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AGM 2012: Nominating Committee Report

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2012-13 OSCA Board Nominating Committee Report

At its February 2012 meeting, the 2011-12 OSCA Board appointed Gwen Gall, Valerie McIntosh, Lisa Drouillard, and Mike Lascelles (lead) to identify and recommend six to eight new members to stand for election to the 2012-13 Board at the May 1 OSCA AGM.  The Nominating Committee invited suggestions from current Board members, the business community, and the Old Ottawa South neighbourhood generally. Several announcements of the Board vacancies and our recruitment efforts were also placed in OSCAR and News Between the Bridges.

About twenty local residents expressed an interest in serving on the 2012-13 Board, either as a full member or as an alternate, or in volunteering on one or several OSCA committees. The Nominating Committee interviewed the fourteen individuals who expressed some interest in the Board itself to match their interests and skill sets with our needs. Also, the OSCA President joined the Nominating Committee and ten of the most interested applicants at an information session at the Firehall on April 4, 2012. Following further discussions with the individual applicants, the Nominating Committee recommended that the following eight candidates be placed on the AGM ballot to elect the 2012-13 OSCA Board.

1.       Katie Black – Programs & Agreement with City

2.       Sarah Fraser – ECOS & Programs

3.       Linda Hancock – Programs & Governance

4.       Ian Beck-MacNeil  – Programs

5.       Guy Souliere – ECOS & OOS businesses

6.       Muthanna Subbaiah – Programs

7.       Emilie Taman – Programs

8.       Don Westwood – OSWATCH

The outgoing OSCA Board endorsed these eight candidates at its April 2012 meeting.

The OSCA Nominating Committee was quite fortunate to interest three additional individuals with impressive skills who wished to give back to Old Ottawa South. They agreed to act as alternate OSCA Board members by participating in OSCA Committees and, as vacancies occur, becoming full OSCA Board members.

a.       Colin Beattie – serving on the Finance Committee

b.       Jim Cochrane – liaising with Business Community and OSWATCH

c.       Mathew Sanger – Programs

The Nominating Committee wishes to thank all those who stepped forward as candidates as well as those who will be alternate Board members and the numerous individuals who indicated that they would volunteer to help OSCA although not join the Board.

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