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About the Old Ottawa South Community Fund

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Joining the City of Ottawa in 1907, Old Ottawa South has actively promoted community from its inception. The Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) has a rich legacy of accomplishments driven by motivated citizens.

The Firehall is a great example of this legacy. Graham Fire Station #10 was in service in the 1920s and became obsolete 40-50 years later. OSCA volunteers who were looking for a home base for the association, saw this vacancy as an opportunity. After negotiating with the City of Ottawa and making some very basic renovations, the association was able to convert the Firehall into a community centre in 1978.

Twenty years later, in response to a growing population, the Firehall was in need of more renovations. Again, OSCA volunteers took it upon themselves to raise the resources needed to update the community centre. The Old Ottawa South Firehall Development Fund was created to help these fundraising efforts and in 2011 renovations, plus a brand-new addition were completed.

In today’s world, the leadership role of community associations has never been more important. It serves both as a catalyst to boost community engagement and the sense of shared responsibility towards each other’s current and future welfare. OSCA is proud to represent and defend the rights of Old Ottawa South citizens by supporting a variety of advocacy initiatives and delivering program services and special events to its population.

It’s with this mindset that OSCA is reviving the Old Ottawa South Community Fund. The purpose of the community fund is to provide a financial vehicle for raising money to improve necessary changes and upgrades to infrastructure and the delivery of programs and activities that benefit the OOS neighborhood. The Ottawa South Community Fund is a registered charity #896669520 RR 0001.

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