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Traffic and Safety Committee Meeting Tuesday April 3, 2018 – 12:30

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  1. Introduction

Sue chaired.

2.Minutes of the TS Meeting of March 8, 2018

Item 8b. should read Sylvia Manning

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a)Submission of Budget Items to Christy 

Brian to check past minutes and follow up with Christy.

b)Request for collision data at Bristol and Sunnyside 

Related to the unresolved issue of 4 way stops, agreed to drop at least for now.

c)Invitation to Caroline Clark

Caroline had expressed an interest but may only be available in the evening. Erik to discuss with her.

d)Bike Rally

Winnie had sent an email to all participants in last year’s rally. She received an email indicating interest from Sarah Fraser.  Winnie will reply to Sarah asking if she is interested in organizing a fall rally. Winnie will continue to be the TS Committee liaison for the Bike Rally. 

  1. Update from the OSCA Board Meeting 

a)Any further discussion?

Brian had provided a debrief to members individually about the AGM discussion. Erik added that there had been a presentation from a group opposing the proposed jail expansion on Innes Road. Also the Councillor’s Office reported that the speed monitoring sign on the north side of the Bank Street bridge is being repaired and that work will begin in the spring on the Riverside Drive underpass under the south end of the Billings Bridge.  Re the “Clegg St bridge”,  there is a limited budget for artwork for the bridge so the committee has opted for a bench instead.

b)Update on the OSCA AGM 

Winnie indicated that she will run for a position on the OSCA Board with a particular interest in volunteer engagement. Erik will likely not run again. 

Lise will provide the President’s report and Michael will chair the AGM. Members will be asked to provide views on an number of issues for consideration by the new Board.

c)TS Report Preparation

Brian will contact Christy for the format for Committee reports for the AGM. Once the format is decided, the committee will provide input.

There was a discussion about the OSCA priorities as circulated to the Board in the draft AGM materials.  The circulated priorities of the TS Committee were only suggestions from a strategic planning session and were not the agreed upon priorities of the TS Committee. Brian to raise at the Board meeting.

d)Proposed Board Calendar

The concept of a yearly calendar of important tasks and dates has been proposed for the Board.  Erik to circulate proposed format to the Committee for comments.

5.TS Committee Business

a)Colonel By Crossing 

Nothing new to report. Sue will write to Ian about start time and budget for the Seneca project and will prepare an article for the May OSCAR.

b)Intersection Data 

This item will be better called “Timing of Signals” for the future.  Erik is working with Ian to gather as much relevant data as possible, then a plan will be laid out for committee discussion.

c)Collision Data 

Data has been collected and will be retained.  No further work on this for now

d)Lighting on the Bank Street Bridge

A 15 post trial will be undertaken on the bridge – trying out different lights taking into consideration brightness, heritage aspects etc

  1. Red Light Cameras– Sue to contact Ian about this.

f)TS Committee Priorities 2017/18  

This document will be used as the basis for the AGM report. Winnie/Sue to discuss the content of the Green Dreamers section.

g)Green Dreamers

Winnie and Brian are preparing to call a meeting sometime soon with the Green Dreamers to discuss plans forthe spring.


a)OSCAR Article OTLBC 

Prepared by Winnie and printed in the March OSCAR

b)OSCAR Article – Colonel By Crossing 

To be prepared by Sue for the May OSCAR

c)Traffic rules and penalties article 

A draft has been prepared by Sylvia Manning.  Kathy and Winnie to work on the format and submit for the May OSCAR


a)Southminster Development 

Someone has submitted an appeal to the OMB and the process is underway.  All of the paperwork has been submitted.

b)Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club 

Winnie and Sue will meet with the General Manager of the OTLBC and the ED of the Sports Club on April 6, 2018 to follow up on the meeting of September 1, 2017 and prepare next steps.

Erik attended a meeting called by the President of the OTLBC to discuss the possible futures for the club.  2023 is the 100thanniversary of the club house and major renovations are needed requiring significant funds. Decisions will be needed on whether and how to proceed with renovations.

c)Hopewell Parents Council 

Erik was not able to attend the last meeting – same evening as the OSCA Board meeting.

d)Seniors’ Initiative

TS Committee is supportive of the initiative of Anna Cuylits which would provide a Champion for issues relating to Seniors in OOS.  Winnie to discuss with Anna how she might relate to the TS Committee and the OSCA Board.

8.Resident’s Concerns

a)Meeting with Sylvia Manning

Winnie and Sue met with Sylvia on March 26, 2018 to discuss next steps re the traffic issues in the SW area of OOS particularly related to the start of the beach volleyball season.  Sylvia agreed to draft a reminder of parking and traffic issues that could be published in the OSCAR. See 6 d) above.  It was agreed that a meeting would be held to discuss the volleyball situation and next steps with the OTLBC and the Sports Club – to be held April 6 .

b)Follow up Meeting with Brian Tansey 

Sue and Kathy met with Brian following a traffic article in the March OSCAR.  He expressed concern about the lack of consultation concerning the selection of Seneca as the safe crossing site.

9.Other Business

An open discussion occurred on possible scenarios re the Board positions and the TS Committee – for further consideration.

10.Next Meeting–Tuesday May 8, 2018 at 12:30 pm at the Firehall

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