning and Development Committees to share information and discuss common issues and possibly do some thinking on a community plan of some sort.  Further discussion needed.

6.   Next Meeting - Tuesday June 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm Firehall

7.   Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

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