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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - December 5, 2017

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Present:  Brian Ure, Sue Neill: Co- Chairs

                Kathy Krywicki, Winnie Pietrykowski, Erik van der Torre

  1. Introduction

Sue Chaired the meeting. 

It was agreed that the TS Committee would meet the first Tuesday of the month at noon for the immediate future.  Sue to notify Natasha.

2. Agenda and Minutes of the meeting of November 7, 2017.   

Approved as circulated and posted on the OSCA Website.

Winnie introduced a clarification to the Minutes of October 3, 2017. Under 5.4 Greening Update, the second sentence in the first paragraph should read, "Next year the GDs would like to broaden their agenda to include the enhancement of the various gateways into Old Ottawa South welcoming residents & visitors alike, and signaling to traffic that what you see is well worth slowing down for."  The rest of the paragraph is accurate and should remain as is.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

            3.1   Meeting with the OSCA President

The TS Committee (apologies from Erik) met with Emilie Taman on November 27, 2017. The discussion was wide-ranging and included topics such as volunteer engagement, role of OSCA, strategic planning, CDP, community-wide projects and so on.  General feeling was that the meeting was worthwhile and a good opportunity to exchange views on a number of topics.        

3.2  Article on Priorities of the TS Committee

 The article has appeared in the December 2017 edition of the OSCAR.

3.3  TS Terms of Reference

Brian to submit the addition agreed at the last meeting to Christy for consideration by the Executive.

3.4  Garbage Bins Outside Hopewell School

Erik raised this with relevant individuals at the school and it is unlikely that additional bins will be placed outside the school by the school.  A topic for discussion with Ian at the next meeting with him.

GDs to discuss their involvement in the Hopewell School gardens with school authorities.

3.5   Traffic Accident Reports for OOS

Sue to write to the City Traffic Department for Accident Reports for OOS.

3.6   All Way Stop Data

Ian has data which would be interesting when examining the need for consistent four way stops at intersections in the south west of OOS.  To date, he has not provided this to the committee. Sue to write and Brian and Sue to discuss with Ian at their next meeting.

3.7  Parking Study of OOS in 2017

Sue to write to Ian to obtain a copy of the study.

3.8  Flashing Lights at Wilton Place

We understood that there was to be a flashing light over the no left turn sign on Bank at Wilton Place, but this may be incorrect since there is a recently installed flashing red light over the stop sign on Wilton Place.  Sue and Brian to clarify with Ian at their next meeting.

4.         Update from the November OSCA Meeting

Erik reported on the Board meeting since Brian was away at the time of the meeting.

  • The meeting was efficiently run
  • Emilie has sent a follow-up letter to the City Planning Committee commenting on the planning report and recommendations re the Southminster development and the need for a CDP in Old Ottawa South.
  • Steve Mennill,  as Chair of the OSCA Planning and Development Committee, wrote a letter to the City Planning Committee concerning 177 Hopewell Avenue commenting on the City’s ineffective approval process.  He also has written an article for the December edition of the OSCAR.
  • Emilie met with Yasir Naqvi and David Chernushenko to discuss the possibility of a CDP in conjunction with the Glebe. Funds are available from OSCA to begin the process. There seemed to be some receptivity and with funds available, this CDP could move up to the top of the list.
  • In anticipation of the Grey Cup festival at Lansdowne, Emilie wrote to the Ottawa Police Chief asking for information about the police plans to manage the situation.  She also mentioned several incidents of gun violence in the neighbourhood. A reply was received from the Police Department outlining plans.
  • OSCA Planning committee has increased its numbers and has appointed a liaison with the Southminster development project.

5.  Committee Business

            5.1  Traffic and Safety

i)          Safe crossing of Colonel By – survey

Erik, Kathy and Sue met with Ian Grabina  to brief him on the plans for the survey.  Ian was positive about the survey and made a few comments which Erik has incorporated into the latest version of the survey.

The OSCA survey software capability is limited and cannot handle some of the components of the survey as it is now structured.  Erik, following agreement with the OSCA Executive, will use his own professional licence to program the survey.

Kathy will be added as a second person to the licence for this project to have access to the survey and the results.

ii)         Next Steps in the Colonel By Project

Survey to be ready for December 15.  Erik and Kathy to discuss means of promoting the survey with Natasha, the OSCA Communications person.  Sue to write a short article for OSCAR announcing the survey and asking people to complete it.

Survey rolled out January 1, 2018; February 15 deadline for completion;  March 15 survey analysis completed; mid-March, meeting with the City and NCC to discuss the results.

Meanwhile Sue has written to Ian to see if temporary crossings of Colonel By could be installed for Winterlude. Ian is following up.

iii)        Feedback from Grey Cup Activities

Generally it was quiet in Old Ottawa South with traffic well managed. Road closures assisted with this.  Few bikes were left at the Sunnyside Library bike parking lot but this could have been because of snowy weather.

iv)        NHL Classic – December 16, 2017 at Lansdowne

It was noted that the NHL Classic will likely have a sold out crowd of 56,000 – the same as the Grey Cup.  A similar transportation and traffic plan to the Grey Cup will be in place for the NHL Classic.

5.2       Greening of Old Ottawa South

  1. Update on the Green Dreamers

Nothing new to report. Will work with Hopewell School in the Spring.

  1. Update on the Sunnyside Rain Gardens

Brian reported that the rain gardens have been revamped and that a cement rumble patch has been added to each garden to keep cars out.  No news from the City on this project.

5.3       Communications

It was noted that the local Metro newspaper has been discontinued along with other local papers across Canada

5.4       Liaison

  1. Southminster Development

The City Planning Committee, at its meeting of November 28, 2017, referred the proposed development back to the City staff and the developer to investigate ways that the height of the development could be lowered. Councillor Cherushenko was appointed to facilitate/monitor the discussions.

Final decision to be made by the City Council on December 13, 2017.

  1. Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

Follow-up activity to begin in the new year.

  1. Hopewell Parents’ Council

Proposed changes to the parking on Hopewell will be implemented.

The NE corner of Bank and Sunnyside will be tested to see if a crossing guard is warranted for crossing of the east side of Bank between the NE and SE corners at Sunnyside.

It is unclear if the automatic pedestrian crossing signal east/west at Bank and Aylmer at bell time is in force. Kathy to check.

  1. Next Meeting with Ian Grabina

Sue will try to schedule with Ian for sometime in January.

  1. Residents’ Concerns

A new section will be added to the ongoing agenda entitled “Residents’ Concerns”.

6.   Other Business

            6.1       Naming of the Canal Crossing

A committee to select the final name of the new “Clegg Street” bridge will be set up by the Councillor. The TS Committee, through Brian and Erik, will nominate Kathy for this committee as the OSCA representative at the next Board meeting. Kathy will be able to self-nominate if the Board selects someone else.

7.         Next Meeting

            Tuesday January 9 2018 at noon at the Firehall.

            Adjournment 1: 25 pm

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