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Registration System FAQ

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Why change now?

After 5 years of service, we have outgrown our current registration system. As OSCA has continued to grow, our registration system needs have changed. Over the past few months, we have been looking at different registration systems in Canada and what we found is that, like most things, registration system software has come a long way. After a thorough review of several available options, we feel confident that Amilia will provide us with a comprehensive and intuitive system for both clients and staff.

Will programs cost more as a result?

No, the switch in registration systems will not result in higher program fees.

Will my information be transferred automatically from the old system to the new system?

No, unfortunately our current system does not allow us to easily and reliably download any of our client data and transfer it to the new system. This means that we will require all clients to create a new account on Amilia and start using that account for program registrations.

This will allow us to start with a clean slate, ensuring we have the most up-to-date information for our clients and the new system will make it a lot easier for us to make sure we keep information up-to-date going forward. We will also be able to get rid of the many duplicate entries we currently have, which sometimes leads to issues during registration.

What if I need help in the beginning?

One of the reasons we are announcing the switch now is so that we have adequate time to prepare for the change. Over the next few months, staff will receive extensive training on the new system and once staff are familiar with the new system, we will begin sending invitations to our clients to create their new Amilia account(s) (likely in June). By that time, we will have step-by-step “how-to” materials available on the website and social media to assist you in creating your OSCA account on Amilia. In addition, if you are uncomfortable creating an account by yourself, we will be offering account set-up sessions right at the Firehall sometime in July, where staff will be available to help create your account.

I have an Amilia account already, how will that work?

If you already have an Amilia account to register for programs or classes with another organization, you can simply use your existing account for OSCA as well. You get to decide what information you share with us from your existing profile and Amilia does not share any information with us without your express permission. If we require specific information for certain classes or programs we would ask for that information at the time of registration.

Will there be any other changes related to the registration system?

This is a significant and time consuming process for all, as such we are committed to keeping changes to a minimum. The only other thing that will be changing when we switch registration systems is our newsletter. Currently, we use MailChimp to send out semi-regular emails to our clients. Unfortunately, the way our current registration system works, we are unable to segment our clients in any meaningful way. This means that we are only able to send out community wide emails at the moment, which means that if you subscribe to our newsletter, you get ALL of our newsletters. So even though you may not be interested in child focussed programming, you will regularly receive emails that include lots of information about child programs.

Because the old registration system won’t allow us to transfer any existing information to the new system, we will also have to start our newsletter from scratch. The good news about this is that when you create your account, you can decide what, if any, kind of information you would like to receive from us. So if you are not interested in, say, our Yoga classes, you can choose not to receive any emails about our Yoga classes. Conversely, if you would love to hear more about our Yoga classes, you can opt in to receive some of our Yoga-specific messages!

Please note: this change will NOT affect News Between the Bridges.

Last modified on Thursday, 02 July 2020 15:23

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