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AGM 2012: Program Committee Report

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Report of OSCA Program Committee

AGM – May 1, 2012 – Anna Sundin, Chair

The OSCA Program Committee in partnership with the City of Ottawa runs the programming at the Firehall and has done so for 34 years.

2011 was quite our first full year since moving back into the renovated Firehall. The community has “voted with its feet” and our programs have grown by leaps and bounds as a result.

Highlights for this past year include:

  • The fitness room has been fully furnished and opened in October 2011. The use has grown since its opening but there is still room for more members who want to take advantage of a local gym facility at a very reasonable cost. No long term commitment is required.
  • The number of people taking OSCA programs has risen considerably since we moved back.
  • We are offering new programs including children’s programs, adult health and fitness programs and programs in the new fitness room.
  • It is now very popular to have your child’s birthday party at the Firehall – you can chose from Sports, Dance or Pottery parties. Or just rent the space and do your own thing.
  • The numbers for Friday Night Youth Dropins and Youth Dances have grown considerably.
  • The after 4 program is bursting at the seams. We increased the number of spaces in September as a result of a computer glitch at registration time and had to scale back on other children’s afternoon programs as a result. We are considering our space limitations and how to best allocate our space limitations for September 2012.

Volunteer roles

The OSCA Program Committee is a fun and creative group of community members who have committed to help funnel community feedback and to suggest new program initiatives to Staff.

With the expansion of the Firehall, we can really use more members, either at large or helping out with one particular area- for example we really need someone with a marketing background. The committee is always looking for your input. It can be sent either to osca@oldottawasouth.ca or by phone to the staff or just ask at the office for contact info for a committee member if you want to chat.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege serving the community. I am moving on to other ventures and a new program chair will guide the future direction of the Firehall programs. It has been a pleasure serving on the Board in this position for the last several years.

Feel free to contact us at 613-247-4946 or email OSCA@oldottawasouth.ca.

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