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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - November 9, 2017

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting
6:30pm Tuesday November 9, 2017
Old Firehall


Present:  Brian Ure, Sue Neill: Co- Chairs; Kathy Krywicki, Winnie Pietrykowski, Erik van der Torre

1. Introduction

Brian chaired the meeting and Sue took the minutes. 

  1. Sarah’s letter of resignation was noted and appreciation expressed for her contribution to the TS Committee.  Sarah has offered to help on a project basis for an activity such as the Bike Rally.  It was noted that new members for the Committee are welcome and we should make a more specific effort after Christmas.
  2. It was agreed that the TS Committee would meet during the day for the immediate future.  Brian to notify Christy in response to her email about room requirements.

2. Agenda and Minutes of the meeting of October 3, 2017.   Approved as circulated and posted on the OSCA Website

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

            3.1  Meeting with Ian Grabina – October 11, 2017

The notes from the meeting which Brian and Sue had with Ian were circulated to committee members.  For follow-up:

  • New flashing no left turn sign to be installed at Bank and Wilton Cres. Not there yet
  • Further data from speed boards on the Bank St bridge to be provided
  • Colonel By safe crossing survey to be provided to and discussed with Ian
  • Four way stops – Ian may have data that could be useful
  • Another meeting to be held in about six weeks

3.2  Article on Priorities prepared for NbtB – done

-    Sue to send the article to Brendan for the next OSCAR

3.3 Posting Be Safe Be Seen – done

3.4  Meeting with the OSCA President

-    Emilie was invited for tonight but couldn’t make it.  A new time and date in the near future will be found

4.  Committee Business

            4.1  Traffic and Safety

i)          Safe crossing of Colonel By – survey

A discussion was held on the latest version of the survey.  Erik to make the changes and circulate again this week.  When the committee has agreed with the latest version, it will be sent to Ian Grabina and a meeting set up to discuss.

ii)         Grey Cup Festival Traffic Preparations

A letter was sent to Ian Grabina outlining concerns relating to traffic and safety. Ian replied indicating steps that were to be taken by the police and bylaw officers.  This situation is to be monitored and an update requested at the next meeting with Ian.

iii)        All Way Stops

The matter of inconsistency of 4 way and 2 way stops in OOS was brought to the attention f the TS committee again by a resident.  Sue and Brian discussed this with Ian. Ian was not convinced that changing a 2 way to a 4 way stop intersection was safer.  He agreed to provide some data related to this.

It was noted that the City Transportation committee had just approved additional 4 way stop intersections at its last meeting contrary to recommendations of City staff.

TS Committee will try to obtain the data from Ian and then consider next steps. (Sue to follow up with Ian)

As an aside, it was noted that the City of Ottawa has recently released traffic accident reports for the past several years.  Sue will try to get the information for OOS for the last three years.

iv)        177 Hopewell Implications for Traffic

TS Committee agreed to monitor this situation in conjunction with other bunkhouse developments. (Kathy)

A proposed 16 story 100 unit apartment building has been proposed for the SE corner of Bank and Riverside.  This will have implications for traffic on Bank Street in OOS.

4.2       Greening of Old Ottawa South

  1. Update on the Green Dreamers

Winnie reported that the Green Dreamers were doing fall clean-up now and would soon end their season.

Combining the Green Dreamers gardening activity with Hopewell School clean-up activities will be pursued in the spring – Brian and Winnie.

Winnie suggested that the Hopewell garbage problem could be alleviated by the addition of garbage bins – 2 on Sunnyside and 2 on Hopewell. Erik to raise with the Parents’ Council.

  1. Update on the Sunnyside Rain Gardens

Brian reported that the rain gardens have been revamped and that a cement rumble patch has been added to each garden to keep cars out. So far, there is no information available about the effectiveness of the gardens in terms of rain water control.

An invitation had been received from the Councillor’s Office for a tour of storm sewer water management including the Sunnyside rain gardens.  No one from OOS was able to attend.

4.3       Communications

The new OSCA Communication Coordinator, Natasha Tardioli, has sent a letter of introduction to committee chairs, including T&S. The importance of timely and comprehensive communications to be discussed at our meeting with the OSCA President.

4.4       Liaison

  1. City Transportation Committee Meeting – Nov. 1, 2017

Kathy had circulated the report from the meeting. Of interest was the discussion of all way stops and a local parking assessment study in 2017 to be undertaken in 2017 approved for OOS.  To be followed up with Ian.

  1. Southminster Development

The Southminster development will be discussed by the Planning Committee of the City on November 28, 2017.

  1. Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

Follow-up activity to begin in the new year. (Winnie)

  1. Hopewell Parents’ Council

Proposed changes to the parking on Hopewell will be implemented.

The end-of-November clean-up will take place soon at the school. See Green Dreamers note above about combining clean-up and Green Dreamers activities.

Hopewell is also looking for volunteers to work on the gardens on the Bank Street side.  Green Dreamers may be able to help out. (Winnie and Brian).

5.   Other Business

5.1       TS Committee Terms of Reference

Christy had requested that any committee wishing to update its terms of reference could send comments to her and she would bring forward to the OSCA Executive Committee.

Sue suggested that an action-oriented sentence be added to the Responsibilities section.  She proposed adding to the responsibilities “facilitating the resolution of traffic and safety issues in the community”.

Brian to forward this addition to Christy.

It was noted that a committee work plan was mentioned in the ToR for the Committee but it was felt that the Committee priorities could fill that requirement.   

Terms of Reference of the TS Committee to be discussed with the OSCA President along with the T. of R. for the Board and Executive Committees.

5.2       Update from the OSCA Board Meeting 

  • Ian presented the Councillor’s report which included at least 20 minutes on traffic matters
  • Glebe is doing a CDP for Bank Street and has invited OOS to take part – a good opportunity for OOS; Board to consider
  • Preliminary plan for Brewer Park soon to be available
  • Brian is not able to attend the next Board Meeting; Erik to prepare the TS report for the meeting; Sue to decide if she will attend; Erik will attend
  • TS Committee reiterated the need to have the Board meeting minutes posted as soon as possible so everyone knows what is going on

6.         Next Meeting

            Tuesday December 5, from 9 30 – 11 am

            (note – this time and place needed to be changed- still tbd)

7.         Adjournment – 8 30 pm











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