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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes: 5:30pm Tuesday July 4, 2017

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Present:  Brian Ure, Sue Neill: Co- Chairs, Kathy Krywicki, Winnie Pietrykowski,

    Apologies: Erik van der Torre, Sarah Fraser

1. Introduction

Brian chaired the meeting and Sue took the minutes for the meeting.

2. Minutes of the meeting of June 6, 2017 Approved

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

  1. OSCA Board Meeting – June 20, 2017

Brian reported on the main items of the Board meeting.

  • Carolyn Clark is the new Treasurer
  • Re the posting of Board minutes, timing does not allow early posting since the minutes from one meeting have to be approved at the next. It was suggested that the minutes could be approved via email or the Executive could approve them.  The TS Committee would like to have its minutes posted. We will finalize and approve via email and send to Christy for posting.
  • Councillor reported on various projects affecting the community.  Construction on the Clegg Footbridge will start this fall
  • Some discussion of the Community Development Plan but no movement
  • Discussion of the Southminster church proposal. The emergence of a strong community group was noted.

It was noted that the OSCA President in her first column in the OSCAR had indicated a willingness to meet with individuals and groups who had thoughts on the role etc of OSCA.  The Traffic and Safety Committee Co-chairs will write to Emilie to suggest a meeting.

  1. Update on the Sunnyside Rain Gardens

Brian reported that the plants are doing well but that the deadline for re-doing the gardens to make them safer had passed for this year. Volunteers are keeping the gardens clean

4. Committee Business

  1. Bike Rally – Capital Spokes – June 11, 2017

The Bike Rally was a big success.  Congratulations to Winnie and Sarah for their leadership to this project.  Winnie and Sarah to provide a list of recommendations for the next Bike Rally. A question was raised about the role of the Board, the Events Committee etc

  1. Traffic and Safety
  2. Colonel By Safe Crossing

Two papers had been prepared by Kathy, Sue and Erik and circulated – one outlining the whole project and the other a planning document for the survey. A draft of the survey will be circulated to the TS Committee members for input by the end of July. The plan is to rollout the survey in October or early November.

  1. Data from the Bank Street Speed Boards

Erik had written to Ian on behalf of the TS Committee with questions raised at the last meeting and Ian had replied. The data as they currently exist are not time-related therefore are not specific enough. Ian will try to have pneumatic tubes installed which will measure both speed and volumes installed.

NOTE: On July 5, we were informed by Ian that the pneumatic tubes would be installed for July 20-23, 2017 at the crest of the Bank Street bridge going both north and south.

  1. Intersection Data

Re the objective of trying to ensure consistent crossing situations at all lights between the bridges on Bank Street, Kathy had done a walkabout and reporting that all east-west intersections required a push button for pedestrian crossing lights except Sunnyside and Bank.  Winnie and Kathy will undertake further investigation in the fall.

  1. Greening of OOS
  2. Green Dreamers Update

The significant amount of rain has been helpful and the gardens are looking good. About $200.00 of the $800.00 budget has been spent on fertilizer and some plants. Winnie has proposed a meeting with the Councillor to discuss city’s assistance in revamping some of the remaining city-owned gardens.

  1. Communication and Liaison
  2. Councillor’s Office

Should have another meeting with Ian in a few weeks.

  1. City of Ottawa Traffic Department/NCC

Within the next two weeks we should inform the City and the NCC that we are undertaking a survey concerning a safe crossing of Colonel By.

  1. Southminster Development

Kathy reported that the re-development preliminary plans are now on the City website and that she had circulated them to TS members. There are two sections relating to the mandate of the TS Committee -  parking requirements and traffic noise considerations plus traffic noise assessments.  Kathy and Sue are monitoring the development.

The deadline for comments to the City is July 11, 2017 the date of the next Planning Committee Meeting.  The Planning Committee is scheduled to consider the application on August 22, 2017.  A further community consultation will be conducted by the developer on September 22, 2017.

  1. Hopewell Parents’ Council

Erik has circulated a note (June 21, 2017) outlining the proposals of the school to make changes to the traffic, parking and pick-up zones around the school.  These are to be implemented in the fall.

  1. Articles for the OSCAR and the NBtB

In keeping with our objective of keeping traffic and safety/greening issues at the forefront by regular articles, it was noted that this is going well.  Keep submitting article and notices.

5.  Other Business

            No other business

6. Next Meeting

            Tuesday September 5, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Firehall

7. Adjournment – 8:30 pm

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