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AGM 2013: OSCAR Report

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OSCAR 2013 AGM Report


Mary Anne Thompson retired in the summer of 2012 after eight years as editor to move closer to her family. She left an OSCAR that was large and very successful. Brendan McCoy was hired as editor and expanded the editorial team to include a layout editor and copy editor. The other core staff positions are advertising manager, business manager and distribution manager.


The content of the OSCAR continues to be wholly dependent on contributor volunteers for all its letters, articles and photographs. The paper is also distributed by hundreds of volunteers across the community. To reduce errors, volunteer proofreaders have been recruited to check the OSCAR before it goes to print.


The OSCAR is self-supporting. In 2012, the OSCAR had a modest net-income of over $1,000. Starting with the September issue, printing costs have been modestly reduced. In 2013, the OSCAR budget is forecasting a slightly larger income.


Advertising is carried to pay for production. Local businesses continue to support the OSCAR and recognize the value of advertising in the paper. Free advertising is provided to local not-for-profit community organizations including the Scouts, Southminster United Church’s music series, Jane’s Walk, and others.


The layout editor, Bess Fraser, has given the OSCAR a new, modern and consistent look and layout. The staff has focused on constant improvements in the layout, and this has been paying off. The consistency of the internal layout is as high as it has ever been.


The OSCAR continues to be printed at Winchester Print. The editorial staff visited the printing plant in the fall of 2012, to meet the printing staff and discuss the technical details of producing the paper. This close working relationship allows the OSCAR to achieve the highest quality paper at the lowest price.


The editor updated the OSCAR editorial policy and presented it to the OSCAR Board in March 2013. The OSCA Board has also updated the OSCA policy on the OSCAR. Both are available on the OSCA Website.

Brendan McCoy, OSCAR Editor

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