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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - February 6, 2018

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  1. Introduction

Sue chaired

2.Minutes of the TS Meeting of January 9, 2018


3. Business Arising from the Minutes

  1. Set up meeting with Ian Grabina – done, took place on January 30, 2018
  2. Ecology Ottawa Survey – input compiled from TS Committee members and submitted by Erik – no response to date
  3. Update from the OSCA Board Meeting
  • A nominations Committee has been struck to seek nominations for Board positions for the AGM elections
  • Erik indicated he will not stand for the Board again; Brian has indicated that he will stand. Several other Board members have indicated that they will not be standing again.
  • Emilie Taman is leaving the Board and the position of President. Unclear if she will attend further Board meetings at this point

5.TS Committee Business

  1. Report from the Meeting with Ian Grabina January 30, 2018 (See email of January 30). These items are to be included in the TS Committee workplan and priorities
  1. Colonel By Crossing – article has been prepared for NBtB and OSCAR, to be revised based on discussion (Sue)
  2. Fifth/Clegg Bridge Naming Committee – follow up with Christy to ensure that Brian and Kathy are nominated (Sue)
  3. Flashing Light at Wilton Cres
  4. OOS Parking Study – to monitor progress
  5. Speed Board Analysis – Erik to monitor if needed
  6. Collision Data (Brian to follow up with Ian re Bristol and Sunnyside)
  7. Night Lighting on Bank Street Bridge – follow-up with Ian
  8. OOS Garden Gateway at Jiffy Lube – Brian to ensure that owner agrees with gardening work to be done


  1. TS Committee Priorities for 2018 (Discussion of Document circulated January 11, 2018 and attached.

The document of January 11 was discussed in detail. Sue will revise it based on discussions and circulate for further input.  This information could form the basis of the TS Committee report to the AGM

  1. Communications

– article on Colonel By Crossing to be submitted for March OSCAR and for immediate posting on the OSCA website,

  •  Winnie is preparing a series of three articles relating to the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club


  1. Southminster Development – nothing new

ii)Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club

Winnie met with staff at the Club to discuss upcoming articles and a follow up meeting in early 2018 re parking and traffic issues in the vicinity of the club

  1. Hopewell Parents Council – no news to report since Erik had left the TS meeting
  2. Citizens for Safe Cycling – to be added to the ongoing liaison list
  3. Residents’ Concerns – no new issues at this point

f)Traffic Lights Along Bank

Erik had circulated information on traffic lights in OOS that he had received from Ian Grabina and also a page on 5 intersections along Bank which he had prepared. He will also request data for Sunnyside and Riverdale, and Riverdale and Belmont. Lights on Bronson at Sunnyside, the Brewer Way intersection and at Bronson and Bronson Place were discussed but no conclusions reached about whether to include them in this study.

Discussion of whether Glebe was able to do away with the push buttons for crossing on Bank.  May be so but there is a need to confirm – Erik to check with Ian.

It was felt that the question of traffic light behaviour in OOS should be an important priority for 2018. We need to be clear on what we collectively think would be the ideal situation so we can work towards that. Erik to prepare a chart of what currently exists and what we should be working toward – for discussion at the next TS meeting.

  1. Other Business
  2. Red Light Cameras – to be discussed at the next meeting
  3. FCA Meeting

Brian had attended a workshop of the led by the FCA on issues around planning and zoning.  Emilie had also attended on behalf of OSCA. Outcome of the workshop is not available yet

  1. Bike Rally in 2018?

Winnie will contact the other involved communities to see if any are interested in hosting the Bike Rally

  1. Request from Christy re TS budget items for 2018

Brian will clarify with Christy what is already included in the budget as an ongoing item but will indicate that the TS Committee would like to have –

                  $500.00 for plants, compost etc for the Green Dreamers

                  $200.00 for refreshments for GD volunteers (eg for water on hot days,     coffee when working outside the firehall etc)

                  $200.00 in case of Bike Rally or similar activity

  1. Next Meeting – March 6 2018 at 12:30 pm at the Firehall (to be discussed) Note – later confirmed as Tuesday March 13 at 12:30 pm at the Firehall
  2. Adjournment – 2:30 pm

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