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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes 6:30pm Tuesday April 4, 2017

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Present: Kathy, Maryn, Brian, Sue, Winnie

1. Introduction

            Sarah and Erik were unable to attend the meeting.

This was Maryn’s last meeting. The committee expressed thanks for her time on the committee over the past year and wished to have their appreciation for her contributions noted.

Sue chaired the meeting.

2. Minutes of the meeting of March 7, 2017 Approved

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

OOS Road Repair (“Seneca renewal”) Project article

Kathy and Sue attended the information meeting, which took the form of a walk around. There was some discussion of bike lanes but decisions will be based on further feedback. There was little new information to share from the meeting, so it was decided an article was not necessary at this time. 

4. Report from the OSCA Board Meeting

Brian gave a report from the board meeting. There was discussion of the nominations for the board and the Southminster project. There is another information meeting for Southminster on April 10. Sarah attended the board meeting to describe the bike rally and no oppositions or reservations were raised about the event.

Green Dreamers

Brian passed on the information collected about the Green Dreamers agreement to the board. Some minor changes from the old agreement, between the Green Dreamers, OSCA, and the city, were put forward to align it with the people and plans involved for this year. Now waiting on response from OSCA.

5. TS Committee Priorities

            Bike Rally

Winnie, Sarah, and Maryn met with members of the other community groups to progress coordination of the event. The main task underway has been sorting out the insurance and booking the park and rodeo. Updates were given on this. Next steps for the event-planning group is to finalize the details with the city and Safer Roads Ottawa, connecting further with other groups, and getting event promotion in place. A second article will be written for OSCAR and an update on the event presented at the board meeting on April 18th.

            Colonel By Safe Crossing

Still waiting for the data on usage of the crossing that has being collected, including data about the number and speed of cars using the street and the time of gaps in traffic for the crossing. Sue has been continuing to bring up the need for this crossing and has been in communication with the NCC.

            Bank Street Bridge and Intersection Data

The data from the speed boards at the Bank Street Bridge has not yet been shared. Committee is still interested in reviewing this data and will be looking to get it from the city when it is made available.

6. Other Points

            Brewer Park Consultation

Kathy and Erik attended the consultation meeting. The meeting was well attended and was mostly an open call for ideas, concerns, and comments. This is the beginning of a long-term process.

            Community Environmental Project Grants Program

Following the previous meeting, Brian circulated further information and noted that this could be a goof fit for the bike rally or for Green Dreamer initiatives. The deadline for this grant has passed, but good to be aware of availability of funds for the future.

            Parking on Grosvenor

There was discussion about this issue carrying on from the committee’s community walkabout last year. Ian Grabina brought attention to a particular resident that has had difficulty with the parking availability in the area and committee members have followed up. Discussed the difficulty in finding resolution to the issue, but committee will continue to be in contact.

7. Other Business


The report created for the conclusion of LTMOC will be tabled along with the final LTMOC report at the upcoming meeting, rather than a distinct presentation on it. This marks the final end of LTMOC.

8. Next Meeting - Tuesday May 9, 2017 ay 6:30 pm Firehall

                            - OSCA AGM May 2, 2017

9. Meeting adjourned at 8pm

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