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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting - Minutes 6:30pm Tuesday June 6, 2017

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Present:  Brian Ure, Sue Neill: Co- Chairs

                Kathy Krywicki, Sarah Fraser, Winnie Pietrykowski, Erik van der Torre

1. Introduction

Sue chaired the meeting and took the minutes for the meeting.

The agenda was adjusted to enable Erik to participate in the meeting.

2. Minutes of the meeting of May 9, 2017 Approved

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

  1. Hopewell School Parents Council and Safe and Caring Schools Committee - Erik

Erik reported that the school is planning some traffic adjustments relating to drop-offs.  A full plan will be ready for the fall and will be distributed to parents in September.

The possibility of initiating the concept of a “walking school bus” is also being explored.

Re the possibility of extending the school zone to include the bridge in preparation for photo radar once approved by the Province, Ian Grabina had discussed this with the City traffic officials and it does not seem to be possible at this time.

  1. OSCA Board Meeting – May 16

Brian was not able to attend the Board meeting however Erik was there and did raise the matter of the difficulties caused by the changeover to a new website at a critical time for the Bike Rodeo organizers. More co-ordination is necessary to avoid such problems.

Brian will raise the remaining topics at the next Board meeting – TS support for a CDP (formal or informal) and a request to post the TS Committee minutes on the website.  Also discussed at this meeting, the need to have the Board minutes posted as soon as possible after the meeting so everyone knows about decisions taken. 

  1. Article about Capital Spokes in OSCAR


  1. Meeting with Ian Grabina May 12, 2017

A note from the meeting had been circulated by Sue.  Follow up from the TS Committee discussion as follows:

  • Data from the Speed Boards – Erik to draw up and circulate a list of proposed questions to send to Ian about the data
  • Safe Crossing of Colonel By – a second round of data will be collected by the City – Sue/Kathy to follow
  • Crossing Guard – likely at Belmont, not Cameron
  • Consistent Crossing Signals on Bank – Kathy will note all variations on Bank and report back
  • Bike Rally – Naqvi and McKenna not invited per se but welcome if they attend

4. Committee Business

  1. Bike Rally – Capital Spokes – June 11

Volunteers are needed. Erik to check with Hopewell Parents and with OSCA Board members to see if they will help.

It is not clear yet whether the Councillor will be present at the rally or not.

  1. Traffic and Safety
  2. Colonel By Safe Crossing

Ian Grabina suggested that a survey be undertaken to gather data about residents use of Colonel By and possible locations for a safe crossing.  Ian raised this at the last OSCA Board meeting and the Board seemed supportive. Erik volunteered to work on this with Ian, Kathy, Winnie and Sue.

  1. Greening of OOS
  2. Green Dreamers Update

OSCA Board approved a budget of $800 for the GDs. There have also been significant donations of plants from residents of OOS.

  1. Sunnyside Rain Gardens Update Brian will contact the City for an update on plans for the gardens.           
  2. Liaison
  3. Councillor’s Office

Should have another meeting with Ian in a few weeks.

  1. City of Ottawa Traffic Department/NCC

More data on Colonel By to be collected in July.

  1. Southminster Development

Kathy reported that the re-development preliminary plans are now on the City website and that she had circulated them to TS members. There are two sections relating to the mandate of the TS Committee -  parking and traffic noise.  Kathy and Sue are monitoring the development.  If there are concerns, they should be raised with the OSCA Board – not clear if the Boardwill be taking a position on this project.

  1. Main Street Renewal Project

Kathy reported that the project is nearing completion except for final asphalting of Main Street and neighbouring roads.  See NBtB article May 31, 2017 for details of closures.

  1. Rideau Canal Walls Project

Kathy reported that the project will conclude on Thursday June 8, 2017. Colonel By will be closed from 9pm – 6 am while fences, walls etc are taken down.  This means that the temporary safe crossing will also be dismantled. 

5.  Other Business

            Discussed the importance of attracting and maintaining volunteers and look forward to hearing more about the Board’s initiatives on volunteer engagement.

6. Next Meeting

            Tuesday July 4 at 6:30 pm at the Firehall

7. Adjournment – 8:30 pm

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