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  • We need your support

    We need your support

    At a time when community matters more than ever, we're at risk of closing our doors. Due to COVID-19, our beloved Firehall has been largely closed since March. Now, without more funding, we face shutting down for good. Please, donate to the Campaign to Save Our Firehall, and help us continue providing programming, serving our community, and bringing friends and neighbours together for many years to come.



We are now “ringing the bell” and calling on all residents to help Save Our Firehall! We need your help to keep our community centre open. Restrictions due to COVID-19 have had a huge impact on our Firehall’s ability to sustain itself. To thrive, the Firehall relies on revenues from the programs it delivers. The City owns the Firehall and maintains it but doesn’t cover operational costs. If we are to make up the shortfall in operational costs, we need to fundraise. How can you help? You can help by pledging your financial support on a monthly basis. No amount is too small or too big. Every donation counts. Monthly pledges add up over time and with many families pledging their support we can make sure that our community centre remains open in 2021.



  • Tree-Urban Canopy Subgroup Takes Root

    Tree-Urban Canopy Subgroup Takes Root On November 25, 2020, a new subgroup of the Enviro Crew of OOS – the Tree/Urban Canopy Subgroup – was formed when 16 motivated and talented residents of Old Ottawa South and beyond met virtually for the first time. Discussion covered the subgroup’s concept and vision, functions and roles, terms of reference and next steps, but the most inspiring part of the meeting was hearing about everyone’s interests and experiences. The diversity of skills, knowledge, and interest represented was very impressive and included: founding and operating charities, journalism and writing, studying impacts of trees on human health, environmental policy and planning, biology, landscape architecture, advocacy, community reforestation, and conducting tree censuses. Our collective passion for trees and forests and the many benefits they provide to individuals and society was very motivating, and there are high hopes for what this group of dedicated tree huggers can achieve together!
    Saturday, 16 January 2021 18:47
  • Ottawa's New Draft Official Plan

    Ottawa's New Draft Official Plan The City of Ottawa has released its new draft official plan and is seeking public input. The Official Plan provides a vision for the future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide the city's physical development. You can check out the full plan, or see one-pagers with corresponding feedback forms describing how the draft plan addresses key topics, on engage.ottawa.ca. City planners are seeking the public’s feedback via surveys posted alongside the one-pagers. These surveys are open until February 17, 2021.
    Friday, 01 January 2021 11:30
  • The City is Updating its Winter Maintenance Quality Standards

    The City’s Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS) are approved by Council and they define the “desirable level of maintenance and the executed outcome of each winter service by defining the timing and extent of each winter maintenance activity in the context of achieving the overall objective of safe and passable roads and sidewalks by reducing hazards caused by snow and ice accumulation.” Essentially, they provide guidance on when, and how, the City will address winter weather conditions (snow, ice, freezing rain) on roads, sidewalks, bicycle lanes and multi-use pathways to ensure that they are safe for drivers and pedestrians.
    Thursday, 14 January 2021 17:39
  • OSCA UPDATE on Windsor Park Fieldhouse Design Proposal and Online Survey of Community Views on the Proposal

    In the January 2021 edition of The OSCAR, the OSCA Fieldhouse Working Group reported on progress with the proposed design and location of the Windsor Park Fieldhouse. Since the publication of the article Councillor Shawn Menard and OSCA met with local residents at Windsor Park. This meeting was ad hoc and in response to concerns expressed by residents about the proposed location and design of the Fieldhouse. Several of the issues raised are as follows:
    Sunday, 10 January 2021 12:31
  • Winter 2021 Program Updates

    We have updated our program line-up!   At OSCA, we’ve all been hard at work planning for a January programming lineup that focused on trying new things. As you know, this is our first Winter program schedule that’s been fully remote. We were already well into our Winter programs last year when things dramatically changed in March. We truly hope that you’ve had a chance to review our Winter Program Guide and skim through the things we have lined up. Registration is on-going and it is never too late to join!
    Tuesday, 12 January 2021 17:05
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Featured Events

Jan 22

OSCA Virtual PJ Party!


We're hosting a virtual PJ Party and it's going to be a blast! Secure your spot today + download our PJ Party Mad Lib so you can create your own funny story to share at our party!

There's going to be games, crafts, stories, and of COURSE, snacks! Our party packs include enough for a family of four, and we can add additional supplies as a reduced cost if you have a more family members.

Register here + download your mad lib template here. 

(Wacky hair and funky PJ's are encouraged!)


Community Events

Jan 20

How seniors are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic

Adele Furrie Consulting Inc. has collected information on the impact COVID-19 has had on the lives of Ottawa seniors. The AFCI team will share their findings,  followed by a short talk by a rep from the Council on Aging of Ottawa's Social Inclusion Committee about available resources and supports. Then, your questions, your suggestions, your coping strategies. Register to get the Zoom link.

Jan 20

Doors Open for Music at Southminster (DOMS)

This is a live-streaming event; to enjoy DOMS concerts remotely, visit Music at Southminster on Facebook. Jan 20: Household Music. What happens when a violist and a cellist face pandemic isolation? Introducing The New Cohort: Keith Hamm and Julie Hereish.

Jan 20

Sustaining Biodiversity in Old Ottawa East

What can individuals do to make a difference and help preserve our endangered species and their habitats? Join with neighbours for an exploration of the steps each of us can take to help preserve the natural ecosystems of our community. Register in advance for this free online webinar.

Jan 25

Welcome to Kindergarten: Virtual Parent Information Night

A virtual parent information session, where you will learn about the Kindergarten program, meet the school principal and staff, and hear some useful tips to ease your concerns and help your child prepare for their learning adventure. Livestreamed on Youtube.

Jan 27

Doors Open for Music at Southminster (DOMS)

This is a live-streaming event; to enjoy DOMS concerts remotely, visit Music at Southminster on Facebook.  Jan 27: The Cuban Pianos. Miguel de Armas and Miguel de Armas Jr., pianos. A unique father and son duo of duelling pianos featuring classic Latin tunes that will make you want to travel to the precious island of Cuba.


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