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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2018

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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting

Thursday March 8, 9:30 am

Stella Luna


  1. Introduction

Regrets from Brian.

  1. Minutes of the TS Meeting of February 6, 2018


Feedback was incorporated and minutes posted on the OSCA website.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes
  2. Submission of Budget Items to Christy 

Brian to provide update on his submission at the next meeting.

  1. Request for collision data at Bristol and Sunnyside 

Brian was to contact Ian and request collision data for this intersection. Update to be provided at the next meeting.

  1. Fifth/Clegg Bridge Naming Committee 

Kathy and Brian have both been named by OSCA. They have received a letter outlining criteria for the name selection and an outline of the process.

  1. Night Lighting on the Bank Street Bridge

No news as to when the change in lighting will take place. TS will continue to monitor.

  1. Gardening at Jiffy Lube

Brian to get permission from Jiffy Lube for the City and the Green Dreamers to garden at the Jiffy Lube. Update to be provided at the next meeting.

  1. Invitation to Caroline Clarke to attend TS Meeting

Brian to update at the next TS meeting.



  1. Update from the OSCA Board Meeting of February 20, 2018

Following the last TS Meeting on Feb 6, 2018, it was agreed that the TS Committee would draft a letter to the OSCA Board outlining some concerns about the way of working of the Board and its role in the community. This was done and was sent to the Board and to Emilie Taman.  Brian made a presentation of the letter to the Board Meeting on February 20, 2018.

The TS Committee met informally on February 26 to discuss feedback from the Board meeting. Generally speaking, the letter was well received.

Next steps were further discussed.  Erik reported that it is possible that a small working group on OSCA governance would be established. Sue and Winnie indicated an interest in participating on this working group. 

Winnie will contact Michael Jenkin, who is responsible for the design and leadership of the AGM, to discuss preparing an article for the OSCAR which would incorporate the contents of the TS letter – to be used as a basis for a discussion of issues at the AGM. Winnie will offer to help with the design of the AGM

  1. TS Committee Business
  2. Colonel By Safe Crossing 

Kathy and Sue attended the Councillor’s Open House on the Seneca Project on February 22, 2018 at Southminster.  There was one presentation panel on the safe crossing proposal for Seneca.  The funding for the safe crossing is still being discussed between the City and the NCC.  

Sue followed up with a letter, on behalf of the TS Committee, to the NCC requesting that a decision be made on the funding so as not to lose momentum for the project.

A follow up article will be written for the April OSCAR to re-introduce the idea of a pedestrian cross-over on Colonel By Drive, noting that the location was selected by the City and the NCC thereby pre-empting a community-wide survey and that funding is still an issue.

  1. Intersection Crossing Data 

Once all of the data has been collected, Erik will prepare a spread sheet with numerous variables.  The most critical variables will be identified for further analysis.

Further data on the intersections of Bronson and Riverdale have been provided by Ian.

  1. Collision Data 

No further analysis has been done at this point.

  1. Red Light/Speeding Cameras 

There are red light cameras at Bank and Riverside. The Committee discussed the need for cameras on Bank at Sunnyside and/or Aylmer.  For further discussion with Ian.

  1. TS Committee Priorities 2017/18 – revised document circulated Feb 25/18

The section on the Greening of Bank Street needs content. Winnie will review past emails and from there list achievements.  Sue will draft the 2018 section and pass to Winnie to review/revise.

It was agreed that we should set as a priority finding an advocate for cycling who would sit on the TS Committee.

  1. Communications
  2. OSCAR Article OLBTC – Done
  3. OSCAR Article – Colonel By Crossing – Done; a follow-up article to be prepared for the OSCAR (Sue)
  4. Winnie to discuss AGM article with Michael Jenkin
  5. Liaison
  6. Southminster Development – nothing further
  7. Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club 

Winnie has met with Maria and prepared an article on the OTLBC for the OSCAR.

  1. Hopewell Parents Council

Several issues concerning snow removal at bell time were discussed.  Snow removal operations should not take place at bell time.  Erik has been in discussions with the Councillor’s office and the Hopewell Principal. Similar issues concern waste pickup operations at Starbucks.

No further action on agreed parking and stopping changes around the school. Erik to follow-up.

  1. Vision Zero – added to our list. TS to examine ways to incorporate their philosophy and work to protect vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists) through failsafe infrastructure
  2. Bike Ottawa/Citizens for Safe Cycling – need to recruit a committee member for liaison with this group
  3. Resident’s Concerns 


  1. Brian Tansey has written a letter to Sue in response to the OSCAR article on the safe crossing. Sue will meet with Brian to discuss.
  2. Sylvia Manning has written to Winnie and Sue to follow up on a meeting last fall to discuss parking and traffic issues in SW OOS . Winnie and Sue will meet with Sheila.
  3. Other Business 


  1. Bike Rally – Winnie to contact other adjacent communities to see if there is interest in hosting a bike rally in 2018.  If there is no interest, the project will be dropped for 2018.


  1. Green Dreamers – Winnie to discuss plans for 2018 with Brian and other Green Dreamers and report to the next meeting.


  1. Volunteer Engagement – Winnie has expressed interest n the OSCA Volunteer Engagement Project and will meet with Michaela to obtain further information.
  2. NCC Pathway Pathways Consultation – Kathy attended. Discussions related to signage, safety, design, linkages, amenities etc. Based on comments received, the NCC will produce a draft report for public comment as early as this summer.  A summary of the meeting was received from Joseph Frederico.
  3. Next Meeting –Tuesday April 3 at 12:30 pm at the Firehall
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