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  • What will our Candidates do to support Aging in Place?

    What will our Candidates do to support Aging in Place? On September 13th, Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) reached out to the three candidates running in Capital Ward. We provided background information, the link to the SWOOS Webpage and sent four (4) reminders informing the candidates that we would like responses in time for publication on National Seniors Day. So far we have received a response from Shawn Menard. Please find below the question and response.
    Tuesday, 04 October 2022 10:06
  • Lifelong Learning Late Fall 2022 Offerings

    Lifelong Learning Late Fall 2022 Offerings Carleton is offering three online lecture series, three in-person series on main campus, as well as one in-person art gallery series as part of the Late Fall 2022 Lifelong Learning Program. Registration begins Wednesday, October 12th at 10am. See the titles listed below for descriptions and schedules about each course.
    Friday, 30 September 2022 12:14
  • Boomerang Kids Update

    Sept 29-Oct 2 will be a chance for people to pick up some of their consigned goods and also use up their balances. Details as follows in this note from Boomerang Kids:
    Tuesday, 27 September 2022 22:58
  • Watch for the 2022 Origin-Destination Survey

    Watch for the 2022 Origin-Destination Survey The City has launched the 2022 Origin Destination Survey as part of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) udpdate. This important travel survey is being carried out jointly by the major transportation planning agencies within the national capital region. The goal of the survey is to understand how, where, and why residents travel. The survey asks questions about residents’ households, as well as the trips made by household members. The survey results will help the City make informed decisions on road, transit, pedestrian, and cycling improvements and is a key input for the next phase of the TMP Update, developing the Capital Infrastructure Plan. Households are being chosen at random to take part and residents may receive a letter or phone call inviting them to participate.
    Friday, 23 September 2022 12:06
  • Epic Tree Giveaway

    Epic Tree Giveaway Ecology Ottawa is hosting the biggest tree giveaway of the year on Sunday, September 25th with over 2,000 trees at this epic day-long event! Come out to the Experimental Farm for 10+ species of local, native, and some fruit and nut bearing trees, species list below.
    Monday, 19 September 2022 08:08
    Tags: environment
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Oct 05

A Thanksgiving Offering

Doors Open for Music Southminster presents: Maria Gajraj, newly appointed organist of Ottawa’s Christ Church Cathedral, plays music themed on gratitude by J.S. Bach, Mendelssohn, Dame Ethel Smyth, Bert Matter and Messiaen. 

Oct 11

Bottle Drive

My name is Sammy Lanca. I’m a competitive swimmer trying to fund training camps and out of city competitions. If you're between Bank Street and Main Street, in OOS, please place your empties and cans on your porch before 7pm. I will be going around the neighborhood collecting them up until 10 pm. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Oct 12

Songs of Storms

Doors Open for Music Southminster presents: Transcendental music by Schubert (Sonatina in A minor, Op. 137-2) and Brahms (Sonata No. 3, Op. 108) for violin and piano. Anna Baksheeva, violin; Natalia Bibik, piano.


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